2519 – Feeling Fabulous with Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 2519! Hardcastle!

Jimmy talks “being a server.”

Grab the by the popcorn!

Bowtie makes you interesting!


He’s from Indiana!


Chic v In and Out

Matt finally listened to Jimmy and Eliot’s Off Book. He loved it!

Oliver dislikes Eliot more than James Cordon?!

10 – Bill Burr on Mandalorian!

Billy Dee Williams talk.

The guys talk Encore!


15 – Craig Ferguson is coming in! We expect him to basically take over.

You don’t know what Gervais is gonna do! Re Globes.

Round the horn!

We’ve all seen The Irishman!

Irishman reminded Jimmy of his youth!

713 – Mike Sweeney

Talking Calling Dads.

Look for this week’s Jimmy’s Records and tapes!

Eliot talks about doing a Roast.

He gives us some examples of his jokes and the ones that Matt Donaher helps him with.

We’ve got mail! Garon’s Hair!

Two pieces of mail!


Jeremy Herbel sent us something.

He sent us some power banks for our phones!! And a CD Rom for the computer

Thank you Jeremy!

45 – Opening another letter!

Pavlov’s dog!

55 – Matt explains glasses to Jimmy.

Jimmy is excited! It’s Magnets of Chicago Album covers!

They’re now indicators of where things are in a cabinet.

Craig Ferguson is here!

Brian Adams is here also.

Happy Days parking!

Joe Rogan wouldn’t have Craig?!

Is Joe Rogan a chem trail guy?

Hobo Fabulous is available on numerous places. Amazon included!

1h – Brian’s wearing a Prince T-shirt.

Craig thinks Jimmy and Brian would get along well.

Brian does karaoke. He does CCR’s Proud Mary.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

We’re coming up on the 1000th episode!

Craig Ferguson is here!

Craig talks about lying for attention to get eyes on his new special/series.

Brian’s back with hot coffee!

Craig talks about scaring his lap.

1h5m – Craig says Jimmy has big hands and must be well endowed. “A cracker of a penis.”

Guess who gets a credit on Craig’s show?

Craig’s Tattoo artist gets a credit. Craig says it’s required because he shows off his tattoos.

1h10m – It’s been 30 years since Craig had heroine. He’s nearly 28 years sober now.

Craig talks about the drugs he’s taken. He still tends to his condition.

Jimmy talks about his own experiences and not doing any drugs and just drinking.

Craig explains his thoughts on the difference between a junkie and a drunk. He’d never leave a bar to get heroine.

1h20m – Craig enjoys the color of my hair. He’d pick his kids school based on whether the kids had colored hair.

Craig’s kids are Milo and Liam! Jimmy remembered correctly.

1h25m – Craig talks about why he started doing the Late Show.

Jimmy considers his appearance on Craig’s show his best late night appearance.

Jimmy was on Late Late show in 2006.


1h30m – Craig loves doing Game Shows! He’s doing another one for ABC soon.

Oliver loved Celebrity Name Game!

Drew Carey is a nice guy!

Craig gives us a coffee update: It’s outstanding.

Craig’s 57! May 17 he turns 58.

1h40m – Craig talks about how enraged people get when he mentions he is a vegan, more than any controversial or offensive thing he’s ever said as a comedian.


Kimbal believes that food is the new internet.

Invest in hydroponic technology according to Kimbal.

Difference between a junkie and an alcoholic: an alcoholic will steal your purse and drink himself to death over the guilt. A Junkie will steal your purse and help you look for it.

Craig talks about this first gig in town Maybe This Time with Marie Osmond and Betty White: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112066/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Craig has a Henry Winkler story about how he continues to be the nicest guy in hollywood.

1h50m – Boozie Spotted Dick for Christmas



Masked Singer talk.


1h55m – Craig talks about professionalism on Drew Carrey and then wonders about Jimmy’s poop.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

2519! The Hardcastle!

2h – Craig explains Brian. “The guy from Scotland who looks like he’s not from around here.” Turns out they just met yesterday.

Rhythm is gonna get you! Tonight!

Craig had lunch with Gloria Estefan in Miami!

Jimmy tells Craig the Gloria Estefan musical was fun.

Talking Mama Mia!

Craig’s favorite singer is David Bowie. At least for today.

2h5m – It’s almost time for Craig to leave. Jason Ellis is up next for them.

Apparenty the security at SiriusXM is insane.

It’s time for Sevens!

Jimmy gives to Craig Ferguson: 10 (80s music)

Thanks Craig! He tells us the origin of the format of his new series being based on rock docs about Rush and Journey.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth