1506 – Burning Down the House with Ben Gleib

Ben Gleib

Ben Gleib

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! Episode 1506! It rained for about 13 seconds today. Came strong, fast, and hard at Jimmy’s house. Jimmy doesn’t talk about his private sex life and he does not approve of people who brag about it.

Jimmy said fingering.

Cigars, farting, and sex talk. 3 things no one in here is interested in.

Apparently I get mole eyes when I take my glasses off.

05 – I went to the LA Fair, saw Pentatonix.

Cigars – Quote for us to guess.


Matt sings some Rihanna.

Young Frankenstein was the film. Out on 40th Anniversary Blu-ray tomorrow!

Shave your beard Kyle Dodson!!

LA Fair talk!

This is the ride Matt was talking about.

It’s called Speed.

10 – Jimmy prefers a skinny hot dog to a thick one. Matt doesn’t like a poor bun: dog ratio.

Jimmy will put an onion on his hot dog while at a ball park.

Ketchup on a baked potato? No. Butter/sour cream on a French fri? No.

Jimmy compares Eliot to a bear trap. Matt wants him to design a game about possibly getting stuck into a conversation.

Jimmy’s always going somewhere!!
We gotta have a reminder meeting on who’s show this is.

Jimmy’s the hero!

15 – I googled “Go Fuck Yourself” and found this

Lotta involvement on Jimmy’s twitter.

He read a lot about Nancy Grahn’s shoes after she tweeted a picture of him.

Jimmy got an apology letter from Soup Plantation for mistakenly sending out something related to easter.

Jimmy prepares to read us a treat.

Josh Beaty tweets that Chris Rock apparently uses a Jimmy Pardo joke in his new film.

Here is the article about it

“I wouldn’t see it if it was playing in my glasses.”

20 – Jimmy talks about the origin of that joke and Babe Pig in the City.

Babe talk!
EG Daily did the voice in Babe 2.
Christine Cavanaugh did the voice in the original.

Jimmy had a great time in Lexington! He saw some friends like Keith and Chic McGee.

He took a walk for the first time. From the Hotel to the Whole Foods. He got lost, ended up at a theater, and watched Chef. He thought it was on the nose but he did cry at the end.

25 – John Leguizamo 

Jimmy thinks he doesn’t like him but maybe in truth he does?

Jimmy enjoyed Chef but thought it could be 20 minutes shorter.
No good soups left at the whole foods when he finally made it.

They Might Be Cops – All Cop They Might Be Giants Cover Band.

Not giants at all btw! Just regular guys.

What about a bassoon?! – They Might Be Giants Pitch Meeting.

Matt and Jimmy have a Muck Fest run coming up in October.

30 – Busby Berkley 

Jimmy says Matt is 0/2 for now. Chef and About a Boy. Jimmy apologizes and blames Matt LeBlanc for calling Chef best movie in years.

Matt’s doing a Star Wars 10k. He’s trying to decide on a costume. He wants a foam hat Millennium Falcon.

Jimmy’s in for themed runs at Disney!

35 – Earwolf.com/nnf vote for the T-Shirt you would purchase! These are our top five/six designs! We’ve all weighed in! Including Bruce Vilanch, noted T-shirt collection.

Matt’s allowed to punch-up!

Ben Gleib is here! He hosts the game show Idiot Test! Jimmy usually gets jealous of other people getting game shows but not in this case. Ben’s the perfect choice!

Jimmy goes through his three deal breaker phrases!


Welcome back!

Ben Gleib is with us!

I saw Pentatonix!

Jjmmy talks Radio Shack!

40 – Eliot’s here apparently dressed like Scarface Cosplay. “Stand up you look stupid.” – Jimmy to Eliot.

Eliot has a thing about his hair. No one likes “crispy” hair.

Jimmy has no hair choices. He’s had the hair style for 25 years.

Ben and Eliot know each other! They know each other from improve at The Empty Stage.

Ben built a career. Eliot is here.

45 – Strap it down for Eliot’s story.

Eliot’s thumb is only half up after 15 minutes of getting the shit kicked out of his hair.

His hair changed 4-5 years ago and he hasn’t recalibrated. Not sure if he wants to continue the 20s look he had at Jimmy’s pilot.

Jimmy’s pilot did not get picked up. It’s Eliot’s hair’s fault.

Have we crossed over to mean yet?

Ben heard that John Edwards did a reading for Eliot and said that no one is talking to him. Top five funniest and top one meanest thing ever said.

50 – Commit to the Gene wilder or the buzz.

We talk pube trimming! Ben likes to mix it up now and then. Jimmy quotes Jimmy the Greek.

Jimmy is doing some kind of football thing where you pick a team. He’s 1/1!

Ben grew up in LA, his parents live in the area. He’s settled in apparently not a great part of Hollywood.

Jimmy can’t be around when someone is cleaning his house. Ben has to observe where things are going. He uses the family housekeeper who loves the work!

55 – Ben’s longest relationship year and a half, about 18 months. Jimmy wonders why Ben hasn’t had a longer relationship. Ben talks about getting some emotions while looking through pictures in his phone.

Bang around!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Alfonseca six fingers!

One handed pitcher Jim Abbot – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Abbott

60 – Ben thinks Jim Abbot should have been allowed to have a glove on his head.

Jimmy mentions the sports themed Drunk History episode.

Here is a clip of the lady golfer – http://www.buzzfeed.com/skarlan/emily-deschanel-portrays-womens-golfing-legend-babe-didrikso#300el4j

Panel talks parents going gay later in life.

65 – Jimmy asks Ben about improv. Ben just shot his special over the weekend in Santa Barbara!

The guys talk Ben’s comedy special.

This MIGHT be the tomato thing Jimmy was talking about – http://pianofight.com/throw-rotten-veggies/

70 – Ben went on Blind Date and did a character for the entire date. No one on the show was in on it. He never dropped the character through the time it aired.

Jimmy asks about an incident where Ben got onto the tonight show. He ended up doing jay walking and acting like the dumbest person alive. He make Jay laugh a lot.

Ben doesn’t like to use that as a credit since it was Jay Walking.

Jimmy was ON the tonight show and also doesn’t like to use it as a credit.

75 – The guys talk performing on tonight show. Ben refuses to be on Comedy Central…until they ask him.

Ben talks about his interaction with Dice Clay between their specials.

80 – DICE’S LADY shows up!!

Quick break!
We’re back!

Jimmy ignored Eliot’s countdown.

Date app talk during the break. Ben is on Tinder and some jewish dating apps, J-Crush and J-Swipe. They don’t sound good considering the jew’s history.

Ben tells a Ben Morrison joke.

About a Boy chat! Will they or won’t they get together?

Ben doesn’t understand fandoms. He likes real things.

85 – Ben gets liking things nut just doesn’t understand the big devotions.

Long wind (Eliot) chimes in about an ex who loved a mazda car.

Jimmy talks his KISS fandom. He continues to praise 4th and Loud. Says it is fantastic and that it shows Paul and Gene as human because they don’t know a thing about football and it shows.

Ben wonders about having Shannon Tweed as a wife knowing she has so much soft core porn out there that guys are jacking off to.

90 – Gene Simmons before and after: http://plasticsurgeryfans.com/shannon-tweed-gene-simmons-before-and-after-plastic-surgery/


Ben got a henna tattoo at Burning Man. He loved going to the festival. Surreal and amazing he calls it. He talks more about Burning Man. Apparently an art car shows up with fresh baked cookies and a front porch.

95 – Burning Man chat continues. Lots of nudity. Ben stayed with some friends in a large camp. He calls it Life-Amending.

Ben pulled off DeadMaus’ ear once for a man on the street thing for Arsenio. He did a Kermit the frog impression.

100 – Ben’s housekeeper’s name is umparo. She doesn’t speak English.

Jimmy getting what he can only assume is a very important text!

Matt has a cleaning service! Jimmy talks about the housekeeper that stained his sink and claimed it was like that before. They lost Jimmy as a customer because they didn’t do anything to make up for that sink incident.

Jimmy went stand by on a flight yesterday. He got 30D which is the bathroom seat where people lean when they wait for the bathroom! First time in coach in years. He now understands why people bitch about coach and doesn’t understand how people are treated that way.

Ben discovered he was allergic to Percocet on the flight because he took it to fall asleep.

A pleasure! Idiot Test airs Tuesday/Thursday at 9 and 930 on Game Show Network.

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