2106 -Passing the Peas with Paul Rust

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Paul Rust

00 – 21-6! Welcome in. Somber day in America. We’ll get through it somehow, probably by making fun of it.

Daca get out!

Talking flags and cocks!

Welcome in!

Jimmy compares 9/11 to a bike accident and why we find it funny to make fun of it.

Unless you have a loved one in the plane or buildings, we don’t need to hear what you were doing in 9/11.

Talking to Fumbles, Eliot, about something on facebook.

Jimmy reading Eliot’s facebook page was his own 9/11.

Eliot wants to know Jimmy’s flag procedure.

Jimmy is surfing Eliot’s Facebook looking for something.

05 – Talking about Eliot’s street jingle. Jimmy calls it funny. Matt didn’t hear it.

Assmole license place?

Is Richard Gere an assmole?

Playing Eliot’s jingle.

10 – http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/never-forget

Matt calls 7475000000

“Also you’re on a podcast thanks for your help bye.”

Jimmy is flabbergasted and I cant stop laughing.

15 – Matt apologizes and the guy has to call back due to audio options.


We are officially a morning zoo.

We didn’t tell Karas about the jingle!

Eliot was at Password over the weekend. This guy Adam did a live Password tournament that Eliot and his lady friend were a part of.

20 – Eliot recreates one of the hints.

Polka…but he sings it.

Answer is Dot.

25 – Jimmy talks about the game show world in LA and the guys who “don’t fuck around.” They take it super serious.

Jimmy talks about the EPIC game show nights that go on and who shows up and plays.

Jimmy recounts his game show convention (Game Show Congress?) fan experience “adequate job on a subpar show.”

30 – Matt says that is probably high praise from that guy.


Brief Hamilton talk. Andy Daly tweeted about doing the songs in a Donald Duck voice.

Here is someone who animated Hamilton – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/patti-cmak-hamilton-disney-cartoon_us_56745ca5e4b014efe0d556f2

We’re casting Disney Characters as the Hamilton cast.

Scrooge as the King?

Huey Duey and Louie as Larens, Hercules, and Lafayette?

Talking Disney rides.

40 – The guys enjoy It’s A Small World. Matt likes the song. Charlie loves it. Zoey enjoyed it when she was younger.

Matt likes it because it is preserved.


Talking about what Pirates did.

45 – Everything offends everyone these days.

Talking charity auctions.

Spoilers of Dunkirk talk.

Jimmy’s gonna go see IT with his mom. She still loves the horror movie!

50 – Talking phones in theaters! NO.

We talk about it and how it might work.

Back to password.

55 – our guest snuck in covering cock. Trying not to distract but making a huge distraction for all of us.

It’s PAUL RUST everyone!

Apparently he covers his penis when he is anxious.

Paul talks advice that Roseanne gave to Tom Arnold.

Paul is 15 minutes late! Comes in presenting ass! Like a lioness waiting to be mounted.

Paul Rust is here! HE was jus ton Mental Illness Happy Hour.

Matt vs Paul hair off.

We’ll be back!

We’re back.


Paul is here taking time from buying hair products.

Talking Iowa with Paul, where he grew up. Jimmy wonders if it’s full on Trump country. None of his family voted Trump but many in the community did. Apparently, NW Iowa is the “Reddest of the red.”

60 – round the horn!


Talking Culkins and Home Alone.


Is Scar gay??

1h5m – “Donnie Ju!” – Paul

Talking Spielberg and Jaws!



1h10m – Popsicle in the Vag? Frost bite.



Cows in tornadoes?!

Paul talks about his sister having dinner with Oliver Stone.

She teaches in Tampa. All is okay.

1h15m – Fumbles and assmole Lin-Manuel Miranda look alike, Eliot is here!

Celebrate 9/11 by fucking Eliot!

He’s gonna go cosplay as Lin if he wins Ham4Ham.

Paul talks about getting a picture with Chucky.

Jimmy insists Eliot go out and get pictures on Hwood Blvd. He is positive he’ll make money.

1h20m – Ted Williams head – http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ted-williams-frozen-head-batting-practice-cryogenics-lab-book-article-1.381985

Paul talks baseball!

Paul’s dad called him Rusty. He wishes more people would call him Rusty.

Talking parents calling each other mom and dad.

Most hated Rusty? Rusty goes European Vacation.

1h25m – Paul saw Hamilton in NYC. He did not like it?! On 9/11?! He “liked it. It was good.”

He talks about it. Maybe the hype hurt it for him.

We’re talking Hamilton again!

No one is calling Rusty a snob, just an asshole or a dumb shit. Per Jimmy and Matt respectively.

Paul enjoyed Book of Mormon more than Hamilton. He was brought to tears on one of the first songs.

Rusty talks about his friend’s older brother having something removed from his foot and crying about it before hand, “Hear come the water works.”

Eliot got mad at eggs apparently now we have to hear about it. He dropped an egg and got mad about it.

1h30m – Jimmy doesn’t eat eggs?! He used to say he was allergic.

Eliot explains what happened with the eggs.

Why can’t you buy fresh peas? Rusty found out why! “They don’t keep well.”

We’re back!

Jimmy did press the button! It didn’t sound like it but he did. He tests the sound. We solved it!

Jimmy resets and introduces Paul “Rusty” Rust!

Love is over on Netflix.edu!

Jimmy last saw Rusty at Hollywood Bowl last summer when they saw A Chorus Line. Paul got his Lopez! The guys talk about the weak link in the production without saying who it is. Paul says lopez was the “hipez.”

Paul’s been married for 2 years. His wife is a writer, co-creator of Love.

1h35m – Matt loves Love. An actor that Jimmy loves and has worked with shows up in the second season of Love. An Actor!

Daniel Stern!

1h40m – Talking about Daniel Stern.


Doc Talk!

Alive and Kicking – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4329394/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Nothing but joy!

Every Little Step is a doc about A Chorus Line – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0977648/

1h45m – Paul has a Sean Penn story. Some girl said to him, after a presentation, “you really remind me of Sean penn…in I Am Sam.”

Paul talks about his mom talking to him about how he gets down on his looks.

1h50m – Paul makes a Norman Jewison (director of The Hurricane), joke.

Hard Rain

Paul 99
Jimmy 96
Eliot 97
Matt 2000

No winner!

We’re done!

Two things from Rusty: He loves his mother and she is very kind and two no one makes him laugh more than Jimmy.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth