1014 – Danielle Koenig




Jimmy uses psychic power (which is more reliable than his memory) to determine the episode number

The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Ain’t that tough enough?

Jimmy loves a Tough Enough-Related guessing game

Matt: “Save it for your screenplay Jimmy!” Potential Intro Phrase (PIP)

According to the Onion AV Club, the era of podcasting is over!

Double-duty shirt-wearing Marc Maron


Incestuous, hypocritical Jimmy

Back to the Tough Enough guessing game

The new arrangement filth-blocks Matt from seeing the balcony lover(s)

Tough Enough

The Fabulous Thunderbirds: garage band dads

Hacksaw Hamilton shows up


Dan “Helpful” Katz gives good internet movie clues

How many movies is “Tough Enough” in?

The Rock in Journey Two: charming!

Jimmy has to put money in the F-Word jar: totally legit!


Journey Two was a decent movie

Direct from the Oscars red carpet

Arsenio Hall’s talk show

Who was in the 1980s Black Pack?

Plugs: Tweaked Audio and Rob Durham’s book: Don’t Wear Shorts on Stage

Rob’s book is not about how to perform, but  has behind the scenes hints and tips about the business of show

Danielle is here, direct from the Twitter Red Carpet of Oscars (I may have that wrong)


Right at the “goodbye freebies” mark, please welcome Danielle Koenig, standing-up comedian, Oscar Tweeter, and wife of Jimmy Pardo

“I will admit that went a little long”

If you work for E!, the exclamation point is part of the logo, not an indicator of excitement

Danielle understands the Rebecca Correy episode controversy

Danielle performs a gorgeous in-studio cartwheel

Leah Thompspon at Spam-a-Lot

Matt steals a beautiful joke, but admits it


Jimmy Pardo, not a paparazzi “get”

Smothers Brother anniversary show

Tweeting the red carpet made Danielle feel old; or let her realize that younger people don’t “get it”

Danielle takes the blame for accidentally shivving Ross the Intern

Ross A different host is proud of not being able to improvise, and didn’t know Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection: ubiquitous / Not knowing it: ridiculous

XM Radio’s Forties on Four with Jonathan Schwartz

The inner workings of setting up a Twitter account


Journey Two: Mysterious Island is indeed a sequel

Walking Tall featured The Rock carrying a II by IV

Neal McDonough – creepy good!

The full resume of Neal McDonough, no really, ALL of it!

Jimmy wants an Andrew-like mic near Dan and Eliot


Jimmy REFUSES to introduce everyone until he can make his “Needle on the Record” joke. Again.

She Drives Me Crazy

Jimmy has been up since 4am

Rush hour in Los Angeles

Matt dines with his sister on her layover

Matt makes his sister kind of sound like Filipino Joe from his garage sale

Jimmy has to bring Danielle up to speed on the Hong Kong suit plan


The mystery of Dan’s New York trip is explained to Danielle

Introductions, finally!

Rooster T. Feathers: worst-named comedy club

On the Border: good name for a restuarant?

Danielle and Matt bond over their literal brains


Danielle has experienced personal growth and maturity regarding what bothers her about restaurant names

The Death Curse is alive, due to Jimmy doing a bit for Conan with Davey Jones

Jimmy goes all Paul Anka on Danielle

Lucky/Sav-On commercial: the beginning and end of Jimmy’s career as a hand model

Tiny-can Diet Coke: Oh, what a feeling!

Back to the On the Border controversy

Back to Neal McDonough, Danielle’s heart-throb

The New Girl and Up All Night: fun shows!


Is there now a “Matt Braunger-type”?

As a husband and a father, Matt needs to watch Up All Night

How can Matt relate to Game of Thrones and not Up All Night?

Jimmy’s LeetUp gift bag, featuring Magic: The Gathering

Pat Francis puts CDs on eBay, and they sell!

Eliot winks at Jimmy; this better not happen again

Jimmy sang the Iron Maiden “devil” song directly to Eliot last show


Set Fire to the Rain

Matt says Danielle was an early-adopter of Adele

You Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

Jimmy does a lot of incestuous podcasts, including Rock Solid


Heavy Metal Dice’s Lady

Jimmy mentioned Whitney Houston in a Pardo Patrol (pre-Whitney death)

Magic/Bird: for real, a play about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. No really, for real.

Who’s watching Smash, the worst television show?

Predictions for the future of Smash


The Smash adoption sub-plot

“You promised me a sister!”

Parenthood’s adoption plot

“How do you feel about a sky-baby?”


Danielle morphs into Jonathon Schwartz

One Meatball vs. Milkshake


The Luna Bar: for the ladies!

Trying to figure out why Lunas are “for women” (answer: marketing)

Get ready for 7 more months of Jimmy’s Hacksaw Hamilton


Shea Stadium

Big Yellow Taxi

Further Magic/Bird info


Danielle doesn’t know her own favorite sitcom of all time

“If you got a problem with it, talk to my ass!” (PIP) Potential Intro Phrase

More Magic/Bird talk


Jimmy tries to cover his offensive dialect with vocal muddiness

Jimmy glugs, right in front of his wife

The glug concept is Jimmy’s single favorite thing ever

Taking inventory of Jimmy’s gift bag

Jimmy previews his new musical “Danielle is the Best”

Jimmy droppin’ college hoops knowledge

Matt’s baby countdown: April 25th


George Formby’s When I’m Cleanin’ Windows

Yes, we discussed it before

Jimmy’s Superman joke fails to delight

Zoe does Hitler

Hitler’s birthday and “smoking up”

Something something Kelly Tripucka



This is apparently the first time Matt has ever heard of the Star Trek Redshirt trope

This was a funny episode. You’ll see.

Red Skies at Night
An update on Dan’s breakup: still a breakup

Eliot has info on the origins of 420 and the Waldos


Jimmy has questions about height

Jimmy likes Danielle being on the show, so he doesn’t want to end it

Let’s play a game, stolen from Dan’s podcast: overlapping actors



Danielle names the wrong black guy

Jimmy names the wrong blond white lady


Jimmy’s pitch-perfect, totally not annoying, Jackie Gleason impersonation

Jimmy might have been checking his phone for email feedback on his Jackie Gleason impersonation


Matt’s pitch-perfect Harrison Ford impersonation

It takes a big man to admit mistakes, and play basketball

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

In-Studio notes by Dan Katz

Danielle Koenig0 – This episode is the Audi. The internet has made it clear: the era of podcasting is over.

5 – “Tuff Enough” sing-a-long.

10 – We talk about all the movies “Tuff Enough” has appeared in.

15 – It would be great if Arsenio Hall was a guest on NNF. Is the “Black Pack” a thing?

20 – Guest Danielle Koenig does a cartwheel. The guys talk about Lea Thompson.

25 – Danielle doesn’t like rude young people. Danielle loves Jonathan Schwartz on 40 on 4.

30 – The guys talk about Neal McDonough’s filmography.

35 – The guys talk about the traffic.

40 – The guys talk about the Mexican chain restaurant, “On The Border.”

45 – Jimmy talks about getting rejected as a hand model.

50 – Jimmy got some Magic: The Gathering cards. Jimmy blows up at Eliot.

55 – The guys argue about who was an Adele fan first: Jimmy or Danielle. Jimmy realized we actually needed grunge.

60 – 65: the tv show SMASH is the worst show on television.


0 – We had a great break with snacks. The guys talk about the Magic/Bird show about to come out on Broadway.

5 – Jimmy talks about a great facebook fight he witnessed.

10 – The guys talk more about Magic/Bird.

15 – 20: Jimmy is fascinated with Kelly Tribuka.

25 – What happened to the show?

30 – The guys play the movie game.