2123 – Spoiling for a Fight with Jeff Dye

Jeff Dye

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 2123! Welcome in! Jimmy is hoping he’s just “gym sick.” Oliver is very sick so Jimmy is worried that he might be catching it too.

Talking getting sick over the holidays.

Bloomington this weekend! Stand up and NNF and some Playing Games!

Oliver sings the theme song when Jimmy says Playing Games. Oliver is excited to see Playing Games live!

Speaking of Puss, Jimmy went to the Women’s March on Saturday. He was making jokes very quietly and they were marching next to a New Orleans style jazz band.

Talking marches!


Diana Conova – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0134409/?ref_=nv_sr_1

10 – Guest in studio!

Jimmy talks about another guest who canceled once she found out about Jimmy’s loss.

David Badal is here though! He’s from Brooklyn.

Talking the NYC show back in the day.

Jimmy talks going to Wendy’s.

15 – Roosevelt Island is part of Manhattan – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roosevelt_Island

David’s been married 10 years to Julie. They met online and have two daughters (7 Phoebe & 9 Katie). Matt and Jimmy debate Katie’s name.

More march talk. “I can’t believe we’re doing this shit again!” – Sign the old folks at the march were carrying.

Katie went to the march in NYC. Her first march!

20 – You’d be surprised to learn who might be a trump people.

Talking Trump’s tweet about the marches.

Smelling toast – https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/713681/is-smell-burnt-toast-rubber-symptoms-of-brain-tumour-or-stroke

Jimmy’s on board with The Good Place! 4 episodes in!

Jimmy talks Ted Danson. Top 3 best sitcom actors of all time?

Glasses inspiration Bob Balaban


The Badal’s lost steam with The Good Place.

The Greatest Showman talk. Jimmy finally saw it!

They walked into a sing along also!

Matt talks about the movie and the songs.

No one sang along at Jimmy’s show.

25 – Three different reviews: Liked it a lot (Oliver), not my favorite movie. Loved it! (Jimmy) And Eh (Danielle).

Jimmy is welcoming distraction and positivity so he had a smile on his face during the entire film.

Belushi eyebrow Eliot comments on the film.

Kristy Swanson – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001785/?ref_=nv_sr_1

30 – Popcorn talk! Jimmy has never had popcorn at Disneyland.

Movies and movie pass!

Moulin Rouge talk.

Oliver does Al Pacino teaching algebra and people love it.

Talking kids and their talents and being pushed into doing it in front of family/friends.

Jimmy not a fan of the phrase “breakbeats.”

40 – Talking songs in Greatest Showman sounding like other songs.

Jimmy wants to see Zac Efron in tuxedo tails and no shirt. Abs, no nips.

Preorders for the players club begin January 31! Season 22/23 begins February 14!

Jeff Dye is here! Tall Slender Sleak. Republican?! For humor.

They met up at the Romesh show recently.

Talking Romesh, Jeff’s favorite? Present company excluded of course.

Jimmy wanted more improv from Romesh.

45 – Eliot’s talking into a mic clip.

The VIP Players Club gift is a Never Not Funny Commerative Plate?!

Plate style talk.

Jeff Dye is here! David Badal is here!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

You missed Eliot getting told to shut up!

Jeff Dye is here. He hosts Better Late Than Never with Shatner, Winkler, Bradshaw, George Foreman.


Talking Winkler!

Are we gonna call Terry Bradshaw?!

50 – Jeff tells a Terry Bradshaw story.

Shatner was not invited to Jimmy’s wedding.

Jimmy knows nothing about anything Star Trek related.

Shatner hated Jeff at first but now he’s warmed up to him, like a girlfriend’s cat.

55 – Jimmy tells a weird thing about Jeff.

Jeff does stand up all the time. He likens being a comic to having a community. He’s obsessed with Stand Up.

He gives us his resume and talks about how horrifically stereotypical the show Girl Code/Guy Code is.

Round the horn!

My yes anding skills are stronger!

Does fish bloat you?!

Jeremy Piven is doing stand-up?!

Can Jeff hang on Raw?! No.

Talking celebrities trying to do Stand Up.

60 – Jeff talks about how these things can teach people to hate stand up.

Jeff talks about trying to hang out with Steve-O and how he says he doesn’t drink and is vegan.

Jimmy reminds us of his working with Tommy Chong. “I’m not eating today.” – Jimmy to Tommy when asked to go to lunch.

Cheech and Chong ain’t Jimmy’s bag.

1h5m – Star Wars talk!

“Not a perfect movie but it’s fun!” – Marsh!

Jeff talks about the liberal propaganda in Last Jedi.

1h10m – Star Wars spoilers!!!!

Talking spoilers!

It’s not worth bailing on the rest of the episode for the star wars spoilers. “It’s not rabbits screaming.” – Matt

1h15m – Talking Samantha Fox, Brooklyn Dodgers, Ozzie Geean.

1h20m – David’s original from the north side of Chicago.

“Turn a stool over and it’s seating for four!” South Side of Chicago about north side.

Jimmy tells a Harry Carey story.

Jeff wonders who is tweeting about spoilers.

Jeff talks about no longer watching trailers post 300.

1h30m – Jimmy tells Jeff he should see Battleship.

Matt talks Rampage.

Thanks for coming David and for Supporting Smile Train!

Jimmy wonders about David’s shows. No laces. By Design.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Checking in with the Compressor.

He and his lady friend went to the March as well. They tried to contact Jimmy but couldn’t get in touch.

Eliot has an idea for the marches to simulcast the events onto people’s phones so everyone can hear whats going on.

Talking Shark Tank with Jeff.

1h35m – Oprah The Rock or Mark Cuban. Who do you vote for?

Talking March signs.

Zoe had a sign, same from last year. A Princess Leia sign.

Jimmy talks about the one time he met Carrie Fisher courtesy of Charlie Fleisher, “Jimmy! It’s Carrie Fisher!”

1h40m – Eliot not a fan of big crowds, he realizes. He saw an African American gentleman with a lock screen photo of a cartoon globe with a swastika on it.

1h45m – Jeff talks about the stupid things he does when talking to people.

More about the meme.

Jimmy talks the I Hate Jimmy Pardo bumper sticker.

Jeff says that no one has ever laughed at a bumper sticker.

1h50m – Jeff Dye is here!

Jeff talks about his show Better Late Than Never.

“You still fly regular?” – Terry Bradshaw

1h55m – Is Seth Myers in line for the Tonight Show? Probably, but there is no real line.

Thanks Jeff!

Thanks David! We appreciate your donation! He used to run marathons. Gym daily, he tries. He and the wife do drink.

See you next time!

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