1008 – Kevin Pereira




Jimmy pulled the old switcheroo-hurtful joke on Matt just before the show

Jimmy has only spent 20 minutes with today’s guest

You scratch Jimmy’s back and he won’t scratch yours; it’s the Hollywood way!

Note to fans: don’t shove a needle under Jimmy’s fingernail

Kevin can’t stay quiet when he has A Zooey Daschanel reference

Saturday in the Park as poetry


You can NOT be Italian, yet sing Italian songs

Oliver is still singing Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey

Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey

Zooey’s animated gif Golden Globes take to camera

Dan has fashion glasses, Eliot has a fashion thumb

Things We Do for Love – 10cc

Dan has a backup dog, so he doesn’t need Mary Ann


Eliot may need post-show counseling

Local boy Kevin lives close, yet was still late

Kevin hosts Attack of the Show

More legal paperwork for Never Not Funny than for porn

Jimmy got along great with Kevin when he was on Attack of the Show

Jimmy needs the dust blown off of his Atari

Kevin can not be here with iPad amatuers

Jimmy has to childishly vent about his new least favorite comedian, who will remain unnamed


Let’s delve into Eliot’s need to always be communicating

Eliot’s Facebook post controversy

Facebook tagging strategy


Which Smurf are you?

Fantasy sports

The good actor in the Hanes commercials

Magic, Doug Henning, and YouTube bats

What the hell is the name of that bat-related Michael Keaton movie?

Multiplicity: good or bad?

Jimmy and Pete Schwaba have a circadian rhythmic recurring bit about Michael Keaton


Kevin has a video recommendation that he recommends you Google, but you won’t get any help from me

Streaming video nerd talk

Back to Jimmy’s new least favorite comic

Reminiscing about VCR technology, including head cleaning

More porn site recommonendations and reviews


We’re past the Primo, so Matt wants Jimmy to name his new least favorite comic

Jimmy didn’t confront for fear of frat-rape

Fubu and Jizz

Whistling during sex: offputting

Andy Griffith theme

Hello! Thank you!

Jimmy loves Burlington Coat Factory


Go like NNF on Facebook

Dan’s rain pants make Matt uncomfortable, yet he can’t stop looking

No one knows what G4 stands for

Kevins G4 schedule

Jimmy will be part of Leetup

Jimmy will not cheat in Words with Friends


More intricacies of Words with Friends

Words with Friends with Pat Francis

Troubleshooting Jimmy’s technical issues

Pat Francis is SO GOOD at Words with Friends, but does not cheat


Scrabble vs. Words with Friends rules

Matt got burned out on Words with Friends

Words, but not friends

Jimmy and Matt may not understand that people have to stop suddenly playing Words with Friends in order to work, sleep, go to a movie, spend time with their familes, fuck, and do other things

Hanging with Friends

The strategic intricacies of tic-tac-toe

Hollywood Squares middle-squares


John Davidson impression

More about Jimmy’s least favorite comic

More Hollywood Squares talk

The funniest thing Dan ever did

Molest-heavy episodes of sitcoms


The Schwaba gravyless Thanksgiving, featuring a Gilmartin foot-in-mouth moment


Don’t anyone DARE edit out Jimmy’s panicky post-break yelling

Kevin misunderstood how long the show was


The pre-bloodletting great family feeling at G4

“Five to live” is a great saying

Demographics and ratings of G4

Kevin’s resume and work history

Kevin explains exactly how nerdy he was/is (spoiler: 12 year old with a pager!)


Kevin’s pre-podcast podcasts

The weight of G4 is on Kevin’s shoulders

Jimmy didn’t know the Footprints poem was religious

Words with Bros

Jimmy apologizes that he won’t divulge the mystery comic’s identity

3D Titanic is coming, and Jimmy has to see it

The Italian cruise liner captain, as played by Roberto Benini

Rosetta Stone language learning: a bargain!


Eliot is inventing a board game

Matt and Jimmy seem to be subtly hinting that Eliot might be a bit long-winded when he describes things

Pitching Leetup.com, a celebration of all things nerdy

Jimmy will be moderating a panel

Kevin has to leave early to do his G4 show



Kevin either has to be really early for his show, or not early enough

Snake eyes!

Jimmy needs to revisit and clarify his anonymous-comic-shitting-upon

Hey, it’s like someone put hoisin sauce in your spaghetti and meatballs!

Dan and Eliot are on mic, Eliot much too close

Eliot’s new nickname: The Gamemaker

TWEAKEDAUDIO.COM! Use the code “idiot” for a discount


Matt finally went bluetooth, while Jimmy loves the built-in automobile bluetooth

Stupid Questions of the Week:

Roller Derby names

Matt: “You’re lucky that your hero’s name is easily adaptable to skating!”


Dan’s “Quentin Taren-skate-o” is so bad it’s good

A great bassist in a metal band, or a great drummer in a country band?

Country girls vs. metal girls

Jimmy is soooo fucking interesting

What fictional universe would you most like to live in? NEXT QUESTION!


What European non-English-speaking country would you most like to live in?

In the wee hours of the morning in a diner: breakfast food or dinner food?

Eliot ALREADY knows his answer!

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

In-studio Notes by Dan Katz
0 – Jimmy lost interest in his own conversation ‘cause Matt was half of it. New guest today! Dan scratches Jimmy’s back. It’s raining. Chicago’s “Saturday In The Park” talk-a-long.5 – Italian sing-a-long. The guys talk Zoey Deschanel. 10cc “things we do for love” sing-a-long.

10 – Jimmy and guest Kevin Pereira hit it off when Jimmy was a guest on his show “Attack Of The Show.” The guys compare their genitals to Atari games.

15 – Jimmy shits on Eliot’s facebooking.

20 – The guys talk about a youtube bat video and Michael Keaton. Kevin talks about smurf porn.

25 – The guys talk about dated technology, like CD cleaners and VHS rewinders. The guys talk internet porn.

30 – Fubu and the Jizz. Jimmy went on a date with a woman who did way too much “hello” and “thank you.”

35 – Dan shows Jimmy his balls. The guys talk about G4, the channel that Kevin works for. Jimmy is gonna host an event that Kevin asked him to. The guys talk about cheating on words with friends.

40 – The guys school Jimmy about push notifications on the ipad. The guys talk the difference between scrabble and words with friends.

45 – Matt talks about his disenchantment with words with friends. The guys talk tic tac toe and Hollywood Squares.

50 – The guys talk about the molestation episode of Diff’rent Strokes.

55 – Jimmy talks about The Gravy Incident.


0 – Kevin’s in a time crunch. The guys talk about Kevin’s history. Kevin had his own internet company at the age of 12.

5 – 10: Kevin has to get out of here. He talks about the event that Jimmy is hosting.

15 – jimmy talks about this guy who ruined his show over the weekend. Eliot and Dan are on mic.

20 – Matt needs new headphones. Stupid questions.

25 – Stupid questions.