Players Club BONUS – Live at the Burbank Comedy Festival


00 – Come on 5p!!!! Get that energy going!!

What do we call this? Matinee? Dinner and a show? Shitty?

Who got the meatloaf? Ed and he was boasting.

Who wants some meatloaf?

Jimmy talks to Ed, who came with Pamela who he calls Jimmy’s favorite fan.

What’s next to the meatloaf Pam?!?!

We gotta know everything about Ed and Pam!

Pam lost count!

05 – Hi Matt!

Jimmy’s solved seating problems.

Talking about my awesome hair!

“We were a little hard on garon.” Double down live

Talking racist family.

Splashing around at the bathhouse.

10 – Talking Jimmy’s age difference between a former flame.

15 – Father Figure Release date 1/2/1988

Eliot’s Ed now.

Matt – 87
Jimmy – 88

Jimmy wins!
Faith released in October 30 –

25 – First day of school for Matt’s kids! Charlie was very brave.

Is Zoey too old for public affection from her dad?

It’d be weird if Charlie didn’t have tiny hands. Mickey Mouse has big hands for a mouse.

30 – Skorts –
Jorts –

Matt talks about his dance. Closest he’d been to a girl was at that dance.

Jimmy talks to Mario in the audience!

Jimmy and Matt talk about stuff the kids like. Heroes, Harry Potter.

Dunkirk talk.

Rich asshole talk. 4 Hamiltons 4 Cities

Purple hair!

45 – Talking Hamilton Tix!

Eliot’s trying the Hamilton ticket.

Danielle shamed Jimmy about doing the Hamilton Lottery.

Eliot’s great, might do some Croce at some point. Matt says he’s got time.

50 – Talking music. Jacksons songs. Torture, State of Shock.


Sevens! Win a hat!

Blank hat? Pick a team!!

60 – Jimmy gives to listener Jeff: 13 (80s Music)

Jimmy gives to listener Justin: 17 (Movies)
Jimmy gives to his favorite fan Pamela: 11 (TV)

1h5m – Justin wins the hat! Jimmy talks about Justin;s head size.

Thanks for coming!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth