2124 – Living in the Moment with Milana Vayntrub

Milana Vayntrub

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello indeed! Progrum! 2124! New season about to begin! Get those finances in order and get those VIP things flying!

Matt describes the players club.

Adios neutral!

29 for months, 49 for a full year! PLUS VIP!

$99.99 for the collector’s plate. The plate looks amazing! $149.99 for the plate AND the movie pass style membership card, customized with references from NNF!

How many times does Eliot need to get set up for his bit!? He keeps missing it.

The card looks great! There are some easter eggs on that card.

Jimmy talks about all of Eliot’s instincts are being wrong.

05 – Try to Remember – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Try_to_Remember

From The Fantastiks!

Talking Tom Jones and rapping.

The Lead and How To Swing It – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Jones_discography

The Fantastiks writer Tom Jones – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Jones_(writer)

Talking Drylip/rat face

10 – Talking listeners including one who listens to 80 shows!

Jimmy gives a UPS update. Damaged AND Missing.

15 – He just wants it to show up.

Grammy’s talk!

Best Comedy album Grammy.

Bloomington talk. Jimmy talks about his return to stand up since his mother’s passing and how the comedy attic was the best place to get back. We have amazing fans. Jimmy is grateful for them. It was one of the funnest live NNFs yet.

20 – The guys talk about the trip to Bloomington and the challenges of Playing Games Live.

25 – Matt talks about how he did the guest intro instead of Jimmy’s intro.

Tyler Christopher – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyler_Christopher_(actor)

30 – Jimmy sat next to a giant on the flight?

Jimmy talks about the flights and the miracle of getting on a flight. He had to sit with a women’s college water polo team.

35 – Jimmy talks about the guy in the middle seat having the longest legs he’s ever seen and how he had to unfold himself like a cartoon to get up for Jimmy.

“He’s got his legs folded up like a praying mantis.” – Jimmy’s text.

40 – They were about to land when the plane sped up and flew back to the sky.

The city looked beautiful as they were circling back to land again.

Jimmy loved the picture Matt used for the latest players club.

Jimmy Danielle and Oliver all thought Elmer was Ernie Fudd for a minute.

Oliver is good with math. It’s is Will Forte. Or as Eliot says his Good Will Forte?

45 – No more goosing. Time’s Up!

Jimmy talks about the Grammy post coverage.

Our guest is here!

Milana Vayntrub is here with a cautionary stance! She talks about her pup.

50 – Matt and Milana are gonna trade cars.

We’ll be back!

We’re back! Milana Vayntrub is here!

Round the horn!

Talking love life!

Milana talks Furbo.


Allyson Janney’s awards – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Allison_Janney

60 – Tentacles! https://www.amazon.com/Tentacles-Reptilicus-Blu-ray-John-Huston/dp/B00UART4DM/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1517257152&sr=8-7&keywords=tentacles

It was mutual that Jimmy leave the academy.

Talking Milana’s parents! Her dad is in Russia.

1h5m – Milana talks about visiting Russia and feeling safe when she’s traveling with her family. No one smiles in Moscow.

Talking how LA is actually friendly.

1h10m – Jimmy asks about Russian entertainment. Milana talks about Russian comedy and how funny they are. She talks about a show where celebrities dressed up like famous singers and sang.

Russians treat americans well but each other poorly.

Matt talks about his dad’s trip to Russia when he was a student.

Mike Sweeney and Matt call Matt’s dad

Matt talks about the time we called his dad on the air when he forgot his birthday.

1h15m – The Arbiter!

Eliot went to LA on Broadway.

Milana was giving Eliot her entire attention.

Talking B52s and burlesque.

In contemporary usage, burlesque is a playfully nostalgic form of striptease — think fans and feather boas rather than explicit nudity — but this is just the latest form of an ironic style of entertainment dating back to medieval times.

1h20m – http://www.fearof.net/fear-of-crowds-phobia-enochlophobia/

Eliot talks about his fears in large crowds.

1h25m – My hockey incident.

Eko network show Helloeko.com to watch That Moment When!

Milana talks about the show and how it’s interactive, sort of like a choose your own adventure.


Talking learning BJs and porn.

1h30m – Depanting: Hello pants are off! – Matt

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Watch That Moment When! Jimmy enjoys it. Calls it fun!

Eliot knows the creator of the show.

Jimmy doesn’t like his stand up recorded and put out there.

Talking more about Milana’s show.

1h35m – Jimmy’s in to being the Teller to Milana’s Penn.

Milana keeps her gentleman friend’s name secret. Two year anniversary tomorrow!

Talking about Milana’s dog Hank!

She’s trying to be a good mom with disciplining her dog.

Milana found the Elton john video.

1h40m – We hear the video.


1h45m –

Jimmy gives to Milana Vayntrub: 12 (2000s)

Milana Vayntrub gives to Jimmy Pardo: 8 (Celebrities)

We’re done! SO great!

See you next time!

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