1906 – Digging Deep with Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome into 1906!

President in 1906?

Matt wins!!

Not Taft and not Wilson.

Recounting Jamie Kaler telling us about Paul Revere.

Jimmy and Matt talk tables, chairs, and Eliot’s monitors.

05 – Get some gum up in those chair gears.

Jimmy talks about that rubber spray stuff.

Flex Seal: 

If I Had a Hammer – 

Talking The Carpenters. 


Carpenters singles

15 – Skylark –


20 – Nikki Glaser is here!!

We talk my facebook

25 – My dad’s fashion line: 

Off air talk with Nikki?! Se doesn’t know what’s happening with her show.


Welcome back to 1906!

Jimmy asks her who was pres. She guesses Calvin Coolidge.

30 – Nikki talks about watching a 9/11 doc and her friend asking how many people died and Nikki making her guess. Her friend guessed 500 and something.

It’s 2983.




Doc Talk!



35 – Jimmy saw Sully. He says it’s great save for a couple scenes he won’t mention specifically.

I met Molly Shannon.


ASMR talk!

Jimmy got it from a librarian.

Nikki talks earliest ASMR experience. Matt thinks of his also. Nikki and Jimmy both got it from a teacher as children. Matt thinks it had to be the same thing.

Nikki would get it from women so she thought she might be gay.

Nikki talks about her go to ASMR people.

40 – The letter on the back game causes ASMR?

Nikki wonders if the guys get a lot of hugs from mom as kids. She finds it can be a common thing that people who experience it didn’t get a lot of that as kids.

45 – Ilios is coming soon!

How many twitter accounts does Eliot have? We’re betting!

Jimmy wants a back scratcher.

Punch down is fun too!

Eliot has 6 twitter accounts!! Game, personal, neighborhood council,

50 – We talk about Eliot’s twitter, my facebook post, and Jimmy intro’s Nikki!

He asks her about the roast and Anne Coulter.

55 – Nikki and the guys talk more about Anne.

Her welcome to the roast of Anne Coulter line was on the spot thought up.

Nikki talks about thinking Anne has an eating disorder and mental illness.

Jimmy talks about how Anne used to be less hateable years ago but has just become a caricature of herself.

Pete Davidson was apparently high and drunk (too drunk).

60 – Nikki talks about listening and watching her segment on the roast. TONS of her stuff got cut out.

Nikki talks about going to a viewing party with execs and people who worked on the show and how they’d all purposely not laugh when a joke was made about her and that being more uncomfortable than anything else.

Nikki and Matt make the same joke about Payton Manning.

65 – Nikki wants to call out the sexism of the roasts on the next one she does.

Bo Derek apparently dropped out.

Nikki is gonna do her Bo Derek jokes for us.

She gives us some of her cut jokes. They’re hilarious.

70 – Nikki talks reactions to her set and not getting the responses she wanted, IE all caps and exclamation points!

Nikki loves the globe light.

Jimmy talks back handed compliments.

75 – More talk about audiences and Jimmy being upset about what he looks like on the video for the show.

Jimmy talks about his facial regiment.

Gum makes you hungrier.


Nikki suggests putting in white strips to stop yourself from eating.

White tongue – 

Debra Messing is worth $18 Million – 

80 – Toothpaste talk.

Talking scraping plaque and dentist trips.

Jimmy and Matt talk about going to the same dentist and getting scolded by his assistant.

Eliot’s thoughts on the visuals, he just doesn’t know.

Nikki talks about going to her dentist in NY and they always have aggressive sexual rock music playing like Buck Cherry.

85 – We’ll be back!

We’re back! We’re all here!

Nikki doesn’t care how her name is pronounced. She talks about the road work she’s doing.

Jimmy talks about not wanting to do radio on his road trips. Some radio helps.

Nikki asks if meeting people after the show feels like a second show. Jimmy said it did feel like that before the podcast but today it feels more like genuine interactions.

90 – Nikki talks about pictures with fans. She talks about a creepy guy that travels the country watching female comedians and how she likes to just have a guy standing around just in case.

Jimmy doesn’t like to eat before a show and talks about how he and Danielle are going to go on tour as the White Strips.

Matt and Elise dressed up as The White Stripes for Halloween once. It was one of his favorite costumes.

More tea for Jimmy!

95 – Matt talks about the Barkley races doc. 

Nikke and Jimmy talk about Tony Robbins doc.

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru 

105 – Nikki talks about her love of talking about therapy.

Jimmy is watching Holy Hell. He’s in the middle of watching it.



Children of God Doc: 


Doc talk continues!

The Act of Killing – 

What happens to late night shows in the future? Is TV going away?

Nikki wants global warming to be a fraud so the world would be safe.

Jimmy tries to get a phrase right but No good news is not a phrase.

Donnie T will save us all!


115 – Jimmy gives to Nikki Glaser: Pts (Celebrities)

Matt gives to Nikke Glaser: 10 pts (Music – 2000s)

Nikki Glaser gives to Matt and Jimmy: ?? (The 90s)

Nikki Glaser gives to Matt and Jimmy: ?? (Movies)

125 – We’re done! Nikki’s been so busy but she’s finally back! She was out of town for pardcastathon.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth