29V – Crossing the bridge with Jimmy and the boys

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 29V – The Gang










00 Hey! 29V for victory!

Fauci talk! 

We go through the Saga of my Appendicitis. 

Jimmy had his appendix out in 1989! 

Jimmy talks about a comedian from his past trying to focus on being “clean” and telling him not to say “fucking” in his centerfold joke. 

10 – Jimmy talks about 1989.

Eliot interrupts Jimmy attempting to name Taylor Swift albums. 

Eliot is NOT dressed like a hillbilly. 

Ronnie Spector age talk. We lost her.

Could I have taken my appendix with me?

Jimmy talks about a cyst he had that was removed and they gave it to him. 

20 – Jimmy reveals he had a goatee at one point. 

1% celebrity sighting! 

It MAY have been Jeremy Strong. 


We’re talking about Boba Fett. 

30 – Why does Jimmy have to suffer through Boba Fett talk! 

We TRY to get away from Boba Fett. 

Is George Lucas involved in Boba Fett??? 

David Pasquesi – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0664727/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t20

40 – Jimmy got a nice email from a fan he wants to send us.

7/10 emails Jimmy gets are positive.  1/10 is someone trying to be funny 1/10 is a shoedrop type the last one is negative. 

The Rickety Bridge! 

Wordle talk. 

45 – We are gonna go around the horn!

Jimmy goes back to Wordle. 

50 – Matt brought some Haribo gummies to do a taste test, which is allowed in his year of no gummies rule. 

Troli vs Haribo


Lots of gummy trying! 

60 – The Pardo-Koenig’s watched the latest episode of That’s My Jam. 

Jimmy is not happy with Jimmy Fallon’s antics on the show. 

1h5m – Blake Shelton talk.

Jimmy talks about British Panel shows not having the problem with people “big footing.” 

Lucille Ball talk. 

Nina Blackwood complimenting Eddie Money on his work in Beverly Hills Cop. 

We’ll be right back! 

1h10m – Welcome back! 

Platinum! The Bomb Shelter!

Jimmy’s got some stuff to discuss but he’s gonna let Matt talk about it. PCAT 2022 is postponed indefinitely. 

1h15m – The Tri-corners! 

Spencer and The French Dispatch talk. 

Wes Anderson talk.  

U2 talk!

(Everything about trying to figure out the order of U2’s albums is wrong; also Pop is not a shitty album, but does have two shitty songs. -Darryl)


1h25m – Talking Universal Studios Covid test/booster. 

Jurassic Parking 

My guess is Vangelis! 

The rickety bridge!

1h30m – Talking how to watch British programming! 

Jimmy and Eliot talk the British panel shows they are enjoying. 

Eliot hasn’t watched a new stand-up special lately. 

Jimmy and family watched the latest Jim Gaffigan special. Lots of jokes! They enjoyed it. 

1h40m – Talking Eliot’s “Uncle” joke. 

Jimmy wants people to listen to How To Survive! 

Talking 24hr news issues. 

Eliot’s guess is Vixen

Richard Marx wrote one of their hits! 

1h50m – Matt’s guess is Van Halen


I’m changing to Vertical Horizon. 

We hear the fan guesses. 

Jimmy’s Guesses: 

6) Vanilla Fudge

5) Verve Pipe 

4) Vandenberg

3) Vitamin Z

2) Van Halen

1) Violent Femmes!

No winner!


2h – We go back to the 1989 thread. 

It was my FIRST surgery. 

We’ll see you next time!


My pleasure,

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