BONUS – Live in Seattle

NNF Live at Laugh’s Comedy Club

Still fried from PCAT but children wouldn’t be smiling without Daddy

Asking guy (Will) in front when the last time he wrote a check

Another guy (Darryl) wrote a check for 71K! For remodel
        (Not me -Darryl)

Welcomes Matt Belknap!

Wondering if Darryl has a tongue and that led to ask Jimmy asking Matt if he called it tonsil hockey or played tonsil hockey

Matt listening to podcast about Run DMC, Jimmy doesn’t listen to any podcasts!! Talks about Pod Save America

Matt wore Seattle shirt to pander

Jimmy asks Matt what is the biggest check he ever wrote

Matt brought sticker for window

Conversation moves to feet and then robot arm

Jimmy talks to Amanda in crowd and two brothers (Alex and Nick)

Jimmy had celebrity sighting: leaving from the SiriusXM studios and this person was also there. Oliver was with him and knows who this celebrity is. Audience is guessing. Someone says Leslie Ann Warren. Jimmy thinks he saw her recently at Whole Foods near studio. Answer: Ed Begley, Jr.

They bet on which network Bless This Mess (Ed Begley Jr. is on that show) is on. Jimmy lost $20 to Matt.

Story about Dinner and a Movie with Paul Gilmartin, wrong quote from the movie Top Gun

Jimmy asks M have you ever done a flight simulator

Mac Weldon/Mott & Bow talk

Jimmy made Mott the Hoople joke, applause break, Matt pretends to give the money back

Separate flights, M makes funny joke about what would happen if either flight crashed

Talk about Garon

Talk about garage sale that Garon went to before he worked for NNF and getting ready for

Oliver’s birth, saying that Oliver sang “Singing in the Rain” at 4 months, but then backtracked and said it was dancing

Jim tells story of Oliver walking for the first time

Oliver doesn’t understand the phrase “the heat”

Jimmy saw Endgame

Jimmy kinda liked the new Star Wars trailer

Jimmy loved Endgame, sobbed, thought middle was redundant

Asking for lyrics to The Heat is On

Person yells out “Less than Zero!” and J roasts him

Weekend plans for M: take Charlie to Detective Pikachu

Jimmy talks to Jeff (server) about Mariners

Matt wants to see Endgame again and is seeing Les Mis over the weekend. J is seeing it this weekend as well. Matt’s kids are watching Friends because Oliver watched Friends. Jimmy asking Matt when was the first time he saw porn, and talking about kids being exposed to porn for the first time. Matt was at a sleepover and there was a channel at the house. Jimmy’s stepbrother discovered stepfather’s projector and 2 films (Swedish weird stuff).

Jim’s watch tells him to stand and he does an impression of the orange buffoon.

Time to play 7s!

Craig is first contestant. J asks questions and kicks him off the stage!

Jimmy picks someone else but they’re wearing shorts and makes him sit down.

Jimmy picks someone else but their name is Matt and kicks him off

Jimmy picks a woman name Earon and kicks her off.

Jimmy called up Nick and kicked him off immediately

Jimmy accepts Steve even though he’s wearing shorts. Then J called him Scott and kicked him off

Jimmy picks Jenna. She has to beat 26. Category was Movies. Her score was 7.

Brad is next contestant. Jimmy kicks him off because of Brad’s son’s name.

Matt is back up. Category is Movies again. Matt messed up first answer and J kicked him off.

Alex is up. Category: movies. Score was 11.

Perla is up. She was at PCAT! She bid $50 to pick a song played on sax. Score was 20.

Thanks crowd for coming out on a weeknight and supporting NNF over the years.