1601 – Sneaking Around with Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


NNF 1601 – Rich Sommer

00 – Hello! Welcome to episode 1601! First episode of our 16th season!

Just months away from our 9th anniversary!!

I’m back!!

Lot happening over here today!

Tony Thaxton is gunning for my job.

Jimmy talks about the Ronald Reagan controversy when Tony Thaxton FAILED AT HIS ONE JOB! You can’t have my gig Tony!

[Note from Darryl: Garon makes it LOOK easy, but it’s not. See all these links in the notes? They are all (or mostly) from Garon! Even when they don’t go back and ask him about stuff, here they are. PLUS he takes notes and emails them to me. Your job is safe Garon! For now.]



05 – Target Controversy! People putting out Jimmy’s business.

10 – We talk amiibos.

Jimmy hopes Ghostbusters 3 is actually funny,

15 – Rich Sommer is here!

Eddie Murphy hosted in 82 and 84 – 

Rich is switching his shirt.

20 – Jimmy pitches Players Club! $99.99 gets you a year and an exclusive T-shirt. $30 for 6 months, $50 for a year.

Matt’s taylor is Jonathon Taylor Thomas.


We’re back!

Eliot counts us in.

25 – I’m off to 7/11 guys!

40 – I’m back with Big Bites. Tried to offer one to the neighbor but he didn’t answer.


45 – We’re back!

We wonder how long it would take us to get arrested. Jimmy wants to run naked down the street. Rich wants to hit someone. Matt wants to take out a car in traffic.

Rich talks about his fart button wish as a kid.

I would also just hit someone. But then all my years of pent up resentment and rage would be unleashed.

Eliot would break an alarmed window.

50 – Jimmy has a joke about our neighbor but loses it.

We wonder what they do over there.

We talk about Harper Lee’s new book. 

Comes out in July.

55 – Happy birthday Rich!

Here is the video Matt is talking about with Huey Lewis, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper and Kim Carnes.

60 – Rich talks about the comedians version of We Are The World he did. His part was with Paul F and Aimee Mann.

Jimmy’s in for a Make Me Fart pilot!

Matt talks about this terrible music teacher ruining their version of We Are The World.

Jimmy is thinking about hands across America. Rich participated in that.

65 – Hands Across America 25 Years Later

The guys talk about Billy Crystal and Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are reuniting for a new show.

75 – More Hands Across America, Prince, We Are The World chat.

We Are the World Album track listing

We are the World Album

Bruce Springsteen WAS on We Are The World but he also has a song on the album.

85 – We talk about why Madonna was on We Are The World. Rich mentions how aroused he got by Truth or Dare when he was younger.

Is Kevin Costner a nice guy?

Paul Reiser joke: Saw Dances with Wolves, oddly enough very little dancing.

Guys talk Whiplash and Paul Reiser.

Matt talks about Married on which Paul Reiser appears and is great.

It has been renewed for a season 2.


pardomid90 – The guys talk about Comic Relief – 

The guys try to determine Fair Use for all this We All The World talk.

Do They Know It’s Christmas – 

Pardomid time before we go!!

Jimmy and Rich Pardomid!

Rich guesses: 4/5
Matt guesses: 6!
Jimmy guesses: 6!
Garon guess: 4!
Eliot Guesses: 2 or 3 I forgot because of how I completely forgot how to play the game.

Ok final round.

Rich gives to Jimmy: Jimmy wins! He got them all!

Rich talks to the neighbors as awkward as expected!

We’re done

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth