19F – Playing the Blues with Graham Elwood

Graham (like the cracker) Elwood (like the Blues Brother)

Graham (like the cracker) Elwood (like the Blues Brother)


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 19F – Graham Elwood

00 – Hey! Hello indeed! 19F!

Jimmy had some soup and conversation with an office mate and suffered through Eliot talking about his iPad 2.

Get a new iPad Eliot! He talks about iOS9. Jimmy wonders if his mic is on.

Lou Rawls. 


More chart guessing!

10 – More charts…Donald trump segue about his speech today in flint.

More charts and gimp talk.

15 – Eliot chimes in with a nugget of trivia that he worked with Paul McCartney’s step mother, Angie.


Bee Gees beat Lou Rawls!

25 – Jimmy talks about video for podcasts and mentions the tweets supporting Eliot and the video.

Skylark talk!

BJ Betty, look for her in the alley. 3 point dunk from Matt!

Harry Connick Jr. Syndicated Talk Show Off To Decent Ratings Start

35 – Graham is here! Wearing sunglasses and posing.

He’s wearing a Pearl Jam shirt. Jimmy talks about his suggestions for Rock Band T-Shirts.

No more back graphics on shirts. Too much.

Stop the nonsense let’s fuck! Toolin’?!

Jimmy likes the front of the t-shirt and is okay with the back.

Jimmy and Matt don’t understand the tour schedule.

Where do you go between Denver and KC?!

40 – Jimmy tries to schedule a tour.

Graham Elwood is here! Talking about his pockets!

He walks us through his keys. Rav-4, U-Lock for his bike.

He talks more about his Rav-4.

Roof Deck key to keep the hooligans out because it has a great view. He starts every day out there.

45 – Without surfing and yoga, Graham would probably be dead.

More keys!

Door knob key, yoga fob,

Graham wants to see K Smith in a UFC short.

Next key: garage door key!

Graham can’t confirm of deny the precense of a bag under his bike seat. He does have a backpack!

Mailbox key.


Eliot tries to get in on the key action. Jimmy shuts him down.

One last key: Deadbolt!

Jimmy demonstrates his keys.

Single key for door is not smart, nor safe.

50 – Also Batman wallet.

Velcro dying there. Matt suggests Graham get Alfred to look at that.

All business in front for Graham. Party in the back.

Matt suggests the Keyring app for your loyalty cards.

Batman’s getting thinned out!

Val Kilmer talk –

Calling sports stars and celebrities nicknames.


Graham talks about seeing George Thorogood.

Talkng Tahoe with Graham.

55 – Graham walks us through his name. Graham like the cracker and Elwood like the blues brothers.

Graham tells the bad sweater story. Ugly sweaters like Cosby. “Did you guys tell Al about the ugly sweater thing?”

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Talking the game!

19 F!

Jimmy is so confident no one will guess his movie.

Fiddle Faddle!

Jack’s way? Likes all the ladies.

60 – $20 if someone guesses!


Name talk!

19 Fletch! (back up flashdance).

65 – “Do you guys have a soup thing?” – Graham

Jimmy talks about eating peanuts despite a light allergy.

Floss talk

Eliot sneaks in a great joke about who is against flossing: Cavity Creeps.

Matt and Jimmy talk about how he has to be 4 times funnier than anyone else.


70 – Eliot talks about his day at the Familiare today. He had city inspectors come by to look in every apartment.

Eliot’s droning on led to Jimmy having a laughing fit.

More talk about the apartments. It was a dirty store and kitchen.

75 – Eliot’s word is Fargo. “The popular coen brother movie.” “just the one?”


Coen Brothers film talk.

Stranger Things talk – Eliot asks if Matt would buy the show if they came back to the 90s.


Graham describes Winona Ryder as a .240 hitter.

80 – Matt talks about Winona’s performance.


How to Get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

85 – Matt’s word is Footloose! Not a $20 guess though, apparently.

Graham’s trying to decide to go with one of us or on his own. His word was Fitzcarralldo but he changed it so his word is…


No one won! No one got it. We’re all guessing again. No winner.

The only movie he could think of was FATHER OF THE BRIDE.

(not a Nancy Myers)

Use code Pardo to stream podfest for $20!

90 – Talking Leonard Maltin.

I couldn't resist adding the "napkins" tag to the story about Mel's terrible waffles.

Looks like I got assigned another job.

Maybe Darryl Asher, curator of Never Not Notes, can go through and find funny stories Jimmy told so he can have something to talk about on Conan. (Maybe I can mark them “pardostory” for searching purposes. Which means this “story” will show up in a search.)

Garon Daniels is a Five Star .350 hitter home run king diamond studded hit it out of the park.

95 – Prince is the Purple King.

Prince talk! Dick or artist?

What if he had changed his name to King after MJ died?

Graham talks about some billionaire at a wedding dancing alone. People called him eccentric, not a dick.

Jimmy tells a story about Morrissey on Conan having a separate room from his band.

The Smiths are my favourite band, but why is Morrissey such an arsehole? from Music


100 – Jimmy talks about Schmidt saying he feels like a king at podfest until Jimmy walks in.

Matt talks about feeling like a somebody at Podfest.

Jimmy wonders how many stay at the hotel for Podfest. They’ve sold more rooms this year than before.

Noon on 9/25!

Casper Mattress talk! One of Jimmy’s neighbor’s bought a Casper and he wanted to yell to them that he could have saved them money!

Jimmy and Graham talk Sully. Jimmy says he’ll tell Graham off air the couple things that he HATED about the movie.



Matt started watching The Night Of. Calls it great!

Hands of Stone – 

Jimmy resets so we can play SEVENS!

sevens110 – Jimmy gives to Graham Elwood: 3 pts (Movies – Award Winning)

Jimmy gives to Graham Elwood: 7 pts (Stand-Ups)

Matt gives to Graham Elwood: 18 pts (Movies)

Good job Graham!

We’re done! See you at Podfest!

LAPodfest.com use code Pardo!

The opening night party is on the pool deck this year! Murray will be back with his selfie stick!

120 – Get a new guy on the stick! Talking Dave Anthony!

Maron writers room must have been a gigglefest!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth