20V – Spinning Webs with Julian McCullough

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Julian McCullough


00 – Hello and welcome in!!

Talking V!

New layers for the letter game? More money? Rolling over?!

Spider-Man talk!

10/10 for me and Jimmy. 9/10 for Matt

The guys talk about it.

Matt saw it twice. He talks about it.

Matt asked me to come along but I already had tickets to go.

Matt didn’t seem to love Baby Driver.

05 – Matt doesn’t like movies that are in love with movies.

Talking Baby Driver. Matt talks about his feelings on it and seeing it alone.

10 – Jimmy and Matt are not a fan of the recliner chair at the theaters.

Go to my twitter feed and ride my twee!

Matt loved the guardians ride at California Adventure. Loved it.

Julian McCullough is here! He is under 40.

15 – He is conflicted about Baby Driver. Feels like 2 movies to him.

I disagree!

Julian talks about his movie pet peeves. Guy getting shot and still able to continue is a pet peeve.

Julian looks great!

Mail’s here!

Matt got a package also!

Jimmy got a replacement T for that Oranges T shirt.

Matt talks about shrinking the shirt. It looked like a big medium but it fits nicely! It’ll shrink perfectly.

Thanks John!

20 – Matt opens his gift from Brad Miller. It’s a t-shirt and Matt loves it!

We’ll be back!

We’re back

Jimmy talks about shrinking his t-shirt and getting a new being one.

Jimmy has a prediction about the time Arnold episode. “I’ve heard she has since apologized” will be the big talking about of the Tom Arnold podcast.

Talking my hurt foot.

Julian guesses how many 3.

Talking Carnies. Jay Leno loves it. Julian’s out now.

Julian’s done Jimmy Fallon’s show twice, late show and tonight show.

25 – Jimmy Fallon Mustache – http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/jimmy-fallon-shaves-beard-mustache-tonight-show-1014180

Talking parody/satire imagery.


30 – Julian talks about his dislike of Paul McCartney.

Band On The Run – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Band_on_the_Run

Talking how bad teenagers are.

Matt asks Julian about Live and Let Die since he is a big fan of Guns & Roses.

Going through some McCartney songs.

Julian loves “That’s What Friends are For.” Apparently his girlfriend has a dark memory related to that song. He isn’t sure what it is.

35 – Selfish v Sensitive to Himself.

Matt talks about spiderman and Michael Keaton’s face ticks that he does in all of his movies.

My V is Vampire Diaries

John Malcovich and Gary Oldman were potential Vultures.

Talking Goodfellas and Lorraine Bracco.

Eliot thought of Vs. His first thought was V. He decided to go with Veronica’s Closet.

Kirstie Alley has gone crazy .

No time for love Dr Jones!

Hall and Oates Me and Mrs. Jones.

Matt goes with Veronica Mars.

50 – The Familiare is almost full! One loft left. $1925.

How Old is Paris Jackson?!

Julian: 26 –
Matt: 21
Eliot: 22
Jimmy: 23

Matt wins!


Garon – 33
Jimmy – 34
Matt – 36
Eliot 38
Julian – 35

Matt wins twice!
60 – Paris and Ivanka were friends.

Oliver likes Fuller House but not the original.

Julian likes the aesthetic of Full House but not the dialogue.

Talking lycra shorts.

Jimmy talks about Rainbow Bridge and what he wore on stage. He wore a bike shirt on stage. Also a Member’s only SHIRT.

Julian’s V was V and Veronica Mars,

Jimmy has to pee! He cant wait he runs out.

He went with Valerie!

The Hogan Family – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hogan_Family

1h10m – Julian has to go! He needs to hear the V word.

Jimmy went with V because he couldn’t think of anything else so he went with a 2 episode season show called Valley Girls.

No winners!

Julian’s daughter is at Daycare. He needs to pick her up!

Jimmy talks about screwing up a sarcastic joke and the audience callining him on it and he getting mad about it. “I must have been driving 50!” “That’s not very fast!” – Audience.

Julian talks about Mark Spitz being at his show and introducing himself > Jimmy had him in jury duty and he wouldn’t admit it until the judge asked him.

1h15m – Julian talks about the show in Brentwood and not relating well to the rich people. It was a fundraiser.

Nobody Speak: Trails of the Free Press


1h20m – Norm McDonald special talk.

Why Him? talk.

Glow talk!


1h25m – Celeb sighting!!!

I win!



1h30m –

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth