1904 – Alphabetizing with Jamie Kaler

Jamie Kaler

Jamie Kaler

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome! Jimmy had timer troubles. Get those finances in order and check out the players club video!

Get your video on orders and watch the Dave Schumka episode!

We got a couple things to talk about. Including Eliot lowering his monitors. Maybe this will make Matt think Eliot is an actual human being?

Eliot did the dilly and the dally in terms of hanging the latest PCAT poster but he finally did it.

Jimmy thinks it looks great.

Jimmy liked the monitors up and likes them down. Eliot did it as he felt it would be fun and he’d see Matt more.

05 – Apparently, I’m gonna shoot up a movie theater in six months and I got some fingers in some pies (puss?!).

More around the horn.

Jimmy touches on the death of Gene Wilder. One of Jimmy’s heroes and one he wishes he’d have met but never got the chance.

Eliot interrupts Jimmy’s touching tribute to Gene. Jimmy immediately attacks and insists the monitor goes up! Compares him to Mike in season one.

Jimmy is done! Wait for his story. He’s doing a refresher!

In terms of films: Jimmy is ABOVE THE TITLE. Then Matt. It is a DROP, artwork, everything, tagline, opening scene even, and then me getting a 12 point font and Eliot gets 8 pt. BELOW THE INTERN.

10 – The rant continues. Jimmy feels bad now that Eliot as a GF or whatever they are.

Eliot’s dad worked for Mel Brooks. He talks more about it, including meeting Gene Wilder. Eliot says he was almost part of the family as they saw all the films and had all the posters.

Let’s get those monitors back up.

Jimmy is jealous of Paul Gilmartin from meeting him, and lesser eliot who we’ve learned is a “Self involved twat.”

Jimmy talks about the last time he used the word twat and was seriously about someone who is “fooling the world.”

Jimmy’s gonna read us an email that has something to do with games but then starts talking about the San Fran show.

15 – He talks about a guy in the audience writing something about Angie Dickinson.

He reads the email but leaves off the person’s name. She writes in contesting the veracity of Jimmy’s B word choice Buckaroo Banzai, as it is actually called THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION.

Jimmy was infuriated by the mention of the Doug Benson’s game rules. He and Matt talk about it.

Jimmy moved that email to the trash.

20 – A Chorus Line or Chorus Line?

It’s an embarrassment.

I’m a disaster?!

Jamie talks about his SiriusXM show. “It went away.”

Jamie talks about getting Jimmy on his show.


Celeb sighting!!!

Eliot made a face and Jimmy calls him on it. Turns out he was just agreeing with him.

Todd glass is top five funniest for Jimmy.

Matt plays the celeb sighting song.

Matt guesses Hillary right off the bat.

Danielle says hello to Jamie!

25 – Actor! Ress! Actress!

Not Leslie Jones but we talk about her.

30 – Friends talk! Jamie was on one episode. He was a worker in Matt Perry’s office. He talks about the experience on the show.

Jimmy has questions about appearing on Friends. Jamie does know people fired from table reads! He calls being a guest star the hardest job in Hollywood.

Jamie gives some info about table reads. Calls series regular the best job in the world. It was tense as a guest actor!

He talks about working on Will and Grace.

35 – Screwing up as a guest star vs a series regular.

It’s not Deb Messing but Jimmy says she hasn’t aged a second. Flawless sans make-up.

Kristen Bell!!!!

He gives us the interaction!

40 – Kristen Bell WAS in Deadwood! 

Beautiful and flawless and nice! Kristen Bell!

Alphabatizing DVDs: Jamie says A Chorus Line goes to the A and A Man of All Seasons goes to M.


Fiction versus Non-Fiction.

Jamie wonders if that could still be a bit nowadays.

45 – Jimmy didn’t rinse enough and still has some shampoo in there. Jamie talks about not washing his hair very often.

More shelving talk.

Jamie puts Buckaroo Bonzai under A for Adventure.

50 – Here we go Eliot! HERE WE GO!

Jimmy is more serious and if Eliot’s comment is not important Eliot is OUT for the rest of the episode.
We talk Franchies versus solo Empire goes under Star Wars for me.

55 –

We’ll be back!

We’re back!


Cubs won world series in 1907 and 1908 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_Cubs

Blues Brothers holds up! Still funny.

BB2000 is atrocious.

Jimmy recounts seeing Blues Brothers 2000 at the theater and mike schmidt yelling out “Oh no!” at a horrible scene.

60 – Blair Witch talk!



Horror movie talk!

65 – Simpsons talk!

Simpsons sing the blues

Eliot’s got a girlfriend now! (Not yet calling her “girlfriend.” – Darryl)

Paul Goebel posted a picture of Eliot and his girl when they all went out together.

You don’t spit in the wind or pull on Superman’s cape.

70 – Ilios should be here in time for Christmas!!

A German game. Harrys are snatching up the factories!

Eliot did an escape room that was based on a Russian recording studio. They got out!


Jamie describes Eliot as the “guy with the van.”

Welcome in Eliot!

Eliot refuses to answer Jimmy! Until he finally does.

Hi Matt!

75 – Jimmy introduces our guest Jamie Kaler! He has a show on the American Heroes channel about the history of America and what is true and what is false. IE PauL Reveere was arrested and was not the one making a ride.

Ryan Seacrest talk! He’s great at what he does.

Talking the difficulties of hosting live. Seacrest and Hardwick are fantastic at it.

Talking publicity! More Behind The Curtain! Mike Henry get on that theme song.

Jimmy wonders if he’d ever be comfortable enough to just be able to walk arm in arm with Danielle at a mall or if he’d just be too concerned with a job.

80 – Golf chat!

Jamie talks with working with Gene Wilder on Will and Grace. They had scenes together!

Talking legends that Jimmy’s met!

More Gene Wilder talk. No one like gene, comedic or visually.

90 – Tyler Labine http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0479527/?ref_=nv_sr_1

The time travel show with Jeffrey Tambour is That Was Then – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0320981/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_55

Talking kids and growing older. Jamie thinks his insurance will cover his kids schools

Nick Swishers wife is JoAnna Garcia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JoAnna_Garcia


Jimmy’s obsessed with Jamie’s shirt collar.


100 – What’s brining this episode down? Something different from all the others.

Taking a break!

We’re back! With some old man lizard!

Talking about Oliver getting into showbiz.



Talking movies and Jamie’s wife’s job.

Jimmy gives to Jamie Kaler: 10 (Movies – Award Winners)

Jamie Kaler gives to Jimmy: 7 (Movies – Award Winners)

Great job Jamie!

Jamie also has a podcast called Fathertime on Howl. http://www.earwolf.com/episode/father-time-with-jamie-kaler-ep-1-jason-alexander/

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

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