2009 – Following Up with Annabelle Gurwitch


In studio notes by Brad Gage
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

A Note from Darryl:
Can we expect Brad Gage to be handsome, engaging, positive, and take good show notes? Would that be too much perfection squeezed into one human man? You be the judge.

————— Begin Brad Gage’s Notes ——————

Talked About:
-Trying to get Neil Peart or Geddy Lee for episode 2112
-Brad looks like Boris Becker
-Matt wants Jimmy to watch the Simpsons episodes “Bart Sells His Soul” and “Lisa the Vegetarian”
-Jimmy hates dog stories

————— End Brad Gage’s Notes ———————

Another Note from Darryl:
OK, I guess we have our answer. But no worries, my friends. I have gone back to my old ways, back before Garon Cockrell, back before Dan Katz, and did my own notes, because damn! Enjoy!

————— Begin Darryl Asher’s Notes —————–


Annabelle Gurwitch



It’s crazy that episode 2112 will be this season; who would have ever guessed?

Jimmy is ignoring intern-for-a-day Brad Gage for now

Garon is in a job interview

The power of Brad compelled both Matt and Jimmy to invite him

Way too much talk about Gage-crush

Fascinating info: Brad sometimes wears glasses, sometimes contacts


Brad either joined Fight Club or got a mole removed

Brad Gage

Brad is a young Boris Becker / Jim Courier

Boris Becker

If there was a word cloud for all NNF episodes, “Brad Gage” would be in the biggest font

Jim Courier

Talk about Rush and possible health issues of members


Ranking Drummers with Brad Gage, a new spinoff podcast

Jimmy is glad Matt never talks about his dog

Matt mixes up his dog and kid’s names

Buster (I think that’s the dog, not the kid) is quick to yap


Matt’s weekend: nothing happened but swim lessons

Jimmy did a show at the Shrine – 5,000 seats!

April Foolishness

If an old comic kills at a college show, he sucks (or is a Peter Pan)

Lots of voice actor deaths in The Simpsons


Jimmy doesn’t like the Simpsons because they are yellow

The Lego Movie is funny to some people

Jimmy isn’t invested in animation because the characters aren’t real

Oliver is obsessed with the Simpsons

Lisa the Vegetarian and Bart Sells his Soul are Matt’s favorite episodes

Jimmy asks Brad Gage to put that in the notes. But DID HE???? (Oh, yes, he did!)

S-Town Podcast talk – Jimmy and Matt are both into it


Hillbillies say “right quick,” “buddy” and the n-word

Jimmy may be anti-Simpsons due to seeing a bad Harry Shearer show

Annabelle enters, but Brad Gage totally did not follow Jimmy’s instructions

CB radio code talk


Annabelle thinks there’s an Alexa in the studio

Alexa has no opinion on The Resistance

Alexa probably voted for Trump

Jimmy says Annabelle is in the “get go position”

Lots of CB code talk

Brad’s microphone proactivity is a win (actual technique, maybe not)


Brad lives in Hollywood and does some voiceover work

Matt decides Jimmy can have Brad

Eliot: “Bros before Brads”

Pre-plug plugs

Players club hats are here!

Players club logistics, technically off-air talk


Ads in the audio



Brad drank at smelly bars in Hollywood over the weekend

Brad Gage

Annabelle knows who Boris Becker is, but Brad looks like BRAD!!!

Brad confirms, but doesn’t want to talk about, being on the plane when Carrie Fischer died


Flying with famous people means if the plane crashes, no one will know you were on it

Flying vs. skydiving

iFly indoor skydiving

Annabelle broke her nose on a velcro wall


Annabelle is a gum-chewing-on-NNF pioneer

Brad, like a gentleman, doesn’t answer specific questions because he doesn’t want to make
himself part of her story, for any amount of money

Kato Kaelin

Brad doesn’t want to be the next Kato Kaelin

Matt reminds Brad to “do the notes.”
Brad: “Doin’ it!” (Are you, Brad? ARE YOU???)

Brad makes a Garon-Threesome joke

Jimmy informs Annabelle that Garon has threesomes “on the reg”

Annabelle had an Uber threesome dream


Lyft / Uber

Jimmy likes Uber, doesn’t like the Lyft mustache coming at him, or their app

Annabelle’s Uber dream ended, but she wanted to get back into it to find out what the
“configuration” was going to be

Annabelle is more sensitive about sex now that she is grown up


Eliot has a dog story, and Annabelle has a book called Wherever You Go, There They Are

Annabelle hips us to the “Rainbow Bridge” which is where your dead pets await you

People trying to get their dogs to talk

Alexander Pushkin is Annabelle’s cat

Cats see humans as giant can openers

Jimmy insists there are no allergy-free pets


Annabelle was at restaurant at a community table and had a conversation with a woodworking woman

Someone was at the table with a comfort dog

Annabelle and Jimmy are skeptical of comfort dogs

Loving animals does not make you “good people” (see: Hitler)

Jimmy tells Annabelle the name of his high school band: Rainbow Bridge

Jimmy wanted to call the band “Some Mountains” (I think this is new information)


Annabelle’s high school band did a lot of Bee Gees becasuse they donated stuff

Annabelle lived near the Bee Gees in Miami Beach, Florida

Jethro Tull / Ian Anderson

Annabelle did a lot of drugs growing up

The Gibbs were EVERYWHERE!

Andy Gibbs’ son is a good guitarist

Brad: “Does he play a Gibson?”

If Eliot said that, he would be iced

Eliot does a good (?) impression of Jimmy’s fake laugh

Annabelle wants to know how interns get discovered


It’s like being discovered at Schwab’s Pharmacy in Hollywood 

Brad got the Pardo bump

Annabelle helped a friend’s kid get a job, and he fired her

Eliot gets to his dog story, only 20 minutes after first being asked about it – Wait! Nope!

Guessing La Familiare rent

Before the dog story, lots of Familiare details


Back to the dog story but not really

A break before Eliot’s dog story, but really, right after the break, the dog story



Ads in the audio


We’re back! (So let’s get right to Eliot’s dog story! Um, no.)

Jimmy has known Annabelle since 1997 when he did characters on Dinner and a Movie

Paul and Annabelle

(Note: co-hosted with Paul Gilmartin, see episode 20)

Jimmy’s character choice: wide stance, hands on hips, pants too high

Annabelle was on Dream On


Annabelle was nominated for an award for best actress in a straight to DVD release

Annabelle lost to Jessica Alba, as her husband predicted

That award, like Rooftop Comedy Best Podcast, never was given again

Someone’s at the door! Maybe it’s next week’s intern!

“This asshole’s coming right in!”

It’s Garon! His thing fell through. This is awkward! Brad Gage this, Brad Gage that!


Garon’s an award winning screenwriter and best selling author

Garon is here to protect his turf (Based on note-taking, Garon’s job is safe)

Eliot’s (now sandbagged) dog story

Someone came to a Familliare open house with a dog, even though no pets are allowed

(In fairness to Eliot, any story that’s been sandbagged for almost an hour is not going to rise above a “C”)


Annabelle’s parents had to get rid of their dog, and “explained” it by having the dog write
her a letter

Annabelle told her only-child son that their cat was his sister

Annabelle had to change the story when the cat died, somehow making it worse


Annabelle’s son is now in college and may still believe he has a sister

“Something between imagination and terror”

Freakanomics: 90% of Americans are second cousins according to DNA


Malcolm Gladwell’s theory of school age and success

The Crooked Ladder of Success

Annabelle reads her own reviews

“Kitchen Tips from a Mafia Kitchen” (I can’t find this book anywhere online)

Annabelle had a passive-aggressive stalker fan on Dinner and a Movie


Jimmy has questions about book-stealing via dust jacket switching

Authors move their books to the front table; there’s a name for this but she can’t remember what it is

Matt guesses “end-capping”

Annabelle is going anywhere they have books

Neither Brad nor Garon can find the phrase Annabelle is thinking of (Neither can I)

Jimmy makes things more awkward by reminding Annabelle about Garon’s threesomes


Plugging Annabelle’s book

Thanks Brad, you’re fired

See you Thursday, Garon

Ak-47 gone, not forgotten

-By Darryl Asher, Podcast Show Notes Pioneer, Official Curator of Never Not Funny Show Notes, Former Magician, Shout-out Recipient

————— End Darryl Asher’s Notes———————–