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Ken Levine

00 – Welcome in! End of the season! Wow! Jimmy’s Daffy duck suddenly.

Off air scheduling talk.

Scaramucci tweet talk.

Jimmy plays with siri and Bohemian Rhapsody.

05 – Siri tricks 

Jimmy really enjoying Ozark and Jason Bateman in it.

Talking Nashville. Cringe-worthy to tears, also the new music is getting better. Jimmy has a story line that he hopes would end at anytime.

Lots of Nashville talk. We have a screenwriter coming in! He said he’s coming into the “mount rushmore of podcasting.”

10 – Jimmy talks about his old neighbor who was friends with Johnathon Winters. “sola voce” (SP?!)

Gavin Macleod is alive – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavin_MacLeod



15 – Talking Chess!

“Just finish him!”

“You gonna go Rook to Puss 2?” Matt to Jimmy.

Ken Levine is here! He brought notes? Instructions to get here.

I go across the hall to see if they have a shredder. No deal!

20 – Jimmy talks about Ken’s book.

Twitter made this happen!

“I’ve informed Ted of your words.” – Some Nugent fan to Jimmy after he badmouthed him on Bob and Tom.

Phelps Shark Race talk.

Jimmy has resting icing face

25 – Ken went to the Sondheim concert at the Hollywood bowl. He talks about it.

Jimmy went to the MST3K show at the Ace Hotel. Oliver got to meet the cast! Oliver got to go on stage and act in a sketch! Jimmy could not remember the word resist.

He talks about the sketch and how great it was. Weird Al was there and he complimented Oliver’s performance! Oliver loves Weird Al.

We’ll be back!

We’re back! 2025! End of the season!

One Emmy for Cheers! Jimmy wants to know how it felt to lose. One year, they were told they won when in fact they lost.

30 – Ken talks more about the Emmys and the time that he won.

Tucker’s Witch – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tucker%27s_Witch

Talking Simon and Simon. Jimmy used to love it, saw it again recently and realized it is awful. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081930/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Hollywood & Levine is Ken’s podcast!


Apes and Dunkirk talk.

Talking 70mm http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/21/media/dunkirk-christopher-nolan-70mm/index.html

Matt talks about IMAX.

40 – Ken’s gonna watch on his phone.

Jimmy had some people sitting in front of him that started a picnic.

The Drug Mule! Eliot was on the bus over the weekend. He took a Greyhound to visit his father.

Eliot on a bus texting us.

45 – Ken saw Groundhog Day The Musical. He says it’s pretty funny like the movie. He’s been married for 38 years with 2 kids, 35 and 30. One works at apple the other writes on Kevin Can Wait.

Matt and Jimmy set up the text exchanges.

We’d love to have Seth Rudetsky on the show!

Jimmy reads through the texts. We’ll hear more about that trip next time maybe.

Talking Indio.

Jimmy talks to Ken about his podcast, Hollywood and Levine. http://hollywoodandlevine.libsyn.com/podcast

50 – Ken talks about doing five minutes of stand up for the first time ever. HE talks about it.

Ken talks about doing radio and having Steve Dahl as an intern for him.

55 – Ken is gonna take it to the post for us. I’m not entirely sure what that means but We’ll find out together.

Jimmy’s got server issues.

Ken takes it to the post meaning he stops the introduction right before the lyrics start.

(“Taking it to the post” or “hitting the post,” like Broadway Bill Lee, was discussed at length in episode 1925. -Darryl)

60 – Ken started writing on The Jeffersons. He talks about. He and his writing partner met in the army. He was drafted. His Draft number was 4. He didn’t go to the actual war though. He went to Colorado in the reserves. He only wrote one show for the Jefferson. His big break was working on MASH. He did 19 episodes.

True or False: Jimmy’s never seen one episode of MASH. TRUE.

1h5m – Going back through Ken’s career. He was on Cheers for 9 seasons (out of 11). He also wrote Volunteers which starred Tom Hanks.

Ken talks about transitioning to baseball announcing and ended up announcing for a major league baseball team.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

1h10m – The heart of any romantic comedy is the banging.

Jimmy asks Ken about the writers rooms and if they’re the same as the 70s which is basically sitting around making each other laugh.

Jimmy wonders what the deal is with an 80 hour work week?

Talking more with Ken about working on shows and celeb interactions with the cast/crew. Ted Danson let some guest star take his car for a test drive.

Jimmy wants some gossip!

Ken worked on Becker but not the one Jimmy was on.

1h15m – Kevin talks about having Kevin McHale on Cheers and originally hating him but when he cam eon the show he was great. They had him on twice.

Back to the baseball announcing. Ken was hired for Play by Play for the Oriels. He was writing TV AND doing announcing simultaneously.

He was hired by the Mariners and talks about that experience.

1h20m – Ken talks about getting into something with Ken Griffey Jr about calling the third inning the “third inning of death.” Ken said he’d shave his head if they scored 7 runs.

Mike Schooler – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Schooler

1h25m – Jimmy wants to hear the story Ken has about “hello.”

Jimmy wants to know why Ken doesn’t like The Hawk! He talks about not being a fan of the shtick but that he is such a nice guy. The guy replacing Hawk, Jason Bennetti, is apparently the best young voice in the business. “He’s a good kid. I like him.” – Jimmy.

1h30m – Ken talks about the origin of his book title, It’s gone!…no wait a minute.”

Ken talks about coming up with his signature home run call.

Jimmy talks more about the game and Kens’s experiences. He wants to know about Ross Porter. Ken has no idea why they let him go.

Jimmy does his Ross Porter impression.

1h35m – Talking Ryan Seacrest and live with Kelly.

Ken teaches and has been writing plays lately. He had a play at the Falcon! Last Fall, “Going Going Gone” played at the Hudson.

Talking about writers, actors, directors.

1h40m – “It pisses me off when actors are right.” – Ken


Jimmy gives to Ken Levine: 9 (Baseball)
Jimmy gives to Ken Levine: (70s Music)

Never Can Say Goodbye – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Can_Say_Goodbye

We’re done! See you next time!

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