25S – Scratching to Win with Nick Vatterott

Nick Vatterott

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 25 S! Indeed!

We’re starting a True Crime podcast?!

We’re murdering me (Garon) for ratings?

05 – Jimmy talks about almost cutting Danielle with a knife he was holding.

Matt talks about his fear of accidently cutting one of the kids when he pulls a knife from the block.

Talking knives and how to hold them.

Eliot scolded a stranger’s child who was stabbing a fork in the air and they called him out on it.

This kid is spoon for life!

10 – Jimmy’s on Eliot’s side in this case.

Good Hands Front.- Jimmy witnessed parents complimenting their kids fall.

15 – Talking shaving our own hair.

Talking Pelosi and Impeachment.

20 – Hillary won’t be president if Trump is removed!

Talking Republican’s hair.


$3500 Armani Jacket at the outlet?!

25 – WE GOT MAIL!!!

Someone showing off their save the date that they had made by Abbot Skelding.

30 – Beardsly!! He’s cute.

More mail!

Our guest is here! Nick Vattarott is also on the Get Rich Nick podcast with friend Nick Turner!

35 – Miguel sent us Vinyl! @SpinningThreads Indigo Vintage Coop in Berkley!

Cop Show Themes from Henry Mancini!
Some Kind of Wonderful!
Christmas In The Stars! Star Wars!
My Fair Lady! That’s mine!
Shalamar Big Fun! Jodi Watley was in that group?!
Robert Lamb Solo Album!
The Hits of Sonny and Cher!
Chicago Live at Toronto!
Another My Fair Lady in Stereo! (Original Cast Recording)

45 – Thank you Miguel!

Matt is confused about Christmas V Life Day.

Get Rich Nick!

50 – Talking Sebastian!

Nick talks about Uncut Gems. Says Adam Sandler is great.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!


55 – Nick talks Vinyl and what records he has.

Nick got us gifts?!


60 – Round the horn!

Is hair dye making me sick?!

Talking cold = getting a cold. Apparently, it doesn’t.

Nick lived in Chicago and St Louis.
Talking Lion’s Den.

I’ve got dry eyes!

Talking Tabloids and people who believe them.

1h15m – Taser Island!?

Behind Dry Eyes!

Dilated eyes!

More than one science?!


What’s the only letter not on the periodic table?


Jimmy: J – 3
Matt: Q – 0
Nick: Y –
Eliot: Q – 20

1h25m – Jimmy get it’s correct!

My S is Sammy Hagar!

1h30m – Talking Carts inside whale’s mouths?

Who discovered whale blubber can clean?


Eliot has a story. He was butt dialed by a contractor and is going to read the transcript.

Seems he’s pissed about a ticket.

1h35m – Eliot’s S is Seal!


Leno/Seinfeld talking cars!

1h40m – Stevie Wonder is Matt’s S! Stevie was cheating on his wife?

1h45m – Nick’s team of choice is St Louis teams but he’s also fairweather.

Nick loves talking about Boycotting.

The guys talk doing Byron Allen.

Nick talks about his appearance.

Byron owns the weather channel

1h50m – Nick’s S was gonna be Sammy Hagar but he changes to Sam Cooke!

Eliot does the fans!

Dueling Sam Davis Jrs.

Who wins? Anyone? No one?

Jimmy’s S: Simon Scardinelli Stan Ridgeway, Steve Miller, Sammy Hagar, Steve Perry!

No winner!

We’re all winners though!

Thanks Nick!! He describes his podcast.

Megabus! https://us.megabus.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA3OzvBRBXEiwALNKDP-fsC0vt-QPEwCwUoD1dXmO9WdLrUSxeOkf365O1_c7j6CY61YrKOBoCDyIQAvD_BwE

See you soon!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth