2111 – Daring to Dream with Marc Summers

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Marc Summers


00 – Welcome in! Jimmy begs you to be welcomed!

Going to church listenin’ music?

Jimmy and Mike Schmidt went to the Ballgame.

Marc Summers is here!!!

He’s so early!

Jimmy’s rattled and charmed by Marc!

Old = wearing black.

Marc buzzed in too early! (Game show reference)

Jimmy talks about driving to Flappers on Friday.

He saw a UPS truck engulfed in flames! “It was crazy!” Couple days later the husk was still there.

Marc sits next to Mary Hart using Sajack’s seats!

Read between the lines of Pat Sajack’s tweets according to Marc!

Marc loves Tom Bergeron.

“They’re good people, the broadcaster.” – Jimmy

05 – Talking about the Cubs/Dodgers game.

Talking getting out of Dodger Stadium, Jimmy split the second the game ended.

Mary Hart keeps moving seats at Dodger Games.


Leeza gibbons was an anchor on ET.

10 – Back to the game!

Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, in that order.
We’re taking an early break!

We’re back!

Naming Rush songs in advance of 2112.

Marc Summers has never heard of Rush?!


Jimmy does not like Sammy Davis Sr.

15 – Rush is a better version of Jethro Tull.

Marc has at least heard Tom Sawyer.

Ed Sheeran is coming to the Rose Bowl. Get your tickets now! 8/18/18!

100,000 people in that stadium.

Matt agrees with Marc about Red Hot Chili Peppers but only because he is the guest.


Talking my tweet about escalators.

Marc talks about living in Philly.

Marc’s got a documentary of his life!

20 – Movie pass talk!

Matt talks about the data that Movie Pass obtains.


25 – Comparing movie pass to Disney dollars and gym memberships.

Marc was not at the cubs game last night. He watched at home. Marc has a grandson!

Talking with Marc about his son in the business and Marc’s history in the business, including starting with 28 shows a week at the magic castle.

Marc out himself through college as a MAGICIAN?! He also did stand up after Gallagher called him a novelty act because of his magic.

30 – Marc talks about helping the Comedy Store reopen by helping clear out fire damage and then being able to MC Friday and Saturdays.

Jimmy does his Mac Davis/Paul Lynde.

Marc talks about making money doing warm up for shows. He did it for 10 years.

Marc apparently upstaged Bea Arthur to the point that she wanted him to shut up for the rest of the shoot.

35 – Marc talks about Alice taking 1h20m to shoot and it being a nightmare job.

“if they don’t know who I am by now fuck em!” – Brian Keith.

Marc talks about being warm up on the pilot for The Cosby Show.

“Are you still doing that terrible show where you throw the green liquids it makes me so uncomfortable.” – Linda Lavin

Marc asks if I have a pulse!

Eliot’s here! He went to Jimmy’s show over the weekend.

40 – Jimmy and Eliot talk about going to flappers.

Eliot had a steak at Flappers. Well cooked, what he asked for.

Eliot was on Wintuition! He shoehorns it in when Jimmy was going to bring it up.

Marc HATED that show. He talks about it and being told that he was hired to host and not anything else so to please don’t go to the control room.

He tells a story about how his experience would have saved hours of OT had they just asked him about it.

Marc talks about Game Show Network.

45 – Wintuition couldn’t afford an audience. Marc had to pretend there was one. Jimmy enjoyed the show. Eliot didn’t win the big money because he didn’t know a composer.

Wintuition was 2002 – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0346445/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Eliot is doing an improvised rock opera for Halloween.

“oh marc.” – Jimmy to Marc on saying Eliot is in theater.

Marc talks about Andy and his desire for Cleveland to be in the playoffs.

50 – Talking about Baseball!

Marc tells us about the first ball game he ever went to.

Talking ballgames and if they’re fun anymore.

Marc asks Jimmy if he’d been in the celebrity ball games at dodger stadium. Jimmy asks he rephrase his question and understand what the word celebrity means.

Marc talks about Orel Hershiser pitching to him.

Talking Zappa family.

55 – Matt talks about a video of Charlie at Chuck E Cheese. Matt tries to recreate it.

Oliver is Marc’s grandson’s name.

Jimmy talks about getting to play with a baby at the sprint store and loving it.

Why have a kid at an advanced age?

On Your Marc is Marc’s documentary.


60 – There is a lot of story in Marc’s documentary, including his severe car accident, fight with cancer, and OCD.

He talks about the accident and how he got hurt.

Marc talks about the surgery he would have had and how the doctor on duty was going to cut off his face to fix the broken bones.

1h5m – Marc talks about trying to audition for Price is Right and being told to call Bob Barker, who he’s known for years, Bob called him on it immediately.

Marc knows John Ricci and they talk about him.
Jimmy talks Match Game.

Marc talks about being head page on Match Game with Gene Reyburn!

1h10m – Marc talks about the sadness around Gene and even Soupy Sales. Marc even paid Soupy’s rent from time to time near the end.

Marc saw Robert Clary (Hogan’s Heroes) YESTERDAY. He’s 91. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Clary

Marc talks about Patty’s in Burbank and how Jonathon Winters would just show up and do shtick at people’s tables.

Jimmy wants to meet Mandy Patinkin.

Matt talks about who he’d want to meet from Old Hollywood.

1h15m – Marc and Jimmy debate the Conan tonight show situation.

Talking Jay Leno and how he was everyone’s hero. And how funny he was.

Talking comics helping each other now versus the old days

Jimmy doesn’t work the comedy store so his name isn’t on the wall.

Marc talks about the Improv vs Comedy Store.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy circles back to Match Game. He wants to know who the assholes were.

Marc says everyone was super nice. He never had any problems with them. Some on Newhart, but nothing on Match Game.

1h20m – He talks about being a page on the last episode of Sonny and Cher.

Marc tells a story about being a page at Good Times.

Marc tells stories about The Tonight Show and a famous supposed spontaneous show not being spontaneous at all and something that was spontaneous.

WoWo! Fort Wayne.

1h25m – Marc talks about doing Howard Stern’s show and calling in today to Bobby Flay’s Sirius show.

Jimmy talks about his food issues.

The Pardo fam eats out almost every night. Danielle cooks when Jimmy is out of town.

1h30m – Mark talks about OCD. He was never a germaphobe, it was cleanliness for him.

Marc talks about being the original host of Hollywood Squares before it was given to Tom Bergeron.

Many discussions about Marc’s documentary.

So fun!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth