21J – Hanging Low with Cathy Ladman


Cathy Ladman

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Gello! Welcome in! 21J! Almost halfway through the season.

Vanilla Ice controversy again!

Angelina Jolie’s real name is Angelina Jolie Voight.


Cher – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cher

Cher is Armenian?!

05 – George Pennacchio twitter talk @abc7george

g20 or G3?

Eric Johnson – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Johnson

Jimmy talks guitarists and that G3 show.

Matt talks about a song he heard that could have been by any number of different metal bands.

It was Faster Pussycat.

Doc Talk – The Decline of Western Civilization 1 and 2(The Metal Years)

10 – Jimmy talks more about sunset strip back in the 80s.


Eliot had a rock phase where he jumped off a stage.


15 – Jimmy went to court to fight a speeding ticket. He got a $1200 ticket! He went to the court and tells us about it.

Jimmy recounts how the traffic stop was not pleasant.

The cops phone rang DURING COURT.

Jimmy fills us in on everything that happened.

25 – Jimmy “lost” but the cost ended up being nearly 1k less than the ticket. At the end Jimmy and the cop ended up at the elevator together. The cop refused to ride down in the elevator.


30 – Fantasy baseball season has ended! Jimmy’s giving us the results! Or is he?

Mad Dog is here!

Mike Henry is a steel driving man Last Place! Horrible showing.

The winner is The Walking Ottoman! Back to Back first place wins!

Jimmy came in 2nd with 89 points. The winner had 104.

Jimmy talks the league and bouncing around between 2 and 5th place.

The guys talk Fantasy Sports and head to head v cumulative.

35 – Mail!

Thanks for playing fantasy baseball league! We’ll do it again next year! Great group of guys too.

40 – Our guest is here!!

Congrats to the winner again!

Back to mail!

Steve Stone! For Seattle.

ITMFA stuff!

(Impeach The Mother Fucker Already)


A shirt and TEN buttons!

Nice fabric, soft.

45 – Thanks Steve Stone!

Jimmy’s gonna give Trump a year.

We want Trump to go to prison., jimmy more so than anyone.

Cathy had salad last time she was here. We talk about it.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Cathy has headphone issues. Talking ear size.

Do you ears/boobs/balls hang low.

Nick Price

Nick Price –

50 – talking how Cathy has aged (she really hasn’t).

Ears talk!

Cathy is gonna show off her dad’s ears. They’re long!

55 – Cathy Ladman is here! She’s trying some buds.

She’s going buds!

Round the horn!

Headset talk.

Jimmy talks about the tile in his house that gives the illusion of moving in his peripheral.

Talking eye floaters.

60 – TRUMP.



1h5m – Cathy’s cousin is apparently not liked by Trump. He’s a congressman.

Nick Price

Back to the horn!

Laugh at yourself Ladman!

Cathy is all around funny!

Talking Jackie Chan!


Talking Jackie Earle Hayley.


My J is Janet Jackson!

1h10m – Cathy hasn’t gone to a concert in ages.

She gives us her schedule.

Sending Cathy to dick pic for concert tickets.

Matt gives us some Stub Hub info. Fees based on cost of tickets.

TickPick – no fees. Same tickets.

1h15m – Cathy’s heading to Portland this weekend. She’s excited!

The LAX international terminal is gorgeous.

Trivia Maester?!

Matt not a fan of pedantic fuck, doesn’t need the swearing on there.

Jimmy apparently drove pats Eliot’s house.

The Dead End!

Eliot’s a whole new guy!

Eliot goes with Howard Jones!

1h20m – Talking Kesha.

Bob Seger tour canceled for health reasons.

Garry Shandling and Tom Petty interview:

Matt talks about Kevin Durant referring to himself in the third person.


Cathy’s a baseball fan. She’s never done fantasy baseball. She and Mindy Stirling haven’t seen each other in ages. Cathy’s too busy.

1h25m – Paramus mall. Jimmy’s Paramus mall at Hollywood and Vine.

Talking Charlie Chaplin.

Cathy used to open for Yakov Smirnoff.

Back to the Kevin Durant.

Eliot has something else.

1h30m – Eliot went to the Jane Goodall documentary at the Hollywood bowl with a full orchestra. They got a box seat.

Nat Geo gave them some goodies they ahd to share apparently?

Talking strollers!

1h35m – Eliot talks the picnic baskets.

Someone snatched a second picnic basket.

1h40m – Talking salads.

Matt goes Michael Jackson…changes to Jo Jackson.

Congrats on 17 year anniversary! They went to see Hamilton again!

4x4cities for Jimmy, he reminds us, and tells Cathy.

Jimmy got them center mezzanine row B. some big guy sat in front of him. That guy is a dick.

They had an understudy for Hamilton. He was apparently a vocal mimic of Lin. He was great.


Talking aging. Jimmy used to be 80 and done but Oliver has changed that.

1h45m – Cathy’s J is Joe Jackson! Matt snatched it!

Talking Cathy’s Catch a Rising Star class and who was with her anad came before/after. Susie Essman, Eddie Murphy, Judy Gold, Bill Mahr. Etc.

1h50m – http://www.vulture.com/2016/08/eddie-murphy-return-stand-up-comedy.html

Steve Vai lived in Van Nuys and was neighbors with Carol Montgomery.

Tom Jones! No winner. Jimmy’s favorite rapper, followed by George Michael.

Vegas shooting news.

Sucks the fun Ladman!

Jimmy asks Cathy about comics that came to her college. Gabe Kaplan and musicians like the Allman Brothers, Greatful Dead, Elton John.

Cathy hitchhiked to see Elton John in Utica. She used to hitchhike when she was in Israel. Jimmy’s fantasy bball team: Unsavory Arabs.

2h – Matt talks about the time he picked up a hitchhiker and how it turned into a carpool the entire summer. They never talked.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Trivia Maester