2810 – Doing donuts with Josh Gondelman

Josh Gondelman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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00 Hello! 2810!

It’s a heatwave! Until tomorrow apparently.

Talking B-52s.

Jimmy’s misheard lyric from Roam: Roam Nipsy Russell

Eliot gives us a 4th B52s song. My Own Private Idaho.

Jimmy has a quick weekend story re Hit Parade.

Chris Malanfy is a human being now since Jimmy stumbled across a picture of him.

More Hit Parade Trivia talk.

We hear a little Dead Beat Club!

10 – Great group for Jimmy’s show on Friday!

Jimmy’s announcing officially that there will be at least 3 more zoom shows! May, June, and July!

15 – Dogs Howling At Billy Joel –

Matt got his second shot! He talks about the aftermath.

Elise’s is coming up and she got Moderna so it might be bad for her.

20 – Talking fainting.

Smile Train Mexico Visit. Jimmy and Matt both got woozy watching the surgery.

25 – Matt watched Sack Lunch Bunch, John Mulaney’s show.

Jimmy’s family went to see The Big Sleep at a Pop Up Drive-In!

30 – Actor height talk.

BTW Lauren Bacall’s famous whistle quote is from To Have And Have Not.


Tim Quick sent us some stuff for PCAT! A Nintendo Switch Carrying Case in Rose Gold and a Clutch/Purse/Nintendo Switch Case in blue and platinum.

Eliot confirms the Accent he was talking about. The Mid-Atlantic accent that was created for movies and prep-schools?!

Josh Gondelman is joining us!

Make My Day with Josh Gondelman is his podcast!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Get well soon AngryNNFFan!

One of our favorites is here! From New York! Somewhere in NY. Josh Gondelman!

40 – Josh is in Brooklyn.

Talking cities/neighborhoods/etc.

Jimmy talks about the picture he saw of Charlie as the Mayor of the Moon.


Talking Jimmy’s home office.

45 – It was Oliver who printed! He was excessively apologetic.

Jimmy talks about missing the Gondelman Flair on John Oliver’s show.

Jimmy and Josh talk about returning to normal, and missing how the business has been different since the pandemic.

50 – Jimmy talks about going to opening day and feeling emotional about it.

Talking human connections via zoom.

Did we just invent the Sill Grill?!

Talking car seats as kids.

55 – Eliot shows off some early child protection equipment for cars, including a net hammock and a strap/Harness situation.

60 – Talking about people buying vaccine cards rather than getting the vaccine.

Get your shot dunces!!

Free stuff with Vaccine card?


Dunkin Donuts talk!

Fred The Baker – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Vale

Are Krispy Kreme donuts Crispy or Creamy?

1h10m – Lots of people going to the new Chic Fil-A near Jimmy.


Jimmy talks about Jason Benetti’s calling games and how you can hear every chant in the stadiums currently.

1h15m – Eliot talks about Pioneer Chicken from when he was a kid.


Pico Rivera/Geraldo talk!

Bee Gees Chat! Barry Gibb Songbook Vol. 1. It’s “okay” per Jimmy.

(Full results at the end!)
Category: It’s About To Get Lit (English Lit)
Question: The Word Set Holds The World Record for What?

1h25m – Talking about the first use of “Go Fuck Yourself”

Jimmy talks about a show he did that was like Make Me Laugh at a Seventh Day Adventist college. A comic, Marge, said she was going to dick slap a heckler and they shut down the show and tried not to pay the comics.

We’ll be right back!

1h30m – We’re back!
Round the horn!

My answer is most uses/definitions

I do a late night call in radio show on Twitch called The Overnight Hours! (twitch.tv/mynameisgaron)

Jimmy talks about his episode of Dark Air.

1h35m – Talking about my shirt.

I am a Walking Gildan.

Eliot’s answer is: Word most written in a Tennis Score Card.

Dirty Carson!

Matt’s answer is: Most book titles

Trivia Results:

Category: It’s About To Get Lit (English Lit)
Question: The Word Set Holds The World Record for What?

Garon: Different Uses/Definition (10 pts)
Eliot: Word most written in a Tennis Score Card. (4 pts)
Matt: Most book titles (3 pts)
Josh: Most distinct Definitions (18 pts)
Jimmy: Most used in an Olympic volleyball match (6 pts)

The answer is Most definitions!! 437?!

Garon and Josh are correct!

Josh wins with the bet of 18!

1h45m – Talking about musical comic Zach Sherwin!
Krav Maga –

“Goose MCs all up in my engine.”

Josh’s wife is doing terrific! Josh talks about her podcast where she interviews authors.

1h50m – Dishwalla Counting Blue Cars talk.

Josh talks about his podcast which is a comedy game show to make Josh happy. Winner gets to choose where a $100 donation goes!

Jimmy was on it recently and really enjoyed it!

Make My Day with Josh Gondelman

Thanks Josh!

We’re done!

Wear your mask! Get your vaccine!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Walking Gildan