2922 – Cooking up something with Emily Fleming

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 2922 – Emily Fleming


00 Hello!

Welcome in! 

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! Four White Dudes are working! 

Jimmy and Matt talk holidays, kids, and vacations. 

Eliot’s genes stop here!

Eliot has met a communist. 

Great quads on the squatting commie. 

Shout out to all K names. Keyes! Keye, 


Talking Staples!

Medical procedure talk. 

Asian backpack and insulin pumps. 

Jimmy enjoys the Harry’s dandruff shampoo! 


Jimmy watched Charade – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056923/

Michelle Burke plays Connie Conehead 


20 – SNL Talk!

The guys talk Bleachers and SNL Performances.

25 – Oliver and Jimmy laughed out loud in the first episode of the new season of Jimmy’s Records and Tapes! 

Perks announcement for the new season!!! 

I wear a hat! 

Hat, sticker, key chain, a NNF Mousepad, car air freshener! 

We’re sampling all of the air fresheners. 

New perk change is a lottery for a zoom call with Jimmy! 

The $50 level now includes a personal zoom call with Jimmy. 

45 – We thank EVERYONE! 

Jimmy gives a PCAT update as I head to get the guest. 

We are the U2 of podcasting?! 

Aeneas was said to be the founder of the Roman race (the mixed offspring of the native Italians and the Trojans).

The site of Troy, in the northwest corner of modern-day Turkey, was first settled in the Early Bronze Age, from around 3000 BC. Over the four thousand years of its existence, countless generations have lived at Troy.

50 – Talking the Bel-Air reboot and a streaming service giving an automatic yes to a Will Smith or Kevin Hart. 


60 – Our guest finally made it! After several attempts we got her in here!

Emily Fleming is here!

She and her entire family had Covid. They were quarantined in Nashville. 

1h5m – Emily talks about her family and covid safety in Nashville (there is none). 

Crying on planes is amazing I guess? 

Emily’s dad won a grammy for bluegrass! 

The Steel Drivers – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_SteelDrivers

Adele loves them! 

Chris Stapleton sings a duet version of Easy on Me with Adele. 

He’s also on the new version of Red. 

We’re diving into Country music! 

Chris Gaines! 


1h15m – Jimmy explains how Emily came to be here: It was Eliot! 

Emily talks about her show and character work and writing for Rhett and Link show Great Mythical Morning


1h25m – We’ll be right back! 

Welcome back! Double deuce! 

Eliot’s moving! 

Emily’s breaking in a new bra specifically for NNF? We’re flattered. 

NNF underwear! 

Appendix talk

Emily had a hernia operation as a teenage and Jimmy correctly guessed she played Volleyball. 

1h30m – Emily talks about knocking out her teeth at the root. 

She talks about it. 

We’re trying to guess Emily’s mom’s age. 

1h35m – Sympathy pains!!

Emily’s teeth died after 7 years and had to be removed. 

Killer Beaz – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killer_Beaz

Talking Nashville Zanies! It gives Emily anxiety. 

1h40m – Emily talks about stand up and writing out her entire set beforehand. 

Killer Mike talk. 

Dave’s Killer Bread talk! 


“He’s got Prison Jaw” – Jimmy 

Glug Bread! 

Jimmy apologizes for his missing tooth. 

Emily talks about an agent telling her to see a speech therapist because her “s” had a hiss to it. 

Emily wrote and was on At Midnight! 

1h50m – Emily talks about doing At Midnight with Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher. She always wears big platform shoes so she towered over them. They ended up on apple boxes. 

Emily prepped Sabastian Bach for At Midnight. 

Emily is obsessed with early 2000s VH1. 

Rock of Love talk! 

1h55m – https://stormtv.online/

Jimmy is saying it: Jason Bonham is a better drummer than his dad. 

2h – The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Killed_Hitler_and_Then_the_Bigfoot

We talk about Titanic! We all saw it several times. 

2h5m – Emily doesn’t have a car. 

Emily’s sister has a cat named Frankie. 

2h10m – https://www.catbreedslist.com/all-cat-breeds/lykoi-cat.html

Trivia info BELOW!

We’re back! 

Jimmy resets and says he doesn’t know why but Eliot immediately chimes in with his enjoyment of Jimmy doing that to Jimmy’s (fake) anger. 

2h15m – Hot dog sandwich? We talk about it. S

We are sandwiches to the Pterodactyl according to Jimmy. 

We’re talking chickens!

2h20m – 

Trivia Results: 

Category: Spokesperson

Question:.What man that has a sweet snack named after him discovered and signed Simon and Garfunkel and was a talent rep for multiple artists including diana ross. 


Garon: Jack Gordy (1 pt)

Eliot: Mr. Mars (5 pts)

Matt: Cracker Jack McGee (12 pts)

Emily: Quincy Jones (10 pts)

Jimmy: Clive Davis (25 pts)

The answer is Wally Amos, AKA Famous Amos. 

Jimmy is furious. 



Emily ralphed during King Ralph. 

Emily loves Hanson!


Her first concert was The Rolling Stones. 

2h35m – Emily talks about the 90s singers she likes including Patty Griffin!


Emily does enjoy Kid Rock. It’s her guilty pleasure. Also Korn. 

So much last minute music talk! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole