25R – Touching the Top of the Mountain with Danielle Koenig

Danielle Koenig

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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25R – Robert Palmer

00 – Talk like a pirate episode!

Danielle Koenig is joining us later on!

Eliot’s late. We’ll get to the bottom of that. It’s Dad related.

Jimmy confronts Eliot on his texting confirmations.

Jimmy apparently needs to apologize to Eliot. He had him muted.

Tech talk!

Matt has some battery advice.

10 – Danielle Koenig is here!

Coven talk.

Jimmy talks about his retainer situation. His tongue is getting caught on it and he can’t talk correctly.

My hair matches the couches!

15 – Nicole Wallace/Ari Melber talk.

Ari Melber


The Bar comes out tomorrow!

20 – Oprah took Phil Donahue’s job?

Phil Donahue/Alan Alda being insults in the past.

Rooster v Chicken talk!

Early break! We’ll be back!

25 – We’re back!

Danielle hasn’t been here in a while! Busy and uninterested. She had to watch The Crown!

UK election talk.

James Corden on SNL talk.


More JLO SNL talk.

It’s time for the talk with Oliver?! Danielle talks about it. Danielle had to tell him his Grandparents are narcissists.

30 – Freemasonry – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemasonry

“Sometimes you marry your parents.” – Danielle to Jimmy.

35 – You don’t touch the top of the mountain! RE me trying to trump Jimmy’s Monica joke on a previous episode none of us remember.

Talking about a lot of book covers having the same style of imagery.

40 – Jeff Goldblum talk.

Jimmy talks saliva under the retainer.




The 1999 film TEA WITH MUSSOLINI is based on the autobiography of what film director?

Franco Zeffirelli

Jimmy: Terrance Malik -7
Matt: Fellini/rossolini -10
Eliot: John Houston -10
Danielle: Antonioni -25

50 – Eliot wants some kind of reset score once someone hits -100.

Lots of great feedback for Eliot on Off Book.

My R is not Robert Plant it’s Robert Palmer!

Jimmy talks about talking to Oliver about seeing Roger Daltry and the conversation about “Rock Gods”

McCartney/Plant/Daltry etc. Who Else?

More Rock God talk.

60 – Danielle saw Eddie Van Halen when she worked at a movie theater.

1h5m – This rock god talk is going deep!


1h10m – Eliot! The Wild Bore.

Oliver’s friends enjoy the show. They were curious about me.

Eliot wants to talk about his dad’s situation. This conservator was overcharging by thirty grand. They lost their license!

1h15m – Brady Bunch talk – https://michaelstvtray.com/2017/07/13/today-on-the-tray-beans-n-franks-in-a-flashlight/

1h20m – Danielle gets some Jingle Jangle!

Talking Dark Chocolate v Milk Chocolate


Roger Waters is Eliot’s R!

Jimmy hurt his shoulder stretching!

1h25m – Matt’s R is Rick Astley!

Jimmy just listened to Rick’s greatest hits on vinyl.

Hyndai Kia Father! Son!

Jimmy got ASMR watching Columbo.

Mark Ruffalo would be a great Columbo! Oliver picked well.

1h30m – Jimmy talks about being down for a roll against French Stewart for the Partridge Family Reboot.


Wrap Battle


Talking Season Two of Making It! No one seems to like the increased cut-aways.

1h35m – Matt is sticking with Rick Astley!

Shakedown by Bob Seger talk!

Danielle goes with Richard Harris.

1h40m – Fans!

More fans!

1h45m – Jimmy’s Rs are…

5 – Rick Astley
4 – Richard Marx
3 – Richard Harris
2 – Robert Lamb
1 – Randy Travis

See you next time!

Speaking of big cocks! “I do okay.” – Eliot


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth