2110 – Checking Bags with Tom Papa

Tom Papa

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 2110! 2-1-1-0!

Hot off Podfest! At the Biltmore where they did the Oscars…or the Academy Awards.


Eliot showed up at the end of the recording and it was a great button on the show.

Eliot talks about how he got into the event.

Nice time at Podfest!

We’ll see if Podfest continues.

Jimmy enjoys the train! If we’re still doing this in ten years…that’ll be pretty cool.

05 – Jimmy talks about the new show he and Matt have. A Game show! Limited run 6-episode series Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo! Jimmy talks about the great guests appearing on the show.

Matt gives some more details.

Jimmy’s a cowboy! He’s wanted dead or alive!

10 – Talking Amazon lockers.

More details about Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo!

Nikki had fun doing the game show!

PCast Blast 12/10 will feature Playing Games with Jimmy Pardo LIVE!

15 – Matt and Jimmy had a meeting this morning that they both missed!

Stranger Things talk!

Paul Rieser’s show IS on Hulu. https://www.hulu.com/press/hulu-inks-deal-with-nbcuniversal-for-hundreds-of-episodes-of-tv-favorites-including-30-rock-parenthood-and-more/

Talking success and Jimmy’s Miata bike.

20 – Jimmy talks more about Podfest and gets Eliot to bet!

Eliot gets his money back! He saw a tweet though.

Jimmy throws Eliot his coins.

Jimmy talks more about getting zero sleep in 36 hours.

Apparently there was a bike situation when Jimmy tried to go to 7/11 before the show.

I am quiet even on the streets!

25 – Jimmy had a train to himself for one stop.

Talking NFL games. Jimmy’s never seen one.


LA Xtreme

Talking too lazy to make a bed.

Jimmy too lazy to take a jacket out of his car.

30 – Matt talks his no food no drink policy in his new car.

Talking Slurpees and slush puppies.

Jimmy goes back to high school football because Jimmy talks about fighting with high school people on facebook.

He talks about it the fight.

35 – Talking Taking a Knee.

“Go fuck your gun!!” – Jimmy, “Put your dick in it and fuck it!”

Jimmy talks tweeting companies. The key is to be nice!

Jimmy talks about editing his tweet about running through the airport.

Slice! Matt lost his sunglasses but then found them.

40 – Celeb sighting for Eliot only!

Little weak on the singing yesterday fans!

Eliot tries to guess the celebrity.

Shakin and quaking! Hangin’ and bangin!

Our guest is here! Tom Papa!

He lives in the area, could have walked here.

Talking the nearby coffee shop.

Lotta black for Tom!

We’ll be right back!

45 – We’re back!


The PCAST Blast is presale is Wednesday! The password is Blast!

Tom is a Yankees fan.

Players Club will get a Fantasy Baseball update.

To grew up in New Jersey and knows of and enjoyed Mad Dog Russo.

50 – Doc Talk.

Talking Vietnam and the Draft.

Would you go?

Jimmy has a question. War comma what is it good for?

Apparently Eliot has something on war. His dad was in the military.

Talking boats! Tom hates them.

Tom’s dad did not go to Vietnam because Tom showed up.

Rice cakes!

Draft number: https://www.usatoday.com/vietnam-war/draft-picker

Round the horn!

55 – Talking Sesame Street and if the kids watch.

Tom’s daughters are 12 and 15.

School dance talk.

Eliot advises people teach daughters Martial Arts.

Teach your sons to have respect.

60 – Lasagna talk.

Who goes to Nam?

Matt and Jimmy.

John Cazale – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001030/?ref_=tt_cl_t14

1h10m – Eliot shows off his gun design.

Who buys that shirt Go Fuck Your Gun!

Talking more about the t-shirt.

Tom wonders what police feel about gun control.

Jimmy doesn’t want to be the Omega Man.

1h15m – Jimmy talks about what a nuclear holocaust means.

Talking about the ramifications of 9/11.

Eliot talks Indiecade. 85% video games, 10% weirdness, 5% board games. Lotta VR this year.

Eliot ruins what should be a fun game by describing the game.

Jimmy wants to get into one of those big balloons people can roll around in.

1h20m – Tom’s podcast – http://www.allthingscomedy.com/channels/24/come-to-papa

Jimmy and Tom talk about the show and Matt Damon doing it.

Tom talks about his live shows being like Prairie Home Companion because he loves it. Turns out he is now the head writer of Prairie Home Companion!

Laurie Kilmartin was on the PHC recently!

Jimmy and Tom talk about it.

1h25m – Jimmy and Tom talk about an event they handled that Laurie did a set at. It was a group of 20 people, and she killed.

Jimmy probably would never listen to Prairie Home.

Tea talk!

1h30m – Jimmy talks Minneapolis and clubs and keeping the preshow illusion going.

Merch talk!

Tour posters!

More merch talk. Tom and Jimmy talk about bringing merch on the road.

Jimmy does NOT check a bag.

Tom wonders about Jimmy’s wardrobe on stage and traveling.

Belt in the shoe. Apparently socks in the shoes keep the shape. Jimmy puts the “shut in the up.”

1h35m – Jimmy’s worried about an upcoming 4 day trip and how to pack for it.

“What is this fucking soup!?” – Jimmy after taking a drink of the tea I brought him.

Talking shoes!

1h40m – We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

We’re talking baggage! Emotional baggage!

Jimmy talks about a flight incident and how he almost had to say something to someone. This old guy said, “just shut the fuck up and sit your ass down!” 70 year old man to his wife. If he had said something else like that Jimmy would have said something.



1h50m – T-Shirt talk again.

Come to Papa! Listen to Prairie Home Companion!

Jimmy calls him on of the best stand-ups working!

Jimmy has been emailing Tom at the wrong address for 7 years.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth