Season 7 Primo Bonus – Live at MaxFunCon

Notes and photos by Darryl Asher

Released 5/15/2010

Pre-intro: Everyone was busy having maximum fun, so there’s a bit of an audio issue that clears up

Intro: Live from a chalet in Lake Arrowhead. If you’re offended by Jimmy making fun of Jesse’s intern, you should leave.

2:55 “Get a bacon!”

3:45 Matt hits a single and decides to leave

4:00 Shadowy and dim is perfect for a live show

4:40 Introducing Matt and Pat, thanking Jesse Thorn

5:00 Pat has issues with Jesse’s tight schedule

5:30 Jimmy went to the Memento retreat

6:00 Pat calls out Zach for texting during the show

6:30 Jimmy, Pat, and Matt had some accommodation issues

6:45 Jimmy has allergy issues

7:40 Pat pulls out his Dennis Miller impression. Featuring Bob Hope.

8:15 Immovable podium

8:45 Marriage Ref research

9:00 This festival is all about positive vibes, man

9:15 Jimmy has a bubble that keeps him from meeting the nicest people in the world

10:00 Primo Plus Plus could allow you to talk to Jimmy

10:30 Jimmy calls back to something you haven’t heard. But it was really funny!

12:00 Dodger game vendor riffing

12:30 Al Roker pitches dry erase boards

13:20 Margaret Cho’s development deal

14:15 The intricacies of roommate money lending

15:15 Jimmy’s garbage-related injury

15:30 Hostile Pat shows up

16:00 Jimmy’s garbage story continues, as will the need for Oliver to be in therapy

20:00 Hey, Matt has a garbage story too! It involves brand names, Target’s Up & Up brand, smelliness, and an inappropriately angry Matt Belknap

25:00 To rock, or not to rock?

26:15 Matt has trouble getting the bags out

27:20 FUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29:40 You’re about to hate Matt

30:00 “Remember this smell next time you buy trash bags!”

32:10 Matt proves he is capable of asshole overdrive

33:50 Matt shows the full extent of his wrongness

35:00 Pat has a wife story as well

35:30 Jimmy is afraid of the sunglasses in Matt’s pocket

35:50 A touching moment of friendship at MaxFunCon

36:00 Peter Cetera talk

36:50 Glory of Love (Peter Cetera)

38:00 Taking care of some men stuff

39:15 Korean televangelist and rooming with Pat Francis

41:00 Pat “73 Fingers” Francis

42:00 Pat need 3 pair of pants for a 26 hour trip

43:30 “Who doesn’t like ice cream?”

44:00 Pat does a bit he tried out on fans

45:10 Pat is a wonderful husband, just ask him

47:30 Conference, convention, or convocation?

48:15 Jimmy quotes the Baretta theme, confusing Matt

48:45 Pat finds a song Matt can relate to

48:55 The Thunder Rolls (Garth Brooks)

49:15 The continuing controversy over Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

49:50 Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) (AC/DC)

51:00 Matt continues to make himself beloved to the fans

52:30 Ken Roberts barges in uninvited and declares himself honorary intern for the moment

54:00 Matt wants the room on his side, regardless of the facts

54:30 It’s Jimmy pleasure to allow Ken to help him

56:00 Pat finds a way to change the subject to Bret Michaels

56:30 Time for a Pat Francis ebay letter

57:00 Pat knows as much about dandelions as Jimmy knows about orchids

57:45 Will Pat’s item be shipped in its original packaging?

1:04:00 Amanda Anderson is definitely at MaxFunCon, and the victim of identity theft

1:05:15 Oliver’s great idea

1:05:30 Pat likes Wal-Mart’s politics and music

1:06:30 The guys are going to see Foreigner, Styx, and Kansas in concert [me too!]

1:06:50 Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas)

1:07:00 Misheard lyrics

1:07:45 “Be moist and quiet”

1:08:40 Matt totally wins over the crowd with a double-barrelled dose of The Finger [Anyone have a photo of this to send me? I was too busy laughing.]

1:09:30 Jimmy doesn’t remember that he has already talked about his failing memory before

1:10:45 “That voice!”

1:12:30 Pat tells a quick, to the point story about getting some Scandal show tickets

1:13:25 Spinning Wheel (Sammy Davis, Jr.)

1:15:30 Checking in on Matt’s marriage

1:16:00 Now we know why Oliver had to fix the wall

1:16:30 Archie Bunker with a southern accent on Heat of the Night

1:17:30 Jimmy drives like an asshole

1:18:00  Slow and Easy (Whitesnake)


AK-47 gone, not forgotten