20W – Making Out with Rachel Quaintance

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Rachel Quaintance


20 Westworld

00 – Hello indeed! 20 Dubya! Boy do we wish he was still around. Clean the office with a broom named Bush! Jimmy’s gonna talk to Jeb about it personally.

Jimmy talks about fantasy baseball. A broom name Oscar!

Jimmy talks about the 30 for 30 with Mad Dog Russo.

Doc Talk!

Mike Francesa – 

ESPN dropped the trailer for its Mike and the Mad Dog '30 for 30' trailer and it looks amazing

Jimmy will go to his grave claiming he discovered Arnell Pineda.

Jimmy talks about a woman at the Journey concert.

Jimmy enjoys his cheat days.

Rolly Polly Matt Belknap.

Apparently he has gained 8 pounds.

Matt’s off sugar and carbs but might not be doing it right. Jimmy wonders if it’s worth it.

05 – Jimmy talks about his crazy diets and now being 18 years sober. Danielle wondered if Jimmy replaced drinking with food. He says admittedly yes. To counter that he goes on crazy diets.

Jimmy might go back on his Monster drink diet. When he was super pleasant to be around!

Jimmy and Matt talk artificial sweeteners and monster drink and weight gain/loss.

Matt gets real about his feelings towards himself and his appearance.

10 – Who is Brad Kilmer?!

Jimmy gives his opinion on Val Kilmer and his weight and that he’d lose it all for Top Gun 2.

Matt can’t do just one cookie. It’s either all or none.

There is some film production stuff going on outside. Maybe they’re shooting Lyte;s reality show?

Jimmy may have heard about it but the guy was rail thin.

Eliot is working for the Cartel today based on his look.

“You want Tom Selleck shirt?”

15 – Jimmy finishes his story about the woman at Journey. She came up to exchange for ice cream because her boyfriend bought the wrong ice cream.

Talking where the syringe goes when poisoning ice cream at dodger stadium.

Chicago Tylenol Murders – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_Tylenol_murders

“You wanna get nuts!?” – Matt quotes Batman.

“Are you stuffing your pants?!” – guy in the audience to Jimmy on stage when he wore Gap jeans. Those jeans were his favorite jeans of all time.

20 – Matt’s bored by Jimmy’s weight issues.

We have some stuff to address.

Jimmy and Matt address the Pat Francis not being on Pardcastathon any longer.

25 – I’m out of the room for some of this with our guest Rachel Quaintance!

35 – We’re back!

Jimmy talks about his Broom named Bush.

Rachel has a gross story!

40 – Is anyone a fan of Little House on the Prairie?

Rachel talks about books.

Rachel made a vow to not French kiss until marriage. She lasted until she was 14.

Jimmy had his first make out at 14. Jimmy thanks the 8th grader who made out with him when he was in 6th.

Rachel tells her gross story. She hates being called Q btw and this guy she talks about calls her that.

Jimmy interrupts Rachel to comment on her husband’s eyes.

“What’s up fer!” this guy to a girl named Jennifer. GROSS.

45 – Rachel talks about her twitter feud about teaching boys to not grope women.

Getting deep into the issue of male privilege and rape and mental issues.

Rachel tells a story about another gross guy at the dance she goes too.

50 – Rachel talks about going to the mall with her daughter and letting her go off on her own.

Land Peanut!

Down to fuck at the grove!

Rachel continues her story about this guy at the BN in the grove still watching her and sort of following her. Seems like he really was following her.

55 – Talking creepy guys. Is Jimmy a creepy guy going to LPGA Tours?!

Talking Price Matching.

Jimmy wants to know everything about this guy. Matt wonders if he was a Floyd.

60 – Rachel’s daughter is going into high school this year.

Round the horn!

Talking Jeb jumping in the pool!
Jeb with the black hand


Chili dog chat!

Snap in the dog.

Rachel talks about a yelp review.

1h5m – Hot dog talk!

Celebrity sighting at Pinks!

Rachel saw someone.

Matt guesses Sean Penn and Madonna on their first date.

Female singer at Pinks!

1h10m – Katy Perry!

Ford wrote a review on amazon for the Katy Perry album! “No radio bangers.”

Jimmy also had a sighting!

Matt mentions my disappoint with Garon’s hot dog vendor choice

Rachel just can’t grasp the rules of this game!

No one knows who this guy is. Corey Pavin?


Jimmy talks about his conversation with Corey at the haircut place.

1h15m – Rachel got recognized for her work on Movies at Our House twice. Matt got recognized recently.

Rachel talks about seeing Quentin Tarrantino at Amoeba.

1h20m – Apes and James Franco talk.

Food network star.

Rachel was truly shaken up by the grove incident. She wore a hat the next day.

1h25m – Demi Adejuyigbe on twitter – https://twitter.com/electrolemon

Talking Will Smith and Hamilton. Rachel has tickets for the Pantages.

Matt suggests listening to the Hamilton cast recording before seeing it live.

Rachel talks about her brother in law seeing Hamilton the same day that President Obama did.

1h30m – OJ jerkin? http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/19/o-j-simpson-masturbating-prison-parole-hearing/

Westworld is my W!

I went for Tea and come back to naming One Direction members.

Harry Styles coming to the greek!

Rachel talks about seeing Fiona Apple at the greek and having to really idiotic drunk gays behind her.

1h40m – Jimmy talks about the Retrofutura show. Apparently English Beat stole the show.

Brandi Carlisle.

The drug mule! Jimmy’d like to think Eliot’s got something up his ass.

Eliot’s looking happier than ever! Jimmy wonders what happens when his lady friend leaves him. Skydiving accident?!

Bungie Jumping talk and skydiving talk.

Eliot wants to drive a nascar apparently.

Talking Roller Coasters.

Rachel talks about being accused of giving too many details in her stories. She talks about her Dad doing the same thing and realizing she does the same thing.

Talking getting older and just being more who you are.

The guys talk about hating people in high school.

1h50m – Rachel talks about being at a baby shower and being told that someone didn’t like her back in the day.

Jessica Simpson talk. Rachel got the leads as a freshman in college and compares it to Jessica Simpson.

Rachel tells a story about her mom hearing some girl in school calling her a bitch.

Jimmy again compares Rachel to Tom Arnold.

1h55m – Eliot’s W word is The West Wing “Our president, the capital, the whole thing.” – Jimmy on West Wing.

Apparently Paul Williams is in Baby Driver. He had a twitter interaction with Paul Williams.

2h – Talking Twitter!

Elizabeth Perkins talk. – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001610/

The movie with Kevin Bacon is He Said She Said.

Matt had Westworld and West Wing and then settled on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Still working on the bathroom as of 08/07/17

2h5m – Darryl Asher talk!

Rachel one upped Jimmy on the bathroom remodel.

Rachel’s W word is Wings!

Stephen Webber talk.

Jimmy’s W word was WINGS but he changed it after matt shook him up. Changed it to Wonder Years.

Fred Savage is never bad, Matt confirms it. He’s great on Friends From College.

Randall Park’s wife is named Jae Suh Park and she is in Friends from College – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5565334/

Nashville talk. Apparently there is a scene that is embarrassingly bad.

Talking pool houses!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth