26S – Looking at clouds with Christine Blackburn

Christine Blackburn

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome in! Rock out with the cock out!

Matt shows off his gun?

Talking motorcycles and handlebars.


talking three-wheeler bikes.

5 – Jimmy talks about seeing his dad cry as a kid when a family member passed away. She owned a three wheeler bike.

10 – Eliot talks about getting a cactus for his mom and riding it home on his bike. He had to keep it between his legs.

Jimmy tells a quick anecdote about being on the golf team. He was riding his bike with his clubs and they started to fall out as he was riding and he didn’t notice.

Jimmy talks about doing an early tour and stuff ending up spilling out of the back of a car.

My audio is gone.

20 – Eliot is going to try and tell this bike story.

We think.

Back to middle school with Eliot!

Eliot sings a little bit of Truly by Lionel Richie for us and then continues his story.

Where’s the bike?!

25 – Eliot would sing Truly every day rehearsing on his bike to get that note. It was about a month.

Matt talks about an interview he read with Madonna talking about preparing for the Blonde Ambition tour. She would jog and sing the entire show.
Jimmy was supposed to meet Madonna once backstage. He talks about it not happening.

30 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Virgin_Tour

My audio!!!!

Lots of The Virgin Tour talk.

Christine Blackburn is here!

We’ll be back!

35 – We’re back!


Jimmy approves of Christine’s background. She set up her dining room nicely!

No more chair talk!

Jimmy still approves of his new chair. He talks about the office chair department being the busiest part of Staples when he went chair shopping.

Christine asks about Jimmy’s new chair.

Jeremy Herbel approved!

40 – Eliot gives us a theme song. Missed a note. Jimmy suggests he get on his bike and practice.

Jimmy questions whether Christine is a hippy based on her use of “man” a lot today.

The Vista Theater has been broken into twice during the pandemic. There is nothing in there!

Jimmy asks Christine what she did at the talent show. She did Both Sides Now in 6th grade and Longer by Dan Folgerberg in 7th.

45 – His year, his class sand Song from Half Mountain by Dan Folgerberg.

Bill Leff was the MC of Jimmy’s talent show!


Christine talks about Story Worthy, she’s been doing the show for 10 years. She got Kevin Nealon for the 10th anniversary episode!

Her other show is the Story Worthy Hour of Power. She talks about it.

50 – Story Smash is back as well!

Talking about Blaine Capatch.

Singing the praise of doing shows on Zoom and getting more access to guests.

Doc talk!

The David Foster Doc! Off The Record


Jimmy talks about Katherine McPhee appearing in the documentary.

Overall, he enjoyed the doc.

55 – Christine compares Off The Record to Rocketman (the Elton John film)

Look how great I am even though I’m an asshole! – celeb Documentary subjects.


The Lindbergh baby did not survive the kidnapping.

60 – The show the guys are talking about is The Plot Against America.


Christine asks about how Oliver is doing in lockdown. Jimmy talks about what they’ve been doing and how he is handling it.

Christine talks about her daughter’s activities.

1h5m – Covid swimming – https://www.uchealth.org/today/is-it-safe-to-swim-during-the-covid-19-pandemic-are-pools-lakes-and-beaches-safe-this-summer/

Eliot describes the orientation of the pool area at the Familliare.

First world pool problems.

Jimmy and fam on a walk yesterday and Jimmy has things on his mind re trees overgrowing. They finally started taking care of them and it revealed a house with a gorgeous inground pool.

1h10m – Jimmy wonders if he would have gotten an above ground pool had he known this lockdown was coming.

Matt has a semi inflatable pool. 3.5 feet deep. He talks more about it and how the family is enjoying it.

Matt doesn’t care about the state of the grass in his yard.

Christine talks buying outdoor chairs despite her boyfriend’s objection.

Matt’s pool was $80?!

1h15m – Apparently it came from Target.


Weather update!

1h20m – Hipsters in corduroy!

Round the horn!

1h25m – I’m here. Drank a Celsius before a hike.

My S is Spandau Ballet.

Graduation talk.

Eliot is here!

His S is Survivor.

I ask why not Sade. Controversy whether Sade is considered a band or not.

1h30m – Matt’s S is Scorpion.

Jimmy talks about Kevin Nealon’s glasses joke that made him laugh.

Christine’s S is Supertramp!

Rupert Hine – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert_Hine

Talking Supertramp songs and how if you like them you love them.

1h35m – We hear the fans.

Eliot gives us some STP.

Jimmy’s Five:

5) Starship
4) Spandau Ballet
3) Survivor
2) Styx
1) The Scorpions – MATT WINS $30!

Thanks Mike and Tori for that song.

Matt’s getting paid joker’s wild style.

Jimmy also watched the Suzi Quatro doc Suzi Q.


Talking what history will show on all of this.

1h45m – Trump/Supreme Court talk.

Matt gets his money.

Thanks Everyone! Be safe!

My pleasure,

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