19D – Battling Back with Danielle Koenig


Danielle Koenig

Danielle Koenig

NNF Players Club 19D – Danielle Koenig

00 – Players club! Welcome in! Jimmy’s under the weather. Braved the elements and came on in.

picturing thighs! Jimmy’s got two of them.

Jimmy hates chicken thighs and recounts what Bob Saget said about it.

Talking about meat.

Jimmy hit his knee on the table.

Possible knee amputation necessary

Possible knee amputation necessary

White meat dark meat

Dream talking.

What good is facebook doing for you?

05 – Talking Trump visiting Mexico!

We’ll see how Trump changes after 11/8!

Jimmy can do without the hype of stuff on Facebook (IE Stranger Things).


What’s the deal with BARB?! Jimmy doesn’t get it.

Barb - WTF?

Barb – WTF?

Eliot gives his thoughts on Barb.

10 – Jimmy talks more Facebook stuff. 100 Greatest TV shows of all time?

15 – Talking TV!

20 –

25 – Bob Denver – 

Summer scarf!

30 – TV Show talk continues.

Danielle tells us her “Friends” experiment with Oliver. It’s way more sexual than expected.

Simpsons talk. Can Oliver watch?!

Danielle Koenig is here!

We’ll be back!

35 – We’re back!

19D Welcome in! Jimmy talks about feeling under the weather and the ride in.

Talking shirts and safety blankets.

Usain Bolt has never run a mile

40 – Round the horn!

My word is Deliverance! Winner!!!!!

Newsies runs through 9/4 – 

Meatloaf talk!



Curving and VMA talk.

Eliot’s word was Dreamgirls!


Jimmy talks getting cut out of Dreamgirls. He found out when they called him to say he wouldn’t be invited to the premiere.

50 – Jimmy tells more about his experience on Dreamgirls.

55 – Eliot’s got a story about Jack and Bobby and his band with the chance to get a song on it.

He talks more about it. His song is in the show but it cuts out just as he is about to sing. Thankfully I have that song at the ready!

Talking other Belknaps in town!

60 – The departed won in 2016!

More soundtrack talk with Eliot.

Toasted Head was Eliot’s band name. He wanted it to be The Three Dollar Band.

65 – Nashville character is Scarlett O’Connor (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clare_Bowen)

Talking Friday Night Lights and using full names.

I’m Twitter verified! Eliot is rejected.

70 – Talking verification!

Eliot’s waving like he is flying.

Matt’s D-word (s) Dragnet, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead, and Dodgeball: An Underdog’s Story.

75 – Tracy Byrd: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracy_Byrd

Danielle’s D words: Daredevil or Dirty Dancing.

Phone talk!

The Podcast Co-Host Blouse:


Jimmy talks about audition outfits and his being Blue shirt khaki pants.
80 – Jimmy talks about the size of his head back in the day.

Club talk.

Jimmy’s backup word was Dog Day Afternoon.


Channing Tatum, Jillian Bell to Star in ‘Splash’ Remake for Disney

Zac Efron showed up at a party that she just left.

90 – We go through the dirty dancing cast.

Colt Prattes – 

Gene Wilder movie talk!

95 – 80s movie talk!


Celeb Sighting!!!

Theme Song talk!

Matt guesses correctly!! Jason Ritter!

Skin Deep – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098343/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_72

Stay Tuned – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105466/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_58

Three’s Company talk!

Danielle met John Ritter once but she doesn’t really remember it. It was at J Keith’s talk show.


John died 9/11 2003.

Danielle and Matt sing I Want It That Way and Eliot joins in.

Jimmy compliments them all.

Max Martin wrote I Want It That Way.


I want it that way contradiction – 

Matt learned his info from Switched On Pop.

Freddie Mercury talk.

Is Oliver challenging Zoe to a rap battle?! Danielle talks about it.

Talking the kids favorite parts of Hamilton.


120 – Sevens with Danielle!

Jimmy gives to Danielle Koenig: 11 (TV Shows)


Jimmy gives to Danielle Koenig: 20 (TV Shows)

Danielle Koenig gives to Matt: 10 (Movies)

Danielle Koenig gives to Matt: 29 (Celebrities)

Jimmy gives to Danielle Koenig: 20 (Celebrities)

Turn The Hurricane movie into a musical?


Talking about missing a meeting Magic Johnson.

Orange is the New Black talk. Danielle is offended by its placement on the tv list.

We’re out!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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