1912 – Hanging Off the Edge and Dangling with Ritch Shydner

Rich Shydner

Rich Shydner

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in to episode 1912! Jimmy wearing his White Sox shirt in honor if the Cubs making the world season. Not his team, but it is his city and it’s good for baseball! Cubs v Indians! Great for baseball!

Matt and Jimmy just got back from Chicago. One jammed, one 90% full. Great crowds though! Reservations seemed to have been affected by the Cubs, still great shows and great audiences.

Talking about Steve Dahl.

Jimmy apologizes for the rushed meet and greets! He and Matt talk about it.

November 14 the next Burbank show, November 17 in Salt Lake City, and now announcing January 29 in Bloomington at the Comedy Attic.

05 – Plane trip talk. Jimmy talks about some A-Hole bringing a dog on the plane and the lady next to him was lousy with animal hair.

Jimmy talks about some good ‘ol boy getting on the plane and calling the “stewardesses” pretty. Matt tells a story about an incident on the plane. Apparently someone fell asleep walking out of the plane.

The guys talk about gathering luggage and getting off the plane.

10 – Jimmy talks about the show and Eliot’s timing and his hair. Eliot asks about waiting for the plane to be empty before he gets his stuff to leave.

Does Jimmy Pankow play the Thrombosis for Chicago?

Jimmy was able to listen to the cubs on the plane via MLB App.

15 – Not since 1945 have the cubs been in the World Series – http://www.marketwatch.com/story/world-series-bound-at-last-cubs-fans-party-like-its-1945-2016-10-23

Trump is a liar! It’s not even political at this point. Jimmy and Matt talk about politicians and lying.

Matt saw Hamilton! He loved it, and thought it was amazing. He talks about the differences from the album and the live show. He was crying through the last five songs non-stop.

Wipe those tears at the dimple. “The Dimple Rule.”

20 – Jimmy “dragged” to see Rick Astley. Jimmy refutes that claim.

Matt goes on to say that he was great! Even the new songs are great.

Rick Astley’s new album is called 50.

Jimmy talks Matt’s Bob Villa joke.

The guys talk Rick Astley more and I go grab out guest.

Matt talks about the audience being full of couples and apparently a pair of migrant workers?!

25 – http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/rick-astley/2016/the-theatre-at-ace-hotel-los-angeles-ca-bfd6126.html

Our guest Ritch Shydner is here! Looks good! Did not bring his book for us.

Kicking Through The Ashes: 

30 – Jimmy talks about looking up to Ritch growing up. Ritch did The Tonight Show with Johnny! When it mattered!

Jimmy was the second comic on the tonight show post 9/11.

Taking a break!

We’re back!


Round the horn!

Hardcore – 



hang off the edge and dangle.

35 – Talking Kelly Ann Conway!

Kelly stumped!

40 – Talking to Eliot!


Multiple leaks at the Familaire!

Eliot and Fraudway LA did their first Halloween shows.

Chthulusical and Nightmarsical 7PM On Saturday.


Jimmy talks about using Ritch in his “opened for” intros.

Is that music comedian Victor Borge?! 

Jimmy recounts a story about Ritch and The Last Temptation of Christ bit he did.

45 – Ritch talks about doing his Jesus improvs with Kinnison yelling out at him.

He talks about trying it on the tonight show but not being allowed to, his second show, which bombed.

50 – Jimmy talks about his tonight show set and being handcuffed.

The guys talk tonight show. Ritch did Johnny’s show 14 times, 4 with Jay, and a dozen Letterman’s.

Ritch talks about Seinfeld’s policy for tonight shows. No doing it until he has five sets worth of material ahead.

Ritch and Jimmy talk about Stephen Wright’s tonight show appearances.

Ritch talks about doing Merv Griffin and also being the bump champ.

55 – Ritch talks addiction. He’s 31 years sober!

Ritch talks about Carson being pissed about his heartattack jokes he did on the second appearance. Turns out the set didn’t bomb, It just bombed with Johnny.

The movie Ritch talks about with Dyan Cannon is called Jenny’s War – 

He talks more about bombing on that Merv Griffin show.

60 – Ritch talks about Merv Griffin’s Island resort and other shows.

Ritch started with Lewis Black and others.

He tells stories about working at a gay club and not realizing it was a gay club.

65 – Ritch continues telling stories about his early days, including his first paying gig being opening for The Ramones at a place called Childe Harold.


Ritch talks about that gig and how the audience started throwing beers at him. “Cool act man.” – one of the Ramones to Ritch.

Ritch also opened for Chicago!

70 – Ritch talks about jokes he did with yo-yos.

He talks about opening for Peter Tosh and getting high on real Jamaican weed and then getting introduced. His friend told him that Ritch came on stage and laughed for 15 minutes and left.

Jimmy talks a moment and talks about Kevin Meaney with Ritch.

75 – Ritch and Jimmy talk about Ritch’s book.

Jimmy mentions seeing Jerry Seinfeld’s first stan up special for showtime at the Roxy.

Jimmy asks Ritch who was going on stage at the comedy store sunset that he couldn’t get on. Letterman, Leno, Pryor.

Ritch was married to Carol Leifer briefly.

80 – Ritch talks about comedians being married and tells a story about meeting a manager with Carol and the manager telling them to work up an act together. They tried it out and then started fighting about who got the most laughs.

Never discount the effect of drugs and alcohol on any situation.

We’ll be back!


Jimmy talks about doing two laps through the office.

Got some mail! We’re gonna open this package.

It’s a book. Gene Simmons: Kiss and Make-Up. No note or anything. So thanks Joe?

Bruce Springsteen Born To Run – 

85 – Talking music with Ritch. He loves Springsteen, Costello.

90 – Talking first laughs and I Am Comic.

Ritch talks about going from stand up to TV writing and why he gave it up and why he returned.

95 – more on Ritch’s stand up return and I AM Comedy.

Jimmy wants to drop his answering machine bit.

Jimmy heckles himself after talking Carlsbad.

100 – Ritch talks about his youth and the time that he shot at his dad when they were hunting.

Talking trying to drink as a kid, including robitussin.

105 – Ritch talks more about his dad.

Talking about guys they come up with in comedy and who remains and who’s been lost.

Jimmy talks about stupid fun on the road. “it’s been a fun stupid 20-something years of doing this.”

Jimmy talks about loving Ritch’s book.

My pleasure,

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