21F – Changing Games with Demi Adejuyigbe

Demi Adejuyigbe


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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21 Franklin, Aretha (Fogarty, John)

00 – Hello! Too hot! Too hot! Close to the microphone, close to the bone, bad to the bone!

Jimmy does not like George Thoroughgood

Jimmy’s gotta navigate three assholes.

His Epididymitis is back. He’s on antibiotics, it really hurts.


Take it out!


Matt talks about his vasectomy.

05 – Talking Divorce. Matt’s mom gets upset when Jimmy makes jokes about Danielle leaving him.

Work some things out Matt’s mom!

Jimmy talks about walking into a storm after he was at the doctor getting his balls fondled by a lady.

Eliot’s hair looking a little cornrowy.

10 – Talking about the new iphone apparently being more powerful than a computer.

Jimmy talks computer/phone/tablet usage.

Harvey Wallbanger – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvey_Wallbanger

Talking iphone X

15 – Jimmy almost came to trivia! He was too early then.

Talking wanting people to like us.

Uber ratings! I got a 4.94 and Jimmy has a 4.89.

20 – Eyebrow and old man hair talk.

Our guest might be the youngest guest we’ve had?

Demi Adejuyigbe.

Jimmy talks about getting a picture from Zach Galifianakis. It’s a line up from an old show at Largo that’s stacked with big comedy names.

25 – Trying to remember the origin of the “I don’t see that if its playing in my glasses” joke.

July 18, 1999 – the exact day Jimmy saw Eyes Wide Shut. It was also the last day he drank.

Phones in the masquerade.

30 – New lock options for the phone – https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/12/16298156/apple-iphone-x-face-id-security-privacy-police-unlock

Mobile app deposit talk.

Jimmy wonders if Native Americans are upset about the redskins logo. Eliot confirms that some of them are.

Talking team names being offensive.

Cleveland C talk.


We’re back on the Disney characters as Hamilton.

What about Muppets?

Jimmy talks about Danielle and Oliver going to see The Muppets.

Tweet Street!

Why does Scar say “you have no idea.” It’s a reference to Reversal of Fortune.

40 – Eliot “I’m sorry I have to do this.” Raps Tweet Street.

Matt talks about Eliot’s compulsion to say things. References a joke he did before the show.

I meltdown with a not the DJ joke. Failure.

Not harassment! We’re asking.

We’ll be right back!

45 – Stage Coach talk!

50 – Demi is here!

Talking Demi!

Jimmy struggles with Demi’s name (uhdidyaebay).

Jimmy’s out.

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

21F! Jimmy didn’t say it earlier.

Jimmy nails the name!

Suck it!

Round the horn!

Demi works on an upcoming superhero show! He can’t talk about it!

There’s a new show on Freeform, but Demi will not tell us anything about it!

Some noises coming from next door. What’s this Jimmy saw outside do?

55 – Demi’s favorite is Cookies and Cream. Vanilla is the best flavor.

Talking Frozen Yogurt!

African American Current yogurt

3.5 stars from Demi for IT!

Noisy next door!

Ratatoullie rat is named Remy!

60 – Movie talk! Lot of dark movies.

The real clown is the president!

My F word is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aretha_Franklin

Anita Bryant vs Anita Baker

1h10m – Jimmy is gonna replace Eliot with a Gibbon.

Is Jimmy allergic to Gibbons? Cats, Dogs, Horses.

Talking Jockeys.

“This kid’s tight.” Jimmy on Demi.

1h15m – The Assmole himself! The Gibbon! Eliot.

Jimmy tells Demi about Eliot being an apartment manager.

It took Jimmy 13 minutes to get home after seeing a movie last night.

Demi lives in Los Feliz. “over The V!” – Jimmy

3 lofts opening in the Familiare. Also a single.

Single: $1700 Utilities included (AC too).

Loft: $1950

1h15m – Talking Paula Abdul.

Rent talk!

Fart talk. Jimmy doesn’t like.

Indians talk!

1h20m – Jimmy feels bad for some reason. I laughed like a jaggoff.

1150! Oh its split.

Eliot’s F is Frampton, Peter!

Sgt Pepper talk.

1h25m – Jimmy really feels bad about his interaction with this guy.

Jimmy thinks Frampton posing shirtless on Rolling Stone ruined his career. Jimmy compares it to Rex Smith. No one knows who it is jimmy backs off.

Jimmy wants to flip the dibble and guess Matt’s incorrect guess. Jimmy guesses Glenn Frye and its both Matt and Demi’s back up.

Dan Fogelberg was Matts. John Fogerty was Demi’s but he is going with a back up Roberta Flack! Brandon Flowers leads to some Killers talk. That’s it for Demi’s back up!

1h30m – Talking Powerless and another show that Demi refuses to name, despite our best efforts to drag the information out of him.

“I get it…movies.” – Matt

James Cameron hasn’t made a bad movie?

Wild Wild West talk.

Who won??

Peter Frampton! Frampton wins a five! – Demi.

Jimmy talks to Demi about his Aladdin video.

1h40m – Jimmy wouldn’t cancel on Demi! He knew he was coming from the V.

Demi has a Jetta.

Fart! Jimmy leaves again.

Demi is single. Doesn’t do anything.

He hangs out with friends.

Demi would not want to see Mother.

1h45m – He’s going to see a friend do a performance at Amoeba tonight.


Demi talks about the videos he makes as Will Smith doing ending credits for Oscar nominations.

1h45m – Demi has no idea what Will Smith would think or if he’s saw it but does hope to get a cease and desist.

Demi loves Will Smith as a rapper! Getting’ Jiggy With It and I Think I Could Beat Mike Tyson.

Ray Johnson Jr talk. He did NOT host SNL.

Who has hosted SNL "in character" ? from LiveFromNewYork


SNL talk.

Talking weed.


1h55m – Jimmy’s gotta travel this weekend. Not looking forward to it.

Should Jimmy take a note from his mom so he doesn’t get patted down.

Don’t freeze your yogurt!

Thanks Demi! Lot of luck! Demi knows a lot about movies.

Matt talks to Demi about Lion King.


Matt gives to Demi Adejuyigbe: 17 (Movies – General)

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth