803 – Pete Holmes

Note: These show notes were taken by Dan Katz in-studio during the taping of the episode. Thanks Dan!

0 – Pardcast-a-Thon was an amazing success.

5 – Jimmy reads off some of the top donators from Pardcast-a-Thon.

10 – Jimmy talks about his growing like of guest Pete Holmes. Pete Holmes is not Dave Holmes, whom we all love.
The guys believe that small venues are better for comedy.
Pete tells an interesting story about an interaction between Dane Cook and Steve Martin.
Jimmy wants Dice Clay as a guest.

15 – Jimmy saw Burlesque and enjoyed it.
The guys discuss racism against Indians (side note: Jimmy also loved the movie Tangled).
Jimmy gets back to his Burlesque story.
There was a homophobe who got chased out of the movie.

20 – Jimmy tries Pete’s unfortunately soft cookie.
Pete had a dream about getting an iPhone 4.

25 – Jimmy and Eliot do a little Jesus Christ Superstar sing a long.
Jimmy talks about Leslie Neilsen.

30 – The guys talk about the show Pete writes for, Outsourced, and how he wound up with the gig.

35 – Pete saw a guy from Modern Family on a plane and analyzed how to let him know he’s a fan.

40 – Sometimes a terrible person takes over Pete’s mouth (it’s called a humble brag).
The guys hate the Michael Imperioli tequila commercials.

45 – Pete lives in the worst place in the world: Hollywood.
Pete weirds Jimmy out with his conspiracy theories.

50 – Tsunami discussion.
Pete saw Love and Other Drugs and it gave him AIDS.

55 – Pete loves the way British people say “pedophile.”
Matt tells an awesome John Lennon Story.


0 – Dan went down to 7/11.
Jimmy thinks he unplugged something.
As a Never Not Funny fan, Pete is in awe of seeing everyone in real life.
Pete does voiceover for a baby in an E-Trade commercial.

5 – Jimmy talks about the stock money he’s made.
Pete doesn’t know how to do the stock market.
Jimmy and Pete share a friend named Dan Kauffman.

10 – Kauffman got Pete a lot of great/weird gigs.

15 – Pete tells a story about how he helped his friend get a job on The Daily Show.

20 – The guys talk about Doug Benson and drugs.

25 – The guys analyze something that Jimmy smells and make fun of the show that Pete writes for.

AK-47 gone, not forgotten