26T – Talking to the Animals with Wendy Liebman

Wendy Liebman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 26T!

Jimmy’s got a desktop not a laptop. He explains the situation.

Tuna talk.

The guys talk The Office.

Jimmy talks about the food court in his house.

Jimmy smells See’s Candy when he wakes up sometimes.

There is a lot with some junkyard dogs in it near Jimmy and they scare him every time he walks past.

The guys talk Next Door.

10 – Eliot talks about the lack of gratitude on next door.

Talking building near the train station.

Eliot shows off the background he uses for the council meetings.

15 – Jimmy says a lot that Eliot has to answer.

Palm tree talk. Apparently, they’re bad?


20 – The mail is here!

Shannon got us a gift! A trivia game.

Our guest is here!

Oliver’s appearance on Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge is live! It’s episode 7! The creator of the show said that Oliver and Clementine were his favorite contestants.

30 – Wendy Liebman will be here! We’ll be right back!

We’re back! Press your button Jim!

Talking Chuck Woolery!

Wendy Liebman is here and apparently was on his show once. She talks about it. She thinks she went straight to Panel.


Jimmy talks about enjoying Chuck’s work and how nice of a guy he seemed to be at the time they met.

Fauci is also 79! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Fauci

35 – Wendy walks us through it! She lives in West Hills and has a lot of wildlife in her yard including a rattlesnake and a huge tarantula, amongst others.

Korean Jindo is the breed of dog that Wendy has. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Jindo

40 – Gemma and Jackson!

Thanks to Wendy for getting us into Vitello’s!

Trump talk!

Jimmy talks with Wendy about doing her show and it being the last one before the Pandemic started.

Christopher Titus apparently did an hour and twenty instead of 20 minutes.

45 – Jimmy and Wendy talk about the reasons new comedians are MCs now instead of established ones.

Buddy Rich rant –

Paul Anka reenactment –

Wendy opened for Frankie Valley and Neil Sedaka, plus Ray Charles, Julio Iglesias, etc.

She opened for Tanya Tucker but didn’t meet her. Julio didn’t want to meet her.

She got to meet Kenny Loggins, Anne Margaret (amazing and super nice).

Anne Margaret smells good according to Wendy.

50 – Round the horn!

Wendy talks about who she came up with and the recent reunion with people from her starting club.

Jimmy talks about meeting Don Gavin and how he walked off the stage during his set because the audience wouldn’t shut up.

55 – Talking missing my DVDs again.

I had to put my cat to sleep.

We talk about our building thief.

60 – I mention Wendy being my first comic id get excited to see on comedy shows!

Ruth Buzzi talk.


Wendy does her got hit by a car material.

Jimmy explains our obsession with Ruth Buzzi.

1h10m – Wendy is on Cameo! She charges $25.

Wendy asks about Podcasting schools. She has a funny story about Emerson.

Her friend was dating her professor: Denis Leary.

Jimmy talks about wanting to open for Denis Leary. He tried to do it when he was coming to Chicago the bookers response was: “Why?”

Wendy has nothing but positive things to say about Denis.

1h15m – My T is Triumph!

Triumph doc – https://bestclassicbands.com/triumph-documentary-banger-films-9-24-19/#:~:text=Slated%20for%20release%20in%202020,sold%20out%20arenas%20and%20stadiums.

Wendy has amazonnesia.

She’s got two zoom shows this weekend. She’s done about 20! Mostly benefits. She talks about it.

1h20m – Talking traveling and visiting parents.

Checking with Eliot!

He talks about Jimmy getting an RV with the family.


7/11 talk. They have to switch back the self-serve hotdog/food.

Talking pandemic weight.

Eliot’s T is Tears for Fears!

1h30m – Matt’s busting out some trivia.

Wendy mentions that’s where she and Jimmy met! A Trivia night.

KJ Riddles robbed twice, and both times Wendy was there.

1h35m – Some questions really fast.

Jimmy 1
Garon 2
Eliot 0
Wendy 1

Garon wins!

Matt fills in Wendy on the Winds of Change podcast.

Matt’s T is Twisted Sister

1h45m – Matt talks about a great interview with Huey Lewis.

NNF Band?

Wendy plays piano! She talks about singing 4 songs during her last show. She did My Fair Lady, Wizard of Oz, and Death of a Salesman in school.

During her show she sang Help (open), Twisted, In My Life, With A Little Help From My Friends.

Wendy’s T is Thin Lizzy.

1h50m – Eliot reads the fans.

We have a winner!

5) Trans-Siberian Orchestra
4) Tears For Fears
3) Three Dog Night
2) Toto
1) Triumph – GARON WINS!

Joker’s Wild Style! $5!

Thank you, Wendy!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth