2621 – Parking it with Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 2621! Parking Lot show #2!

Eyeline talk!

Matt stuck with the show until zoom. Eye lines got him out of there.

We’re talking minorities.

Jimmy rips off the chair tag! Criminal!

He gives us the stats of what that chair can handle.

How often does anyone test their smoke detectors?

Eliot has a story about smoke detectors.

Why smoke Detectors go off in the middle of the night when battery is dying.

Why Smoke Detectors Beep at 2:00 AM

10 – Jimmy talks soft water thing going off at night.

Pop that shirt off!

Jimmy talks about the family laughing at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. For a moment he thought they were laughing at Jimmy doing the show.

15 – IT’s the first time Jimmy’s worn a pant since March.

Apple has bought Dark Sky.

Should we do this at Jimmy’s place?

Plane crash Jack off!

Brief Palm Springs (on Hulu) talk.

Jimmy went to REI yesterday. He was recommended to get a Hoka Shoe.


20 – Jimmy talks about his visit to REI to get some Hoka Shoes. He ended up with some other guy being an asshole and boxing Jimmy out of the shoes he was trying to shop.

25 – Matt talks about going to the bike shop about ten minutes before it closed. It was a madhouse. He popped a tube.

PSI Las Vegas!

Jimmy talks about his Gary Sinese (or whatever) bicycle. It’s Gary Fisher.

Matt talks about his bike drifting because of the low air.

30 – Apparently Jimmy “mother fucked me up and down” according to a fan who emailed him about something Matt talked about.

I go get our guest! For a while!

35 – Talking pop up drive ins.

How does everyone see?

Scott went to see Jaws.

Jimmy talks about going to see a yacht rock show.

40 – https://missiontiki.com/

Scott fills us in on his trip to the drive in to see Jaws.

45 – The first movie Jimmy ever saw at a drive in was one of the Planet of the Apes movies.

Jimmy talks about seeing Shampoo at a drive in.

Scott saw The Fly (Goldblum) at a drive in.

Parking Lot show 2!

50 – Noho Arcade?


Marble Races –


Scott and Kulap love Holy Moly also!

“A brand new hole!” – Jimmy’s dad about the latest Holy Moly. There was not a new hole.

Lots of Holy Moly talk!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

Scott talks about the pivot he and adam made during their Chili Peppers podcast. Switched to Talking Heads.

60 – Scott talks about Adam Scott’s music tastes.

Has there ever been a more overrated band than Talking Heads? Someone on twitter asks. Scott doesn’t agree.

Scott and Jimmy talk about it.

There were two fights at the David Byrne broadway show that Scott went to. He also saw a fight at the John Legend Christmas show.

1h5m – Scott says the show he saw may be better than Stop Making Sense.

Round the horn!

Trivia Topic:

Cinema History!

I’m betting 20 points!

Scott: 18
Eliot: 8
Jimmy: 8
Matt: 23
Garon: 20

1h10m – Every fuck ends with a K!

Trivia talk!


Which Historical Figure is responsible for the “Work of fiction” movie disclaimer?

My answer: Joseph McCarthy

1h15m – Talking Rihanna and Dane Cook.

“pop that shirt off and fuck that arm pit” – Jimmy on Dane Cook

Talking It’s Always Funny.


1h20m – Round the horn.

I did not walk here! I ubered

Talking bathrooms, handicapped stalls, and no doors on stalls.

Talking stealth photos of us.

1h25m – Jimmy talks about Frank Sabastiano.

Talking Sonic trip and hot dogs!

Scott got some sausages from Milwaukee.

Talking Padme Lakshmi’s show. One of Oliver’s friend’s mom was on there.

Matt thinks Jimmy’s mad.

More hot dog talk.

Pink’s talk.

1h30m – My answer is Joseph McCarthy!

Scott thought Jaleel White, Urkel, was on Masked Singer. Turns out that it was Chris Daughtry.

Talking Dancing with the Stars and political people being cast.

1h35m – Jimmy recalls meeting Sarah Palin.

When will comedy be back to normal?
Jim Gaffigan thinks it’s 2022.

Talking comedians and covid.

Sun talk!

1h40m – Eliot fills Scott in on the alarm. Jimmy asks him about the boom and power outage that happened.

Eliot’s answer is the guy who citizen kane is based on.

Which is William Randolph Hearst – Matt’s guess.

Scott’s guess is Richard Milhouse Nixon.

Talking stories based on truth and made up characters IE Bombshell – https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/movies/a30185707/kayla-pospisil-margot-robbie-bombshell-character-inspiration/

Jimmy’s answer is John F. Kennedy

The answer is: Rasputin!


Jimmy and Eliot tie!

1h50m – Will Scott and Adam switch bands again?

We’re taking a break and we’re back!

Hooray for the umbrellas!

Matt talks about the sun and shade. Scott says he sounds like a wise native American and he loves his mind.

1h55m – Talking A Beautiful Mind!

Jimmy’s last real job was MCA Records.

21 years sober TODAY!

Weather is great!

2h – We’re done!

Scott has a new show coming in august on the off weeks of the Adam Scott podcast.

Ryan Reynolds talk.

Thank you Scott!!

Talking parties!

Stay safe!

Thank you again Scott!

82 degrees!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth