1005 – Mike Siegel




Official Happy New Year, for reals this time

Powerball tickets are doubling in price, suck it up and deal with it, hillbillies!

Jimmy reads just enough news to stir up some shit, and he proves it about calendars

How to Use a Calendar with Jimmy and Matt

“Also, your religious nutbars don’t like it!”

“Across’t” is SO not a word, people!


Breaking Bad Brokaw

Comparing the Pardcastathon poster with the upside-down plane stamp

Shoutouts to Michael Muldoon and Rick DeMint

The posters and trinkets are making the studio look like a place

Jontue: looks and laid

Broom closets and dry jizz

Jimmy can hardly wait to insult Eliot

Matt is NOT a fuckin’ clerk!


Los Angeles is hipper and more beautiful with Matt’s mom in town

Hey, Dan, don’t cancel your credit card, it messes up your rating

You can’t be nice to Eliot, he won’t allow it

Matt on Hoarders: Special Drawer Edition

Sitcom Rewind


Mike Siegel’s Asian travels… just a teaser!

Matt’s nickname “The Barber”: demeaning or not?

Boris Hamilton and Jose Ebert


Contest winners for the video opening quiz: Roy den Boer; Brian Kroening; Kenneth Underwood; Dylan Wise; Scott Phillips

No, I am listing the items here


Lots of George Michael puns

Eliot does hundred percent hard work!


Eliot’s misidentification of Jimmy’s Chicago VIII shirt

Let’s finally introduce Mike Siegel

Mike was out of the country for 90 days

Explaining the Korean DMZ


Mike at Oktoberfest

Falco vs. Edie Falco

Mike travels solo

The all-80s music reference episode


The falling of the Berlin Wall

Matt’s jelly donut reference is met with silence, except by Eliot

The Kennedy “jelly donut” story is indeed apocryphal

Jimmy notices that his Kraftwerk joke has gone unnoticed

The monthly English-speaking comedy night featuring Frank Sinazi


No-smoking laws around the world

Meeting Avi Liberman

Jimmy was a guest on Mikes’s podcast, Travel Tales


Avi and the all-Hebrew comedy show

Istambul / Constantinople and high security soccer


Soccer confiscation: dead (?) batteries and coins

The netted visitor’s section at the soccer game

Could Jimmy and Matt travel like Mike?


Remembering season one

Recapping package upgrades


“Actually… IT’S A HAT!”

Pat Francis tried to do Linked-In, but he’s linked out

Matt is fiddling with something

Why does everything both you?

Isreal airport security

Airport security doesn’t find FunnyMike.com very funny


Meeting comedian Dwayne Perkins in Hong Kong

Hong Kong? Phooey!


The perils of traveling alone

Matt’s “The Artist” reference is gorgeous

Dog the Bounty Hunter, not a bad show according to Jimmy

Karaoke in Asia


Unfinished business in Viet Nam

Hardcastle update

Drugs and sex offered in Viet Nam

Koreatown in L.A. is more expensive than real Korea

Mike’s on-the-road sex life


French girls in Viet Nam and Old Man Mike

Mike’s integrity might have cost him a good time

Meeting Pilar and Sydelle in Viet Nam


Parcast-a-thon in the hotel room

Gigantic Pilar Banner

Visiting the tunnels with Sydelle

All Asian women with glasses are NOT Kim


Korean toilets and technology


Travel and internet access

The missing piece of Jimmy’s poker night: Mike Siegel

Mike hasn’t been on Never Not Funny in a while

Two weeks with J. Keith


Jimmy just saw Jimmy Dore, but can’t remember where

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Last week was a disingenuous Happy New Year. This week is a for-real Happy New Year. Lottery is more expensive. There’s a crazy guy who’s trying to make a new calendar.

5 – There is some new NNF imagery around the room. The guys talk about sweeping dried cum. 10 – Jimmy doesn’t want Dan to cancel his credit card. The guys talk about funny doctor shows.

15 – Guest Mike Siegel is back from Asia. The guys talk about Matt’s nickname: The Barber, which Matt continues to hate. Jimmy announces contest winners.

20 – 25: Jimmy keeps announcing contest winners.

30 – Eliot thought Jimmy’s Chicago shirt was a UCLA shirt. The guys talk about Mike’s trip to Asia.

35 – The guys talk about Berlin: the city and 80’s music.

40 – Mike did stand-up in Berlin. There was a British comedian dressed up as Hitler, singing Sinatra songs. His name was Frank Sanazi.

45 – Mike got stuck watching Hebrew stand-up comedy super late one night.

50 – Mike saw an old friend of his and Jimmy’s in Israel.


0 – Jimmy and Matt do weird idiosyncratic things during every record.

5 – Mike talks about going through security hell when he went to Israel.

10 – Then Mike went to Japan. Mike learned things about himself during his trip. Too much alone time at night is the hardest.

15 – Then Mike went to Vietnam. He did not partake in sex-industry stuff.

20 – Jimmy wants to know if Mike got any action on his trip. Strike out all the ways. Mike had a hard miss when he met these French backpackers.

25 – Mike met up with Pat Francis’s wife Pilar and her mother in Vietnam.

30 – Mike loves Korean toilets.