1010 – Michael Koman




Lots of numbers get thrown around right away; I was told there would be no math

Radio Jimmy is here, talking about Madonna on the Super Bowl

If Hacksaw Hamilton mated with Tom Brokaw, it would sound like this

The great, but failed, lengths to which Jimmy went to take Danielle to a non-Superbowl dinner


Sponsored by Jim Glass’s nuts

The young and hip happening scene at Dear John’s

New song parody: Roger Rabbit Eyes

Jimmy bailed on a joke at Sketchfest

Meeting Florence Henderson

Jimmy apologizes for the visuality of the last 7 minutes of the audio bonus episode


Eliot rearranged the studio, which was great, so Jimmy rearranged it again

No one puts Baby Jimmy in a corner!

Dan’s great clothes, and Eliot’s horrible contests

Go like Never Not Funny’s Facebook to get Dan some disco pants

Eliot takes a lot of abuse this episode

No, seriously, stop what you’re doing and GO CLICK LIKE ON FACEBOOK!!!!!


It’s SOU-LARD fercryinoutloud

Todd Glass’s audio memos

Eliot Control / Hochville

Michael was Todd Glass’s roomate, but he is not ready to come out

Michael is responsible for Todd’s Coma


Watching people sit around a coma victim: [SPOILER] not exciting

Herb Alpert and Fred Willard guest spots

Jimmy and Todd’s gas fight was done in 1997, then showed up in a major motion picture that will not be named, but it’s Zoolander

Jimmy had to audition to play himself

Todd’s puppet casting director

Todd Glass: courageous or sneaky?


The Descendants, a ripoff of Todd’s Coma?

Bridesmaids should have been nominated for an Oscar, now that there can be so many nominees

Pro-tip for celebrity life: when disappointed, destroy your own pool with a hammer


John Mellencamp: difficult Conan guest

Tom Hanks’s Oscar nominations

More about Todd’s Coma


If there was a Q-word jar, Jimmy would owe it $10

Todd is an EXCELLENT actor

Michael at Late Night with Conan

Moving to L.A. with Dimitri Martin

Michael’s girlfriend Ellie Kemper

Conan’s interns have gone on to fame

Jimmy Pardo’s Dance Party and Jack McBrayer


Dissing Paul Rust (FOR HUMOR!!!!!!)

Jimmy doesn’t trust anyone anymore

Racist website [NAMEREDACTED].org

Rather than [NAMEREDACTED].org, Jimmy recommends Edmunds.com

Michael’s internet hobby: looking for cesspools



Read the undercover car salesman article at Edmunds.com

Michael Koman’s Eagleheart

Frank Smiley’s talents and fit yet strange body


Revisiting the Dear John’s visit

Michael was not listening during the “I wanted a place with seafood for my non-red-meat-eating wife” part

2 salads $12; Filet of Sole $19; Chicken Cordon Blue not listed in menu, but Chicken Marsala is $18

Dear John’s: it looks like a practical joke, but is not


Mad-libbing marital issues

Let’s talk about adverbs

Do you still celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Sponsored recommendations for Valentine’s gifts

Matt was ambitious about wanting to read

Steve Bluestein’s Kindle Book

Fred Stoller’s Kindle SIngle: My Seinfield Year

If you want to see Fred Stoller, go to The Grove

The Grove is a nice place; why the hate?

The listener has a LOT of homework to do this episode

Jim Glass may be fired


Matt says Indiana used to be Klan-run

Indiana’s (lack of) smoking laws

Jimmy’s flat, monotone George Michael impression is more than balanced by his wonderful, rendition of Poor Jerusalem from Jesus Christ Superstar

BREAK with Growlin’ Matt Belknap

Musical theater self-refential number on the return from break

Matt: the bland white Wayne Brady


Never Not Funny is the new Tony Robbins

Michael worked with overachieving Wayne Brady writing for Mad TV

The unbearable Singing Bee

The fakery of modern game shows


The Voice / American Idol / X-Factor

Michael’s love of X-Factor may have caused gastro-intestinal distress for his family

Pepsi, King Elton John, and the winner of X-Factor

Deconstructing the Pussycat Dolls

Jimmy may think he works for an oil company — Conoco/Conaco


David Kissinger and Caroline Kenndy went to Matt’s high school

Jimmy’s noisy upper lip issues

Battle of the lip-stubble

HIGH END microphones will pick up the sound for the tour


Nixon and Kissinger

Nixon’s stubble and reputation as a scoundrel


Gregory Itzin is Nixon

Was Nixon a good president before he was the worst president ever?

Early Nixon scandals and the Checkers Speech

Jimmy lays into Dan’s poor performance regarding Googling for Cheers-related info


Writers for Cheers

The creators of Dynasty

The return of Dynasty

Matt talks about the Never Not Funny Death Curse, and Detective Van Atter

Michael in senior portrait pose

Michael needs to feed his meter, but Dan volunteers to do it to make up for his poor performance on the show

Once again, car choice seems to be an incredibly private issue


Michael’s wedding day: July 7 so get your gifts ready

Michael Koman is not public figure and no one Likes him

More dressing-down of Dan

Jimmy can’t maintain his Dan-negativity

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

Going out with lip-stubble music

In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

Michael Koman
0 – Was it hot out of the box? The superbowl was yesterday. We are analyzing the super bowl. It was Danielle’s birthday yesterday. Jimmy took her out to dinner and tried to avoid super bowl fever by going to a restaurant called Dear John’s. Fail. This episode is sponosored by Frito Lay.
5 – The guys met Mrs. Brady over the weekend and she was a guest on the Sketchfest show.
10 – The room has been rearranged and Jimmy loves it. The guys talk about the disco pants contest.

15 – Jimmy’s known our guest, Mike, since 1997. Mike used to be roommates with Todd Glass and they did a pilot called “Todd’s Coma,” which Jimmy took part in.

20 – There was a gas fight in “Todd’s Coma” that was later used in a movie we will not discuss.

25 – It’s messed up that “Bridesmaids” wasn’t nominated for best picture. John Mellencamp is a hot-head.

30 – The guys talk more about Mellencamp and “Todd’s Coma.”

35 – Mike’s girlfriend plays the receptionist on “The Office.” There are so many liars out there.

40 – If Matt was in the Klan, Jimmy would wanna get in on that. Plug for stormfront.org.

45 – Jimmy’s really into Edmunds.com. Mike talks about his show “Eagleheart.”

50 – The guys talk more about Dear John’s restaurant.

55 – Do you still do Valentine’s Day when you’re in a long term relationship?


0 – We open with a musical number. Mike once shared an office with Wayne Brady, both writing for Mad TV.

5 – The guys talk about the X Factor.

10 – The guys talk about Mike’s show “Eagleheart.” Jimmy and the boys discover a new sound using your finger, mustache area, and stubble.

15 – The guys talk about Nixon.

20 – The guys talk about recurring characters from “Cheers.”

25 – I went down to put money in the meter.