802 – Craig Bierko

Notes for this episode by special guest NeverNotNoter Tom Bolton!
Thanks Tom for your hard work and thorough coverage of this episode!



1:41 Santa is Lionel Richie

2:06 No one knows where Dan is

3:30 Craig is Tall, Jimmy isn’t. Offensive.

3:54 2nd most handsome guest behind Jon Hamm

4:15 Jimmy first saw Craig steal the movie in “Sour Grapes”

5:10 Jimmy Sees Craig at Largo with Janeane Garofalo

6:20 Its an honor to be nominated for Tony

6:57 Lets get all TMZ

7:50 Craig’s Jimmy impression: “We’ll talk about it.”

8:20 Janeane and Craig’s Largo bit

9:26 “Your wife is funny because she says underpants.”

9:50 Fans of slack

11:12 Craig’s emails

11:30 Todd Barry’s emails!

12:30 House shoes

13:20 Diphthong

14:20 Sammy Jackson

15:10 Canadian winters are not even weather

15:35 The wind off the lake in Chicago: “The Hawk”

15:50 No one calls it “The Hawk”

16:27 Craig puts himself to sleep

16:40 Craig’s ringtone score

17:10 Don’t violate the axis

18:00 Craig needs a crazy winter coat

18:20 The wind changed my life

18:36 Never Not Being Stabbed

19:45 Sexiest Man In The World

20:10 Jimmy possibly calls Craig, “Greg”

20:40 Richard Kind calls Craig, “Craig”.

21:33 RR = Ryan Reynolds

22:22 A Clip from Pompous Clown

22:40 Jimmy is tired from phoners

23:08 Ryan Reynolds changed his name… to Ryan Reynolds

24:10 Craig is past deadline

24:50 Keith, Craig’s imaginary assistant

25:17 Craig listens to NNF and talks about it on Twitter and Interviews

26:28 Craig’s giant head

26:45 ‘Cinderella Man’ Talk

27:45 Craig Freezes

27:58 Pollack’s Buffering Bit

28:36 Dental Slides

28:50 Jimmy talks funny. Jimmy’s emails are not funny.

29:45 Craig wrote an essay’s worth of Jimmy praise.

31:00 Glasses are on top of the POLO corduroy jacket

31:10 Craig’s Sunglasses bit

32:20 John Wayne Gacy, bad guy?

33:30 If Jimmy uses this bit on stage, Craig will unleash the animal attorney

34:45 Explaining ‘Scared Straight’

35:55 Back to Max Baer

37:00 Jimmy’s emails are NOT funny

37:33 More Jimmy praise

37:58 Craig hates L.A.

38:30 Richard Kind needs a bathroom

39:40 Back to Max Baer

40:00 When did Cinderella Man come out?

40:35 No awards for C.M.

40:40 Very brown for Spring.

41:11 Prosthetics for Baer?

42:00 Craig would love to hear the Gacy bit.

42:20 Another great Cinderalla Man story starring Paul Giamatti

43:20 Jimmy’s been sick for six months

43:50 Craig hates Los Angeles

44:10 New York is Hustlin’ and Bustlin’

44:50 Craig’s weird tooth picker

45:10 Non-Stop Spinach

46:00 DEEP THROAT energy drink/LA sucks cont.

48:10 Hotel stay vs Friend House stay

49:20 Yaphet Kotto makes an appearance

49:40 Art Blakey makes an appearance

50:00 Back to Giamatti

51:00 Listening to Jimmy makes Craig talk like Jimmy

51:30 Jimmy’s cadence is like Jazz

52:13 Jimmy’s emails are boring, once again.

53:05 Jimmy wants Matt to say more than four words in the second half

53:40 Craig is an asshole for chugging and eating his bottle of water


55:30 ATTENTION COLLECTORS!! A rare second “indeed”.

55:45 “We’ll talk about it…” and Dickens

56:00 Books?

56:30 The War for Late Night discussion

57:00 Credit Card Parking Meters

57:20 “Pocket Full of Nickels” starring Little Jimmy Pardo

58:00 Craig is from Broadway, not you ELIOT!

58:30 Craig’s hair is real

59:40 “Ethan?” Quoting Jimmy.

1:00:15 More Richard Kind + George Clooney

1:03:15 Show business ended 11 days ago

1:04:38 “Glen” is over.

1:05:05 “Space Fans”

1:05:35 Christopher Guest story

1:05:55 Bad memory at 46

1:07:15 Jimmy’s emails aren’t boring, just not funny.

1:07:50 Back to Christopher Guest story

1:08:55 “There’s heat coming out!”

1:09:22 “That’s funny” = not funny

1:09:50 “Thirtyish”

1:10:05 Christopher Guest: “Helmets.”

1:11:45 Back to the “Kotto Well”

1:12:00 Craig was in “Guys & Dolls”

1:12:28 Craig’s completely unique Guys & Dolls story

1:13:45 Kotto

1:14:30 Circumcision Talk!

1:15:00 Ahhhh… Kotto!

1:15:17 Back to Guys & Dolls/Peter Tork story

1:20:25 “YES.”

1:24:45 Craig’s childhood in Florida

1:27:20 Never meet your heroes

1:28:30 Craig can’t shop anymore.

1:29:05 “Ben Hill?”

1:29:50 A story from the Benny Hill set.

1:30:15 “Its EXACTLY not funny.”

1:30:50 Craig can’t possibly have a “Conquest Of The Planet of the Apes” story.

1:33:10 Paul Williams LIVE

1:34:00 Gettin’ Real

1:34:40 Jimmy’s emails ARE NOT FUNNY

1:35:23 “NO, SHIT”

1:35:40 Weird tooth thing shows up again

1:36:47 Jimmy’s going to vomit

1:36:54 George Carlin talk

1:37:15 “Head Cheese”

1:37:24 “GUACAMOLE!”

1:37:40 The C Word from George Carlin

1:38:20 Jimmy Pardo cuts people down

1:38:35 You shouldn’t need GORP in the middle of a story

1:39:24 Least Downloaded Podcast Of All Time

1:39:35 Kevin Pollack records in a shoe.

1:40:44 Jimmy’s email put Pollack to sleep

1:41:50 “You asshole!”

1:41:57 “Friend Of The Show” or “Friend”?

1:42:21 “Friend” it is

Onnnnnn the podcast.

AK-47 gone, not forgotten