21Z – Getting Warmed Up with Gary Cannon

Gary Cannon

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


21 Zombie, Rob (Pia Zadora, Frank Zappa)

00 – Hello indeed! 21Z! Quick in and out? Nope full episode!

Z is pretty easy!

Next season game?

Talking what to do if we get a big name and Matt is on vacation.

Oliver is in!

Look around the room.

05 – When will Eliot take off his sunglasses?

Talking glasses.

Gambling to stay interested in a baseball game?

Jimmy describes the Dollar game!

10 – Matt talks about his wife’s superbowl square situation. She almost won $300.

20 – We are the world parody about shooting eliot.

All female recording artists?

Actresses by first name?!

Golden Globes – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/54th_Golden_Globe_Awards#Best_Actress_%E2%80%93_Musical_or_Comedy

Talking Mother and more golden globes

Of course Darryl lives in Montana. Don’t pretend you don’t know.

25 – Matt talks about his friends step dad writing the book A River Runs Through It and he and family being able to visit the set of the film version.

Matt talks about throwing football with Robert Redford. Jimmy asks if they used his face and promptly cracks himself up.

30 – Gary Cannon is here! From Gentleman’s Dojo podcast.

Eskimo Brothers – https://www.bustle.com/articles/95784-what-does-eskimo-brothers-mean-heres-why-we-need-to-stop-using-the-offensive-slang-term

Gary is a warm up at Conan! Jimmy helped him get the gig.

Gary talks trying to lose weight. He’s trying Weight Watchers. He’s lost 8 pounds already in only a week.

35 – Money involved! We’re betting on Gary’s weight.

Jimmy: 237
Eliot: 218
Matt: 222
Garon: 233 I WIN

40 – Talking Gary’s weight and how good he feels lately.

45 – Talking more diets and cheat days.

Lean and Mean Gary Cannon is here!

Mattress news coming up!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back! 21Z! 21Zedd?

Gary talks about the road and being more selective.

Talking cruise gigs.

50 – Talking Food and points.

55 – Jimmy cant go to Fatburger.

Eliot’s showing off for Gary?

Talking Gary’s Craigslist Elliptical that he got from Santa Barbara.

60 – Back to the horn!

Celebrity sighting!!

Melissa McCarthy! Matt wins.

Gary has a celeb sighting too

Talking homeless situation.

1h10m – Matt tells a story about being out in the gated parking lot. Watch PCAT 2018! “You a pink mother fucker, you look like a dogs dick!” – homeless guy who then through a box at Matt who was pinnachio’d.

Gary’s sighting was Fritz Coleman! I got it!

1h15m – Rob Zombie!

Eliot picked Zamfier master of the pan flute!

Matt’s Z Warren Zevon!

1h20m – Jimmy intros Gary and mentions his favorite episode of his show is the Pat Sajak.

Gary talks about touring with Steve Byrne and doing shows in Detroit.

Gary’s Z word is Frank Zappa.

He want s to change it to ZZ Top.

Razzies – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20th_Golden_Raspberry_Awards#Worst_of_the_Century,_Decade

1h30m – Talking Gary’s pocast.

Jimmy doesn’t have guests!

1h35m – Christmas Eve at Jimmy’s was a fun time.

Jimmy’s Z word is Robin Zander

Jimmy talks about a corporate gig that Gary did that got a bad review and he had the woman who wrote the review on the show to talk about the gig. That’s one of Jimmy’s favorite episodes.

Talking Corporate gigs.

1h40m – Gary goes into details about the corporate gig that went bad.

Here is the review: https://www.gigmasters.com/stand-up-comedian/gary-cannon

1h55m – more talk about corporate gigs.

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth