BONUS – Tournament of 7s, Second Edition

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

The Second Tournament of Sevens

Here we go!

Ezra! Jimmy’s better than you!

Ezra gets first pick!

Ezra picks Jimmy!

Jimmy gives to Ezra: 15 (80s Music)

It’s Joey!

White Castle JoJo!

Joey chooses Garon and Movies

Garon gives to Joey: 6 (Movies)

Austin has played sevens get lost!

Jo Boxers v Producers

Hi Jonathan!

Jonathan gets lippy!

Hi Carla!

Matt gives to Carla: 9 (90s Music)

Joey and I are out!

Final player of round one!

It’s Jonathan again. Talking Oakland and Baseball.

Eliot gives to Jonathan: 8 (90s Music)

Round 2!

Calling Carla back.

Matt gives to Carla: 4 (90s Music)

Jimmy gives to Ezra: 18 (80s Music)

Ezra wins! Final round to beat himself.

Garon gives to Ezra: 14 (movies)

Jimmy gives to Ezra: 18 (80s Music)!

No win!! Feel good about that loss Ezra.

He’s getting another chance.

Matt gives to Ezra: 4 (90s Music)

Bye Ezra!!

That was funnnn!