Bonus – Live from San Francisco

On-site notes by Daniel Cordova
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Recorded at the Punch Line, June 13, 2017

(No time codes in these notes. Will I go back and add them? No. You’re on your own, Dear Reader. -Darryl)

Garon for a Day Daniel Cordova

Born again – Black Sabbath. Jimmy’s
favorite Sabbath record

Piñatas vs pull piñatas

Last NNF in SF – Never not Funny at Sketchfest 2016 – w/John Hamm. 1/9/16

Return of the caped crusader

Beastie Boys and Madonna tour. The Virgin Tour 1985.

Brass Monkey music video

Oliver’s wedding piñata (birthday). Bashing heroes because there are no villians.

Making a Pinata stick – crepe paper on a broom stick

Matt’s San Francisco sunburn

Seeing a woman so homely it made Jimmy cry. Airport tears.

Dani Mathers – Playboy model posting picture of woman in a locker room

June 13 1995 – Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morisette

Trying to break Jimmy’s phone? Comedy drop test

Will it blend? Blender mom.

Samsung = Korean? S. Korean
(Thank you for that important distinction, Daniel. Wouldn’t want to think that our cutting edge electronics were coming from techno-juggernaut North Korea. -Darryl)

“Doesn’t pass the smell test”

Jimmy’s bad meat.
-Bullying Matt into Chinese food in the valley. Granting Matt an audience
-Bad smelling burger. Buffalo burger?

“No Time” The Guess Who

Uber vs Lyft

Matt sings “My heart will go on”

“Oops I did it again”, Titanic reference

“I thought the old lady threw it into the ocean”

Brittney was 18. Born December 1981, single dropped March 2000

“I’m Jimmy, that’s Keith!” scene

Miss Sloane – Jessica Chastain’s performance

Alison Pill. Alison Pill. Alison Pill.

Richie Havens died April 22, 2013 at the age of 72

Matt Touring Lucas Film. Yoda statue.

Star Wars vs Planet of the Apes

“Send me on my Way” by Rusted Root

Sidenote: googling “Simian Way” DOES get you to the right song

#JimmysAwesome90sMix #TimeWaste

Dave Mathews Band

Rusted Root

David Grey (Gray?)

Jeff Sessions

Curling up with him in a sleeping bag. Pinch his cheek and give him a lolli.

Jeff Sessions height bet – 5’7
Jimmy – 5’4
Matt – 5’2
Katie – 5’5
Alex – 5’8
Bad Parent/blender mom – 5’3
AIden – 5’1

Jeff Sessions Party.

Cajun Jimmy the preacher

Uber driver
-“Need to keep it in their pants”
-“Need to take a chill pill”
-“Get a life”
-Explains comedy
-“Have you ever opened up for anybody big? Or are you just beginning”
-LouiS CK
-Jimmy still gives hum 5 Stars

“The Session sessions”

The dainty southern pig. From The Vegan Bar B Que Vegan restaurant

Sevens – C Band – Cure
Susie – 80’s music – 22
Blender Mom (Alison) – 70’s Music – 22
Susie – General music – 15
Blender mom – General music – 17

“Blender Mom and John” –

Dirty Carson by (Intern Daniel’s) request
(Starting as “Garon for a day” and ending as “Intern Daniel”? NO SIR! -Darryl)