BONUS – Live in Minneapolis

November 16, 2019
Notes by Matt Fugate

Jimmy starts off by making fun of a waiter’s beard

Brian in the front row has a nice trim beard.
Brian’s from Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Some discussion about the relative friendliness of Wisconsin.

Joey brought White Castle (inspired by a discussion of the chain in that week’s episode). However, half of them did not have the onions (in deference to Jimmy), which made them bland. Jimmy couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a musTARD involved.

The question of whether there are White Castles in Wisconsin (this is later answered — there’s just one in Kenosha)

Introducing Matt Fugate, who opened for Jimmy on the road years ago, and for years after that about six times at ACME. Matt has left the business because he’s busy with his family. Jimmy asks Matt if he misses it, and Matt replies that he’s too busy driving his girls from activity to activity, but being at ACME does whet his whistle.

Jimmy asks Matt what he’s missing to be there. Matt’s daughter is in the pit orchestra for her high school’s production of Hair (note: Matt had seen the show the previous week). Some discussion of how there are two good songs, which became four good songs by the end of the conversation.

Over the course of the conversation, Jimmy made multiple references to Matt’s act, which were met with fair-to-middling recognition by the ACME audience.

Introduction of Matt B. (hereafter, just Matt)

Matt has a gouge on his hand from reaching into the Lyft
Matt’s been scratching himself more lately — Jimmy concurs that his skin has been getting thinner as he gets older.

Matt and Jimmy have pins from the flight attendant and they don’t know why. We find out later that Jimmy was asleep when he was handing them out.

They flew first class, but didn’t get to board first. Matt was saddened.

The wings are thrown out into the crowd, then redistributed according to distance traveled. A woman tried to get credit for Denver, but was here anyway for a football game. A running joke throughout the rest of the show is for whoever has the wings has to give them to someone else, when Jimmy is pleased or displeased.

There was a question as to who actually had Matt’s wings. Someone says that they were “on the floor.” Matt goes out into the crowd to find them, to no avail.

Jimmy mentions that he has a So-Fi code, which he offered to Eliot H. Eliot’s email reply was long-windedly skeptical, but did wind up doing it.

Jimmy asks who participated in the recent “wear a cardigan in honor of Mr. Rogers”meme. Matt F. replies that he wears a cardigan just about every day, so he wound up participating without intending to. Matt says that he doesn’t wear cardigans because Jimmy does and he doesn’t want to copy him. The discussion, winds up, as all cardigan conversations do, at Greg Behrendt.

Rami Malek comes up in a discussion of fictional portrayals of real people. Matt enjoyed his performance, and an audience member says “thank you!” for reasons best known to him.

“Are you his publicist?” Jimmy asks. An audience member next to the Rami Malek guy slow-claps this response to Jimmy’s delight.

Matt relays a story he insists he told years ago on the show about when he and a friend drove from Massachusetts to MN to go to the MOA in 1993 (I now remember this story). Bottom line: it was a colossal waste of time and effort, and it baffles Matt to this day as to why they did it.

Jimmy asks Matt F. why the MOA was built in the first place. Matt F. replies that it just seemed like they built it because somebody wanted to. Matt has a working theory involving rural areas needing indoor places to shop. Matt F. asks if Matt was under the impression that the Twin Cities didn’t have malls already.

Jimmy chides Matt F. for not looking up the reason the MOA was built.

Not sure where this was in the chronology, but Matt F. looked up other famous people born on July 4 (Born on the Fourth of July had come up). Malia Obama, a bunch of YouTube, Instagram and TikTok stars and Calvin Coolidge.

Jimmy asks Matt F. to look up famous birthdays on July 28, and is not surprised to find that he’s not listed (even though Lori Loughlin and several YouTubers are).

It’s time to play Sevens. The audience initiates a rare singalong of the long version.

They’ll be playing for a tour poster. Matt F. will be the pace setter.

Matt chooses the 1970s. Once the game starts, Jimmy starts giving clues about animals. He’s chosen the wrong category. Matt F. admits after a mediocre score (15?), that they were about five in before he realized that these were not 1970s-related questions.

The category is played for real, and Matt F. posts a score of 28!”Take THAT devoted comedy fans who were never anything less than a delight to perform for – suck on that!” Matt F. yells. Why it’s almost as if he’d planned on what to say if he did well.

Time for contestants. All spellings are phonetic.

First up is Rasha, who is going fine until there’s a high-five, which results in her being kicked off.

Slow-clap guy is invited up, but stumbles getting on stage, nearly spilling Jimmy’s Coke Zero, resulting in an immediate ejection.

Greg is brought up, but someone calls out his name too enthusiastically for Jimmy, and he’s kicked off

Next up is a guy wearing sunglasses on his forehead, which had to be deliberate self-sabotage.

Olivia is brought up and says “I’m just waiting to get kicked off.” She is

Joe is tattooed and wears a shirt that says “Science” – he works in a hematology lab
Things are going great until he reveals that he’s never been to a musical.

Jim is brought up. Jim is a teacher. He teaches automation, but when the guys ask him to explain what that is, he’s not able to articulate it fast enough to avoid the boot.

Katie is here with Evan, but she’s the fan.
She lives with her boyfriend, which gives Jimmy an option to bring out a Pardo classic
She reveals that she was born in 1983, but still get’s a relatively impressive 15.

She’s given another chance, and chooses 90s. Matt gives the clues, but the end result is a 9.

Time for one more person. It’s clear that whoever is the last up is going to get the poster. Ryan is brought up and bravely chooses the 1970s for a score of 20. Ryan gets the poster!