1006 – Dana Gould




Camera-centric Jimmy likes his zeroes

Let’s make everyone uncomfortable right away

Jimmy was tardy, but who cares, Eliot was still setting up

A gripping traffic off-ramp story

Traffic on the 8s, weather on the 2s

Revisiting the upside-down plane stamp

Has Jimmy seen Brewster’s Millions with Richard Pryor?

Richard Pryor movies


If you can work a knob, you can take over for Eliot

INDHD.com needs plugs for another year

Awful Pants Danny Katz is here

Dan crashed at a rehab over the weekend

Jimmy: “Children are like roaches”

The Administrator Matt Belknap is here

Racist comment here, not writing a note about it


Dana Gould is so good, he made Jimmy feel like he should give up

Jimmy is passive-aggressive with Words with Friends

Jimmy wants to sell a Paul Anka related tee shirt

Jimmy once again says the first 10 should be done without the guest in the room


Finally introduced, Dana Gould is out of breath with anticipation

The Buddy Rich tape, plus a bonus joke

Frank Sinatra overshadowed Buddy Rich

Who will be the last Beatle standing?

The Dana Gould Hour podcast, coming 2/3/12


Dana looks forward to re-entering the public eye

Rick Morita vs. Pat Morita the wisdom tooth

Stir Crazy and Silver Streak

Dana loves Eddie Murphy in The Klumps

Dana’s Chinese-born daughter


Vague Buddy Rich threats

The guys get shirts!

Lenny Bruce’s Orval Faubus reference

Dana knows all the comics on the signs in the Vegas baggage claim

Kinda sounds like Dana would not play Vegas, but I’m not sure

The niceness of George Carlin


Jimmy’s good Las Vegas standup experiences

Dana’s underwear-as-outerwear stunt in Vegas

Working with Daniel Rosen

Dana on a Bob Hope Special


Crystal Bernard’s standup ambitions

Bob Hope should have stopped before the K-Mart ads

Recording a promo with Bob Hope


Inside Bob Hope’s house

Patton, pissing in the Rhine

Planet of the Apes talk


Dana will not exaggerate about his hatred for the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes remake

Seeing the Apes movies at the drive-in

Dana may only exist due to the Kenndy assassination


Modern vs. classic porn



Jimmy shills for his favorite porn site

iPad: horrible for porn

Unintentional mangasm

Glenn Close shower trauma

Jimmy’s Criminal Minds mini-marathon

Jimmy has never watched the Simpsons

The Simpsons home-security episode


Gammel and Pross

Dana’s cowardly slinking away from the Simpsons

Maybe a public podcast is not the place to announce you don’t have a security system

How to prepare for The Event (Hint: canned peaches)


Maybe a public podcast is not the place to announce you don’t have a gun

Dana gets held up at gunpoint

Maybe a hold-up is not the place to reveal your name if you’re a gang member



Dana keeps his temple clean

Pleasure equals weakness

Living in LA

How was CHiPs filmed on the freeways of LA?


Hardest job in showbiz: second unit director for The Munsters

How you know Tim Burton is a genius: Ed Wood vs. Planet of the Apes remake

The Star Trek remake

Mark Wahlberg’s role choices

Entourage: not ironic enough

Dana’s wife got an adult KISS onesie from Gene Simmons


Back to Planet of the Apes

How “clean-temple” Dana almost got busted for marijuana posession

Could you handle a night in jail?


How Dana bought Roddy McDowell’s house

New porn music: Hot Buttered Popcorn

Six Flags music

Roddy McDowell’s mix ‘n’ match house parties

Roddy’s bathroom in the Hollywood History Museum


Night Gallery and its ilk

Dragnet with Jack Webb

Re-using actors for different roles in the same series

Mike Tyson and face-tattooing

Jimmy and Matt’s tats

On aging, sagging skin, and tattoos: “You’re going to be pooping out of the middle of that tramp stamp before you die!”


Jimmy’s tattoos: mistakes

Why not be prepared for an emergency?

The Emergency Cafe’s emergency garbage can o’ stuff


Eliot’s Calvin Klein tee shirt is good looking

The tube sock: “Fuck you, heel!”

AK-47 gone, not forgotten


In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Jimmy was late. Today’s guest makes Jimmy uncomfortable. The guys talk Richard Pryor. Eliot is briefly fired.

5 – Dan slept at a rehab this weekend. Jimmy saw guest Dana Gould do the best stand-up set he’s ever seen.

10 – Jimmy has an idea from a tee shirt. Jimmy has an idea for a format change.

15 – The guys talk about Buddy Rich. Dana talks about what he’s been up to the last couple of years. The guys talk about Richard Pryor’s filmography.

20 – Dana and Jimmy talk about the Smile Train organization.

25 – Dana just got back from Vegas. He knows all the comedians currently working there. Dana would never work in Vegas.

30 – Dana tells a great George Carlin story. Jimmy’s had some enjoyable times doing stand-up in Vegas, but probably wouldn’t do it now. Dana Gould got yelled at by Bobby Bacala in Vegas back in the day.

35 – Dana talks about doing a Bob Hope special.

40 – The guys talk about Dana’s current comedic work.

45 – The guys talk about Planet of the Apes and the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald. The guys talk about pornography.

50 – Dana Gould talks about his favorite joke ever from The Simpsons.

55 – The guys talk about home security.

60 – Dana talks about getting mugged by Hugo.


0 – Gould has never smoked weed before. But he’s killed a number of people.

5 – The guys talk about Tim Burton’s brilliance. The guys talk about Entourage. The guys talk about Gene Simmons.

10 – Dana talks about how he almost got arrested for drug possession.

15 – Dana bought Roddy McDowell’s house. Dana talks about McDowell’s private parties.

20 – The guys talk about tattoos.

25 – Dana talks about all the emergency things he has at his house.