15E – Lighting it Up with Brooks Wheelan

Brooks Whelan

Brooks Whelan

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Additional notes and editing by Darryl Asher

Brooks Wheelan

00 – Welcome to the Players Club! Welcome to 15 Elastic! No one got that.

Jimmy’s voice sounding a little sluggish.

New game, guessing how much Jimmy slept last night. He’s now blaming Eliot for his getting sick.

Africian American gentlemen fronting a white orchestra.

Hillybillies confused over their love of Darius Rucker.

Cajun Jimmy stops by! (But, no, it’s actually Raymond, president of the Charlie Pride fan club.)

Caption? No caption needed!

Caption? No caption needed!

Charley Pride is still with us!

Gone Country was by Alan Jackson

05 – Fan clubs run meet and greets, or used to be. Cajun Jimmy on a rant!

Peanuts are harvested

Ronald Regan Jelly Bellies 

10 – It’s a pitiful sight to see a grown man gargle.

Jimmy’s throat is raw so the Cajun jimmy voice is soothing. Actually it’s not Cajun Jimmy at all! It’s a new character Charley Pride fan club guy named Raymond.

Jimmy watched Back to the Future and confirms that it holds up. Jimmy’s apparently choked off Raymond to get the mic back. Jimmy fears that some asshole is going to remake BTTF and ruin it.

15 – Jimmy wants to turn the show title into Gaslight.

Who sings Vienna? Band lead singer Midge err, cowrote

A Russell Watson did a cover of Vienna.

20 – Jimmy had a busy week on top of getting sick. He did something for General Hospital which he can’t talk about. It was a great time!

Brooks Wheelan is our guest today! Former SNL guy and funny cat per Jimmy. He just walked in! Jimmy wondered why he’s dressed the way he is. He doesn’t tie his boots in Los Angeles.

Missing Persons taught us that no one walks in LA. Brooks ready with an E word!

25 – Guy fired from a TV Show putting 20 bucks in!

Jimmy not on board with Pop Pop. He wants Grandpa. It’s not Pa-pop.

Brooks likes the boots! He wants to go to Montana. He doesn’t know how to fly fish, just regular fish. They talk A River Runs Through It. 

12 Years a Slave also featured Taran Killam. Brooks asked him if he was a good or bad guy. His answer, “look at the color of my skin.”


30 – Welcome back belatedly!
Raymond is back and tells Brooks about the meet and greets refunds back in 79. Brooks is a Pearl Jam fan club member.

Happy birthday Brooks!

Jimmy talks his baseball twitter rant. Robin Ventura.

Jimmy creates chill bully – Brooks likes it.

Bully Dean: Calls everyone graduating nerds. He pitched it to SNL and they said that’s 10 seconds. He didn’t fight for it. He should have says Jimmy.

Brooks talks about his SNL sketch ideas that he presented at a UCB show.

He calls SNL a hard show he got 6 sketches on out of 21 shows. His cast was the largest ever. He was hired for 3 weeks as a writer then Lorne put him on the cast. He had the highest highs and the lowest lows while he was there.

35 – Brooks talks about his favorite sketch that got cut for time called Lil’ Buff Boys. Also another one where he was with Jimmy Fallon pitching King Kong to Broadway.
Brooks talks about the great hosts and musical guests and how he’d write sketches for the bands he wanted to meet.

40 – He talks about seeing sound checks of bands on Thursdays in the empty studio. He still plans to go back and check out those soundtracks.

Brooks started comedy in Cedar Rapids at Penguins, one of Jimmy’s favorite clubs. Brooks actually ran lights at one of Jimmy’s shows there! He said that Jimmy and Louis CK were two of his favorites!

Brooks says Bob and Tom are as big as SNL in the Midwest. Jimmy calls them great ambassadors of stand up.

45 – Jimmy says everyone at GH thought he was in his 30s so he can officially pull off 40.

He says to Eliot, “You are literally a walking fucking blanket, dude.”

Eliot is here and talks briefly about Strategicon. He had some fans stop by his booth. Hi Sean! Hi Mike Olson! Who is apparently a renowned RPG designer.

E Words:

Brooks: Elephant. He watched an elephant get a bath on the Internet today. (last season was Elephante)
Garon: Extreme
Eliot: Eliot (it’s like he’s begging not to win the money)
Matt: Earthquake.

Elastic was the actual word.

50 – Jimmy and Brooks talk more penguins and Cedar Rapids and other cities nearby.

Jimmy mentions Henry Winkler’s tweets.

Brooks brings up the show Doomsday Preppers.

55 – Jimmy’s shoulders are high! Ed Sullivan style!

Jimmy talks about Drunk History. Jimmy either loves it or doesn’t. Brooks’ friend Nick Rutherford was on it. Jimmy thought that one was really funny.

How long did Jimmy sleep?
Garon: 146M – 2hr 26 m.
Eliot: 2hrs 37m
Brooks: 4hr 10m
Matt: 1hr 40m
Actual time: went to bed at 510 woke up at 655. 1 hour and 45 minutes!!! Matt only 5 minutes off.


60 – Brooks got caught sneaking beer into a movie theater. They made him hide the beers behind a ninja turtles stand up

Not sure how Jimmy is conscious right now.

Brooks talks about the crazy hours at SNL and only having 40 minutes sleep on read through days. No sleep is no fun so Brooks is amazed that Jimmy’s functioning.

Jimmy not a fan of the crowd at Brooks’ Conan appearance. He said they were terrible but they seemed to turn by the time Brooks’ set came around.

Brooks’ heard Conan and Andy laughing and that was the important part. Conan laughed at his tour title to “The Brooks Wheelan Falls Back on Stand Up Comedy Tour.”

65 – Brooks says you don’t get rich off SNL. Brooks’ girlfriend is named Joanna and she’s great. He loves her.

Jimmy says NY is a better stand up town than LA. Brooks did college got a BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING DEGREE then moved to LA then to NY.

Jimmy gets his stand up jazz at Conan so he doesn’t need to go out much. Jimmy talks about a French guy in the Conan audience wearing an American flag t-shirt.

70 – Who’s watching the watchmen? Jimmy likes Watchmen more than Guardians. Eliot is eating something and making all sorts of noise. He thought his mic is off. He’s eating those pockey sticks again.

Jimmy unsure whether Raymond is black or not but his wife is and she introduced him to Charley Pride’s music.

75 – Charley Pride; we hear a little Kiss an Angel Good Morning by Charley Pride and hear more from Raymond. His wife has a cleft palette.

80 – Iowa City is where it’s at! Comedy Attic and Go Bananas vie for Jimmy’s top comedy club slot. He names others that he likes.

We’re done. What a joy! Jimmy wishes this was a free episode. Brooks says he’ll come back when he moves back to town.

85 – Jimmy still amazed that Brooks was in the booth back in Cedar Rapids. Jimmy mentions the 5K he ran back in Cedar Rapids.

Matt commends Jimmy on not falling asleep and not being Grumpy.

We’re done!

See ya next time in the Players Club!

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