29X – Painting houses with Jimmy and the boys

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello! Welcome to the program! 

The filth is in steerage! 

Knob Watcher! 

Back to silent Eliot?

Never Not Funny: Quick Takes on Random Shit!

Jimmy has to apologize to his Hyundai dealership. 

The mailman pops by with some mail for Jimmy. 

So we have any car salesman listeners? 

Talking the day of a car salesman. 

10 – Pager talk! 

Talking retail slow periods. 

Matt talks about when he worked concessions at a theater. 

Talking Eliot recapping what we just talked about. He then tells about watching Unbreakable on DVD and accidentally watching it on shuffle. 

20 – Do NOT get Eliot started on HBOMax. 

Talking The Righteous Gemstones! Jimmy and Fam are enjoying it! 

White Lotus! 

30 – Jeopardy talk! Jeopardy got spoiled for millions of people by the media. 

Geography talk!

Portugal is in Europe! 

35 – How  many provinces/states of Canada/Mexico do we know?


Jimmy takes a right turn to let us know he’s going through a Sammy Hagar phase. 

He wants to share some of Sammy’s stage patter from this live album he has. 


40 – How old is Sammy Hagar?

Jimmy: 74

Matt: 72

Eliot: 76

He’s 74!

Jimmy on the nose!

45 – No matter the year, painters listen to classic rock. 

Jimmy stained some stuff! 

Adele’s new album talk. 


Jimmy has a couple Streisand stories including when she faked putting gum under a stool on stage. 


A worker that came to Jimmy’s came from Barbara Streisand’s house. She…wasn’t pleasant. 

60 – Amazing Race! 

Belknaps trying to watch Spiderman.

How often do we walk around without a shirt? 

We’re talking shirts! 

Eliot’s recounts how his dad used to talk to him straight out of the shower, fully nude!

School showers! 

He looks like a Woodrow! 

1h10m – SNL talk! 

What does the rolled up pant leg mean? Keep pant clean on the bike, 



D.B. Sweeney – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D._B._Sweeney

1h20m – wear your mask correctly! 

Neil Young talk! 


Joe Rogan talk and covid conspiracies! 

Dane Cook is at the improv tonight! 

We’ll be right back.

1h30m – Welcome back! 

We’re talking urine! 


1h40m – Researching medical concerns! 

Hair talk! 


Moonfall comes out February 4. 

Dog comes out 2/18.

1h45m – My X guess is XTC!

Rickety bridge! 

What hotel would the familliare put a resident in?

Some of the lofts at the familliare have sinks in them!

Eliot’s guess is X. 

Matt’s guess is Xclan. 

Here’s the fans! 

3) XX

2) X

1) XTC


2h – Jimmy updates us on the NNF Fantasy Baseball League, 3/19 is the draft date and the folks who are in will find out next week (theoretically).

Scam likely!

Thank you for all the support! 


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole/Knob Watcher