25 BONUS – Naming Houses with Josh Gondelman

Josh Gondleman

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Live show notes by Garon for a Day Ross Drummond
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

(No time codes, but you can figure it out -Darryl)

Never Not Notes –  Show Date 11th January 2020 @ The Gateway Theatre, SF Sketchfest
(Note Ross’s British method of placing the day before the month. So exotic. NNF is international! -Darryl)

Feedback right at the start – Mic Check

It’s all about the bass

Tony Shaloub and Monk Chat

Jimmy spits on the audience

Chat with Ross – Blarney Stone

Jimmy does bad theatre

1313 – Matt joins the stage

NonShaloub – Like nonchalant but don’t care about Shaloub.

A nice Shia LeBeouf joke

1315 – Left Handed Coke Zero Opening

Jimmy does a 25 year call back to the open mic days

Janet Jackson – Lets wait awhile

1318 – Princes Orbit – The Purple Fog

RIP to Neal Peart

Neal Peart Chat came up during Craig Ferguson

1321 – Don’t fuck with Cats

Jimmy listens to Rush once a week

Stretching at the gym

Matt wants to talk Football (Soccer) for 90 minutes

1325 – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Dick Van Dyke chat

The Vantastix

1329 – Gary Cherone isn’t in the audience

There’s a guy who may be on death’s door in the audience.

Controversial Chicago 13 or 14 tweet.

Dave Purged Jimmy Pardo on Twitter.

Solitude Solitaire singer

1330 – Peter Ceteras house is for sale – https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/114-Abby-Rd_Hailey_ID_83333_M23515-55674#photo12

1336 – 80s music was just music in the 80s hits were just

When was Cape Fear released?

1991 – Cape Fear (1991) – IMDbhttps://www.imdb.com › title

A reissue of the 1962 Classic!

1340 – Jimmy wins the bet!

Jimmy uses Uber but doesn’t use the app.

White Supremacist chat – what’s the OK sign?

1342 – Josh Gondelman is here!

Showing the OK sign means you want to suck someone’s dick?!

The OK Game – The second level.

1345 – Jackass chat

What’s worse than giving yourself a nickname, giving your house a nickname.

Having children chat with Josh Gondelman – Josh’s wife gave birth to their pug.

1348 – Matt plays the piano.

Dave follows Josh, but doesn’t follow Jimmy. Jimmy leaves the stage.

1350 – Jimmy is back!

Jimmy learnt how to play Close To You on Piano. But didn’t play it.

Josh is writing on Desus & Mero and co executive producer!

Jimmy doesn’t get Showtime.

Donald Trump isn’t good for comedy!

Jimmy served under General Contractor.

1356 – We can say Merry Christmas again!

MLK Doesn’t exist in the UK.

It’s biscuit, cookie and cake time.

Jimmy doesn’t like the Jaffa cakes or the Caramel Wafers.

1402 – Jonathan (the racist) wanted a biscuit, he gets one!

1404 – Jimmy takes a call. They hang up! A reverse prank call!

Jimmy took a call where he said in a southern accent he takes a cat out for a walk.

Mar a Pardo

Josh Gondelman lives in the rented White House in Brooklyn!

Josh loved driving past Bacon Chambers.

1407 – One person loves watching Retro Porn. They wrote their undergraduate thesis on it! “Topping from the bottom”

1410 – Jimmy’s milking it – Openly gay and running for office in SF.

1411 – Did they have handjobs in the 80s?
If josh had got one then, it would have been a very sad story…

Josh and the guy in the audience almost have something! They’re having birthdays at a similar time.

1414 – Cake is slang for Cyanide.

1415 – Time for 7s!

Josh picks 2000s Music

Jimmy gives to Josh and gets 20 points!

A woman’s sex toy without the L in it – DIDO!

Peter from the audience is up to play 7s – Movies

Jimmy giving to Peter – 19! So close!

Jake comes up, gets sent back down!

Front row hat, comes, and goes!

Matt who looks like Rich Fulcher, he’s jakes brother and he gets sent back down!

Jimmy tries to unlock his phone!

A hard shoed gent appears. James but he’s sent up and back twice!

DiDi is here…. and that’s a big no. So she gets sent back down.

James is back!

Sabrina helps cut a thread off of Matt’s shirt.

James plays 2000s music.

Jimmy giving to James – and they abandon because James is so horrible!

Sabrina is up! With DiDi!
DiDi gets sent back down again.
Sabrina is picking General Movies.
Jimmy giving to Sabrina and she gets 9!

Closing up with DiDi! She’s unemployed so could really use a hat.
She chooses 80s Music.
Jimmy giving to DiDi and she gets 15…

Ross fails at Sevens and gets roasted.

What’s Point Break?!

1435 – Do me a favour before you go, go fuck yourselves!

And we wrap it up!

Notes by Ross Drummond!

Thanks tons Ross! -Darryl