1001 – Harland Williams




Starting season 10 with a clunker, despite Jimmy’s brand-spankin’-new gold microphone

Chilly last night. Hot tamale?

Matt is totally on board with the Santa/Christmas situation

Kids are having Christmas ruined because they find out on the internet that S**** C**** is not r***

When is Eliot going to drop INDHD.com?


Everyone but Jimmy is wearing Dan Katz creations

Tony Soprano impression

Showing off NNF swag

What’s up with FedEx/Kinkos?

Paul Harvey apparently shows up with news about the post office

What is egg nog?


How and when Jimmy and Harland met

Harland is a professional for sitting patiently, keeping his nog opinions to himself until introduced

Harland seems to have a naugahyde agenda


How Harland ruined Jimmy’s Halloween

Oliver loves the “Buddies” movies

Harland Williams: prolific children’s book author

Harland’s virginity loss vs. Jimmy’s “girl voice”


Jimmy as “Margaret”

Persnickety, the British candy bar

Could Jesus walk on bottled water

Harland may have skipped a couple Bible classes

Fast food persnicketiness

Gnarled-up gumbo lip


Fruit in the Christmas stocking

Ripped from today’s headlines: Jeffrey Dahmer

Harland’s new series: Robot Monster for Nick

How to pronounce high-class words


Cher, Sherriff, and Canadian music

Harland can’t show the picture of Robot and Monster, no wait, yes he can

The lobster crane game

Baby delivery methods


Elf on the Shelf, manipulative children’s behavior modification device

Harland’s Everest-related child-care advice


Paper clips, bubble gum, and baboon butts

Jimmy’s love of gumballs

Everyone bails on Jimmy’s faux racism

Harland’s “Origins” joke is too smart for the room


This litigeous society, with whistling sound effects

Bennie and the Jets

Harland goes out on a limb to suggest that the whistle during Bennie and the Jets was done in-studio

Harland either won or lost an argument that he may or not have started and may or may not have understood and/or changed mid-argument

Remembering meeting Jimmy, and Jimmy’s need for bathroom privacy


Harland’s kindness to Jimmy

Harland performs in lady-makeup

The intricacies of Harland’s career management

Apologies to anyone named Katz


Matt dropped the ball on something that will be taken care of and will still happen

(Pardcast-a-thon downloads available 12/15/11)

Jimmy’s hot new character: Guy Who Doesn’t Know How to Gesture

Ring My Bell

The history of Jimmy’s hair

Harland might be doing VO5 commercials

Inside jokes, inside the shower


Harland’s overaged movie roles

Grownups talk about children’s shows

Personal questions abour Harland’s personal life, Chief

“I’m on the floor”


We won’t plug Harland’s podcast, The Harland Highway

“Buddy” is preferable to “arse-munch” or is it?

Jimmy gets invited to Coster’s house

Horror movies

The soothing sounds of Vangelis

The Friends of Mr. Cairo


Jimmy is concerned about the disappearance of the Balcony Makeout Couple

Kissing smokers and morning mouth

Matt has a passionate opinion about alcohol in mouthwash

Dan has a passionate opinion about alcohol in mouthwash

Jimmy has a passionate opinion about alcohol in mouthwash

Jimmy spills the beans on his drinking days

Checking in with new blingy microphone


Harland’s KFC joke, Lee Harvey Oswald, and G. Gordon Liddy

The stock holdings of Jimmy,  Harland, and Matt

Celery and Sesame Street

Old school kid’s characters are old


Jimmy’s resemblance to Medusa

Radio and Rhiannon vs. Rihanna

Jimmy’s false history of the put-upon hero

Following baseball

“Seven minute abs!”

There’s something about remembering There’s Something About Mary


Elton John’s Rocket Man in the movie Rocket Man

Harland busts open the ugly side of showbiz: clearance rights for images and music

The Hangover II tattoo rights saga

Jimmy might have the same tattoo as a celebrity


Harland might get Never Not Funny sued for his pitch-perfect rendition of “Let’s get readyyy to rummmmm************!!!”

Phone-jamming technology in venues

Jimmy lost his ass on “Where’s the Beef?”

Jimmy Lady Voice: The Return

Ending on a laugh and A Christmas Carol

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AK-47 gone, not forgotten


Harland Williams0 – Season 10 is a clunker. Jimmy has a new microphone. It is both cold and hot outside. By the way, Santa Claus is coming to town. Everyone is wearing a Dan Katz shirt.5 – Fuck Eggnog

10 – Jimmy tells the origin story of the Pardo/Williams relationship.

15 – Guest Harland Williams ruined Jimmy’s Halloween. Harland writes children’s books too. Harland lost his virginity 3 times. At Harland’s insistence, Jimmy does a lady’s voice.

20 – There are so many things Jesus can’t do. Harland lost his virginity for the 4th and 5th time at fast food joints. The guys talk Arby’s.

25 – Harland didn’t do his laundry, ran out of socks, and had to wear Christmas stockings.

30 – The guys talk about the band Sheriff.

35 – Elf on the shelf is the best. The guys talk about a baby climbing Everest.

40 – A baboon’s ass looks like bubble gum, but it’s not. Jimmy loves white gumballs, doesn’t care for black gumballs. Black Gumball was a great Pam Grier movie. A lady called Harland a troglodyte for hitting her son.

45 – The guys talk Benny & The Jets. Harland tells the story about the fact that Jimmy doesn’t enjoy doing a #2 in a hotel room.

50 – The guys talk about Harland’s management. Apologies to The Katz family.


0 – Jimmy has a new character: Guy Who Doesn’t Know How To Gesture. The guys talk about the different ages Harland has played.

5 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the shows their kids watch. Harland is a bachelor. Jimmy talks about the hardest he’s ever laughed with his father. Harland talks about Anthony Lapides.

10 – The guys talk about Vangelis. The guys miss the balcony couple. They probably broke up. Jimmy’s not sure if he should be using the mic.

15 – 20:  Hot Diggitty Dog sing-a-long

25 – Jimmy forgets Harland’s scene in There’s Something About Mary. Harland talks about royalty licensing for movies.