2620 – Up for Debate with Baron Vaughn

Baron Vaughn

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Welcome in! Hello!

It’s hot!

Hotter than hell according to Kiss!

Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077788/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_107

Charlie love sports movies!

Oliver is at a day camp online!

Happy anniversary Live Aid. Jimmy had the chicken pox while watching you.

Shingles talk!

Matt’s gonna read an email Jimmy sent RE blinds.

He took them down again.

10 – Lou Gramm had a brain tumor – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lou_Gramm

Jimmy talks about seeing a Foreigner at the Hollywood bowl and it was an entirely new line up. Basically a cover band.


Jimmy talks about the time he had warts he had to deal with and had this acid stuff put on his feet the day he had to walk up to the Hollywood Bowl.

15 – Lilith Fair talk and Tom Brokaw trying to say it humor.

Lots of local venue seating chat.

20 – Jimmy talks about managing the band Pandemic.

Very unfair icing for Eliot.

Doc talk!

Michael Des Barres: Who Do You Want Me To Be?
Lots of Power Station talk.

25 – New song? Jimmy Jerks off a lot?

Talking about “The Bullet” from Hamilton.


30 – Hamilton is too busy now! Do it unplugged.

We’ll be right back with Baron Vaughn!

We’re back!

Welcome back program! Program back!

Baron is happy to be here!

His show on Syfy is called The Great Debate.

Baron talks about it and Jimmy will determine if it’s good for Oliver.

35 – Nothing nerds like more than debating stuff they love.

Jimmy talks about hearing one side of a very heated argument from Oliver’s room. When he came out Jimmy asked about it and Oliver said they were debating Android Vs Apple.

Baron has two kids. 1 and 3.

Baron and Jimmy talk about parenthood.

Baron got a condition in his ribs due to his not realizing how heavy his kids were getting.

Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo

40 – Jimmy talks about Oliver’s not being hardly anywhere during this pandemic. The dentist and a 7/11 to get a ketchup packet.

I think this is Oliver’s experiment:


HI Oliver! He meets Baron and talks about doing a big marathon of MSTK this weekend. They’re still deciding on which ones to watch.

45 – Baron talks about hoping his kids are as sweet as Oliver.

Jimmy worries about Oliver being too sweet at 15. Baron recommends watching the documentary 21 Jump Street.

The big short: Documentary elements or straight documentary according to Eliot.

Trivia! We got a question from a listener who set up a trivia website for us. We’re finally using it!


What browser should anyone use?!

Category is Pop Culture!

I’m betting 25!

Jimmy talks about watching Mean Girls. Matt loves it!

50 – Jimmy wonders if Mean Girls musical will end up getting shown on a streaming service at some point.

Talking about Movie Musicals. Baron says that Chicago is one that gets it right.

Baron asks Jimmy about seeing the 25th Anniversary staged reading. They talk about it.

55 – More Les Mis chat.

Baron’s favorite musical is Sweeny Todd.

Judging by the last few minutes it’s bananas that Baron hasn’t been on the show before.

Baron talks about his stint on Broadway.

Baron and Jimmy talk comedy and clubs post corona.

60 – Jimmy talks about watching Bernadette Peters over the weekend. He’d still leave Danielle for her.

Baron asks Jimmy about Mozart In The Jungle. He enjoys it, Jimmy hasn’t watched it.
Rise talk.

The guys chat Smash also.

1h5m – Oliver does his favorite line from Rent by Jesse L Martin.

Trivia question is:

Not gonna be Who Won The First American Idol?

Baron talks about being a reader for The Color Purple auditions.

1h10m – We’re changing the category to movies!

Eliot would have gotten the Kelly Clarkson question correctly.

New question is:

Charlie Chaplin insured which part of his body?

My answer is Mustache!

Baron’s kids are named Savion and Djimon! Apologies if I spelled those incorrectly.

1h15m – Baron talks about working with Loretta Divine and what she told him about broadway in the 80s.

Baron talks about Jimmy having one of his favorite late night sets of all time (Craig Ferguson).

Back to Jennifer Lewis and Loretta Divine.

Loretta talked about Jennifer having such a great and successful cabaret run.

1h20m – We’ll be right back with more Baron Vaughn! Reminder Jimmy was in Dreamgirls!

We’re back!

It’s 84 degrees in Van Nuys.

Baron is in El Cerino.

Baron and his Grandmother used to take road trips from vegas to albequrque and only had the Beverly Hills Cop 2 soundtrack to listen to it. He knows it all by heart and PROVES it.
1h25m – Round the horn!

I watched Hunger Games and Howls Moving Castle.

Disney World talk.

YouTube talk!

1h30m – Talking We’re Here and Legendary.

Jimmy recommends Encore.

Young@Heart documentary.


1h35m – Trivia results:

Garon: Mustache (25pts)
Eliot: Mustache (15)
Matt: Face (22)
Baron: Knees (25)
Jimmy: Brain (12)

Iced by Jimmy!

Eliot asks if Baron “is a d&d.” The answer eventually is Yes, he grew up with D&D except it was just dice.

1h40m – Matt’s here! He thinks FDR should have insured his legs.

Baron updates us all on subjects that came up over the course of the episode including other RPG systems he played.

Baron has a long explanation on his Knees answer for trivia.

Baron has a fun fact about Charlie Chaplin’s last wife.

Baron talks about what Chaplin’s off spring have gone through.

Jimmy wrote mustache and crossed it out. He went with Brain.

1h45m – The answer is: feet

We’re going to the bets!

We’re done! Thank you, Baron! Hopefully your shows will be back soon!

Matt asks Baron the Jane Fonda/Robert Redford question.

Thank you Baron!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth