2122 – Acting Casual with Michaela Watkins

Michaela Watkins

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


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00 – Hello! Welcome in! INDEED! Don’t get rattled.

Audio sitch. Jimmy couldn’t wait any longer.

Jimmy doesn’t think he’s heard Matt yell. Exception being the story of Matt yelling at his wife over the smell of a garbage bag.

The garbage story was in the season 7 primo bonus episode Live at MaxFunCon.

Season 7 Primo Bonus – Live at MaxFunCon

05 – Talking Playing Games and Sketch Fest.

Great shows. Great NNF with April. One of Jimmy’s favorite live shows.

Jimmy thanks everyone for the tweets, emails, facebooks, and outpouring of love and support. There are just too many and he just doesn’t know what to say in response.

Jimmy did not like the ribs at Chilis.

Talking Ribs.

10 – Jimmy doesn’t like knowing where his meat is coming from on the body of the animal.

Analyzing Old McDonald.

Rabbits scream when they mate?! We hear it.

Jimmy’s got a skunk problem at the house. Did he call Dr. Skunk?

15 – Matt Belknap hot off his show in San Francisco!

Talking flights and South West air.

20 – Jimmy and family went to see Paddington 2. They loved it.

“one of my favorites!” – Oliver on Paddington

Are the Pardos going to join the Belknaps at The Greatest Showman?

25 –

License to Drive

Jimmy: 37%
Matt: 73%
Eliot: 25%
Garon: 55%


Dirty Carson talks The Coreys!

The DeMints met Paul Simon!

No winner!

Jesse Plemons vs Matt Damon.

Playing Games featuring Bob from Bob and Tom happening at the NNF live in Bloomington!

45 – Producer (and idiot): Matt Belknap

Hawaii alert talk – http://thehill.com/homenews/news/368935-hawaii-officials-give-timeline-of-events-surrounding-false-alarm

Jimmy’s rattled! Michaela Watkins is here!

50 – Michaela says she would just freeze at the alert.

Free nipping it!

Fleabag – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5687612/

Casual is back on July 31!

Michaela is also on The Goldbergs! Jimmy’s family loves it.

Jimmy talks about the Jewish fella he saw at Ross.

55 – Jimmy’s mom and Oliver used to watch The Goldberg’s together so the family watched it together and Jimmy loves it now.

We’ll be back!

We’re back.

2122! Round the horn!

Michaela becomes a “well actually” girl on vodka. She just wants to correct people.

Jimmy used to enjoy a screwdriver.

Jimmy used to enjoy a seabreeze, not a stingray.

Michaela drinking out of a Playing House cup. We love that show.

60 – Talking Get Out and Catherine Keener. Jimmy lost his crush when he saw an interview where she was too “actressy.”

Enough Said – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2390361/

“Speaking of Me Too, you going to that women’s march?” Near spit take from Michaela

She talks about going to a wedding that was postponed due to the fires. They’re gonna put together a march in Ojai.

Talking marches!

1h5m – My “date” went well!

Talking theater!

Michaela is enjoying theater less and less. She’s stressed about time.

1h10m – Talking dressing up for the theater.

1h15m – Jimmy talks about meeting someone who was at the vegas concert.

Michaela talks about how she is not liking being in crowds more and more.

Trivia talk!

1h20m – Michaela wants to get grindr for fashion advice.

Why isn’t Jimmy getting calls for hosting every game show!?

7 years with Fred, married 5 years. No middle or last name.

Fred’s six months older than her. Matt wonders how they even communicate.

1h25m – The Head Writer soon to be The Arbiter. Eliot saw Molly’s Game. Is Jessica Chastain a good actress?

Michaela talks about James Cordon’s quote on actors being human or alien.

Michaela needs a phone booth to seem taller. Not just the book the entire booth.

Talking Idris Elba’s moose knuckle.

Watching HBO for nudity.

1h30m – Talking screeners and movies.

1h35m – Talking how societal rules are changing and what’s allowed vs not allowed anymore.

Talking asking where people are from.

1h40m – Putting Matt on the spot on which of his kids he has more fun with. Michaela asks where his kids are from.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Casual Season 4 coming in July.

Back to watching naked people on HBO.

Michaela calls Jimmy’s parents “visionaries” for getting divorced so early.

1h45m – Fourth and final season of Casual!

Sandra Lehman is the creator!

Michaela created Benched!


Lots of stress as a show creator.

Lady Dynamite got canceled?!

1h50m – Michaela had to shoot something when she was last supposed to be on.

Michaela talks social media and how Twitter is not going to convince her that Trump is not a jerk.

We’re done! Casual back in July! Come back in July to promote it Michaela!

See you next time!

Michaela explains Children of divorce. Pay attention to me! oh no you’re looking at me!


My pleasure,

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