2107 – Wheelin’ and Dealin’ with Wheeler Walker Jr.

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Wheeler Walker Jr.


00 – Yes indeed! Clapping!

“Just clap.” Jimmy to Eliot. Jimmy will do the heavy lifting! It’s not about extra vocals.

Jimmy’s rattled by the wall. Eliot immediately concedes that is accurate.

Hair talk!

Adolph Moe!

Back to Eliot’s disaster of a wall.

05 – We’re a radio show so it’s great we spent 20 minutes on the wall.

Jimmy talks about seeing a Fathom event of David Gilmour return to Pompei. It was JAMMED.

Pink Floyd light show tour http://www.pinkfloydlasershow.com/tour

10 – Jimmy talks about people being confused by the alphabet system finding their seats at the theater.

Matt is not a fan of Rolling America, the game that Jimmy suggested. He got it for Zoey for her birthday. Neither of them like it. Matt wants to punch Jimmy in the face.

“It sounds to me you’re dumb.” – Jimmy to Matt

Eliot chimes in on the game talk. Jimmy suggests he starts his own podcast about games.

Jimmy thinks Matt is being unfair to the game.

Jimmy and Matt deeply debate Rolling America.


15 – Matt wants Eliot to chime in. Eliot asks about Soduku and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.


Jimmy talks about Codenames also.

20 – Codenames: https://www.amazon.com/Czech-Games-00031CGE-Codenames/dp/B014Q1XX9S/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1505765690&sr=1-1&keywords=codenames

Codenames Duet: https://www.amazon.com/Czech-Games-Codenames-Duet-Board/dp/B072J234ZF/ref=sr_1_4?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1505765690&sr=1-4&keywords=codenames

Jimmy was up in Washington state! Great NNF fans. Seems like more people came up to Spokane than Tacoma.

Jimmy wonders about Amy at the show. She didn’t come by to say hello.

Jimmy lets the free listener know about his epididymitis.

It got pretty bad this weekend.

It’s not getting better yet.

Celebrity sighting!

Who did Jimmy see?!

LAX Airport, Friday Morning.

Male Actor maybe older than Jimmy. “I used a nickname that may not be a nickname for him.” Jimmy to Matt about the sighting.

25 – Talking Emmys.


Stanley Tucci! Eliot got it.

The Tooch!

Jimmy talks about the interaction.

Wheeler Walker, Jr is here! He’s team abandoned him and told him to handle this on his own.

Lotta luggage. Wheeler’s mad at the music biz.

45 – Lotta rage inside of Wheeler

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Episode 21-7!

Wheeler Walker, Jr is with us! Jimmy wants to know about the old man.

Wheeler talks about his dad cussing at him when asking about where he learned the language he uses in his songs.

Wheeler talks about getting mad about ticket sales and the promoter/venue posting on his angry posts.

50 – Talking ticket sales.

Wheeler’s never been to Oklahoma City and it’s outselling his hometown show. Jimmy had the opposite experience.

Wheeler talks about “Real Country Music.” He talks about his war with Music Row and the artists he likes.

Wheeler talks about getting angry when his album was charting on the comedy charts. When he found out it was at #1, he was fine.

Old Wheeler is the new album. Redneck Shit was the first one.

Technically, it’s his third album, the first one wasn’t released. Wheeler talks about having a lot of older stuff that was never released and wanting to get access to it again.

55 – Wheeler says Florida Georgia Line is the devil incarnate.

Lady Antebellum, Wheeler’s not familiar but will go on a limb and say they suck. By white people for white people = country.

Charlie Pride is the real deal though.

Talking Country award shows (there’s one every week).

Talking Sam Hunt.

Wheeler thinks Sam Hunt is too hot for country.

Talking more about current pop country.

60 – Wheeler’s gonna sing!

Jimmy wants to hear “Puss in boots.”

One of the video versions has “naked tits.”

Wheeler sings Puss in Boots.

That was one of his cleanest songs.

1h5m – Wheeler talks about his producer, Dave Cobb.

Wheeler talks about “Fuck You Bitch” and sings a bit of it for us.

1h10m – Talking about language in music and growing up with swearing.

Jimmy talks about the Puss in Boots videos. Wheeler talks about how hard he tried to get the dancing right.

Round the horn!

Talking about radio stations who would play Wheeler. Outlaw Country on Sirius plays his stuff.

Talking Mother vs It.

1h15m – More movies talk.

1h20m – Wheeler sat behind Sam Bowie once. He was drafted before Jordan.


Shaq talk.

Wheeler says Shaq’s rap album is better than most country.

Jeepers Creepers talk!

1h25m – The Gibbon! Eliot has a country music story related to CW McCall and his favorite song Wolf Creek Pass. He thought it was about getting drunk and crashing his car. Turns out it’s just ne hi soda.

1h30m – Talking truckers. Jimmy talks about Wheeler’s fan base and who comes to his shows.

Wheeler talks about an audience member who had a bet he lost on who would see Wheeler first. The loser had to get a tattoo and also suck the winner’s dick.

No tattoos for Wheeler.

Wheeler talks about pissing off mainstream people, including doing a duet with Jake Owen.

Wheeler does some “Eatin’ Pussy, Kicking Ass.”


We’ll be right back with another song and Sevens!

We’re back!

New album was the 5th best selling country album the night it came out and a top ten on billboard but the new algorithms including radio airplay screwed him up.

Wheeler does “Summers in Kentucky” for us from the new album.


Jimmy wants to hear a little bit of Pussy King. Wheeler gives us a taste.


Matt asks about Kesha’s new album. He digs her new album.

Jimmy gives to Wheeler Walker Jr: 13 (Music)

1h50m – We’re done!

Wheeler enjoyed being with people who get it.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth