2104 – Watching the Throne with Rory O’Malley

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell.
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher.


Rory O’Malley

00 – Welcome in! 21-4! Jimmy’s dropping Os! The dash is silent, not unlike Dasher.

Matt’s mouth isn’t working. His hair is high. “Johnny Bravo high.” – Garon

Jimmy wants to balance stuff on Matt’s hair.

Jimmy’s gonna powder up!

Hair collapses under the weight of a compact but not a pen!

21-4 means we are looking for anything to do!

700 club?!

Eliot thought he forgot something, he talked about it for a few seconds and it felt like eternity.

Made in the shade of Matt’s hair!

Wahl not wall.

Thanks for coming out to Atlanta! 4 sold out shows!

Al Madrigal stopped by! He was in town for a wedding.

Jimmy talks about the wedding folks coming to see the show on Saturday. Al sat in the back so as to not distract.

05 – Jimmy talks about Al’s tan suit, that he wishes he could pull off. Jimmy’s tried (it on) but he just doesn’t think he can pull it off. He’s a dark suit guy.

Jimmy talks about a woman on his plane who was super nice. She brought a cat on the plane and felt terrible about it. When it would meow she would say, “shhh. He’s allergic.”

Most people with animals in the area Jimmy sits in, are decent about it. Some are not.

There is something about train…that’s magic.

Jimmy talks about the beautiful park he ran in and how at one point he turned a corner and it was terrrriibblleee. It got dicey FAST.

10 –Hearts and prayers to the folks in Texas dealing with the hurricane.

Jimmy matt and Eliot are going to send some clothes to the Red Cross.

The Hurricane did not effect Jimmy’s travel at all.

Apparently, Houston is SUPER humid.

Jimmy talks about recording his album Pompous Clown in Houston.

15 – Matt asks about Jimmy’s Tyne Daly tweet to Billy Eichner. “I must inform Billy Eichner.”


Talking VMAs and Game of Thrones.

Jimmy went to bed at 830pm.

Talking DVRs, compression, and video quality.

Golf picture talk.

Jimmy wants to know how to get the best video on his TV.

Talking Dance Moms. Abbey Lee is in prison for a year – http://deadline.com/2017/06/abby-lee-miller-prison-delay-dance-moms-1202122299/

20 – Talking about Pageants.

Eliot is woke when it comes to Pageants.

Pageants VS Eating Contests.

Eliot compares it to bathroom contests.

Dook Masters?!

Dook Sitch!

Jimmy can’t handle it.

Jimmy doesn’t understand why we praise a guy who can eat dozens of hotdogs.

Matt compares it to pushing the limits of the human body

25 –Lance Armstrong, Steroid Drip in his ball?!

Matt and Eliot on Shark Tank? Or The Pitch?

Eliot talks about getting something notarized and having to swear to god or to affirm.

Matt calls Eliot the “Jon Snow of padanticness.”

Frankie Valley – Swear to god reference.

Mail is here!

Jimmy wants to get a NNF Letter Opener.

Letter from Chuck McSteven.

Beautiful couple came to the show. They sent us the Talk Less Smile More pins.

30 – Jimmy lost his pin to some woman who was screwing with the baggage in the overhead compartment.

Jimmy reads the letter.

He sent is pins of the 45 in the shape of the nazi symbol.

Thanks Chuck!

Celebrity Sighting!

Bay Bridge Warriors logo – http://www.howdesign.com/design-business/design-news/golden-state-warriors-logo/

Jimmy calls Michiganders – Mitten-Headed Idiots

35 – Pardcastathon official date MARCH 3, 2018! Mark those calendars!

Talking last years PCAT date.

Jimmy’s got a concert this week. Tony Hadley! He’s finally seeing some type of a Spandau Ballet show.

Jimmy is not allowed to enter the Hamilton lottery. Danielle shamed him!

40 – Surprise Rory O’Malley, the King himself, is here today.

Back to the celeb sighting. On Jimmy’s flight home from Atlanta.

Rory O’Malley is here!!

He gets a pin.

45 – Six degrees of separation between Jimmy and Rory?!

Jimmy talks about possibly tweeting about a sharknado when he saw Ian Ziering.


Rory can project!

Jimmy talks to Rory about children’s theater

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back! 21-4!

Rory O’Malley is here! He brought his people.

Round the Horn!

Eliot is at the Pop Culture Beast info desk???

Rory is the oldest castmember??!!

Living The Dream podcast – https://roryo.podbean.com/

He talks about the cast, and how professional they are.

Jimmy still hates them for their luck.

50 – Rory talks about working at the Falcon Theatre and playing Richie Cunningham in Happy Days the Musical with Paul Williams. He was there for 5 years!

He did the show back east also! He says Gary and Paul are so great and supportive.

Fogs: Friends of Gary

Rory talks about paying dues, and coming back to LA with Hamilton. Jimmy wonders if he’ll play the King when Hamilton goes to Cleveland. He is totally fine with playing the King forever.

Rory wonders if his mom called Jimmy before the show.

His mom came with a rosary and holy water when she came to see The Book of Mormon.

His mom is 70. She was worried that the cast would be attacked when she saw BoM. Afterwards, she said it was the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

Rory is a Tony loser!

“I’m sorry but I don’t date losers.” – Rory’s Boyfriend(now husband) when he lost.

He lost to John Larroquette.


60 – Rory talks more about the Tonys and working on the show with Trey, Matt, and Bobby.

One of the producers say that Rory was “their butters.”

He calls it one of the greatest creative experiences of his life.

He talks about all the brilliant stuff that the south park guys cut from the show.

Book of Mormon is still showing in Salt Lake City.

Rory talks about a cousin of his telling him that he has to get in the show the “south park guys are writing about mormons.”Later on, he got a call from his agent to be a part of a mystery musical from Matt and Trey. “It’s about Mormons!” – Rory to his agent.

1h5m – Rory talks about Book of Mormon being home and going back and visiting and seeing all of the people who are working on a show and will be for years.

1h10m –Rory is going to sign my stuff!!

Jimmy saw a “Soft opening” which is not a thing. Previews is what it is called!

The sound at the Pantages is generally poor. For Hamilton it’s excellent!!

Rory talks about the amazing creative team.

Lauren and Rory have been friends forever. She’s worked with him since Book of Mormon.

Jimmy talks about how great of a publicist that Lauren is and how awesome her communication is.

All praise for Lauren!!

1h15m – Jimmy shuts down Lauren’s praise of Rory.

Eliot, The walking eclipse, is here. He’s firing Jimmy as his PR person.

Eliot went to the Labyrinth of Jareth over the weekend.

Djinn Manuel Miranda – He was a genie.

Eliot’s lady friend also went and they have not discussed Bill Cosby.

1h20m –The jury is out!

Nothing of import for Matt but Jimmy thinks they did something.

Rory did six shows of Hamilton!

Talking about Oliver’s love of the King and who he liked better.

His husband is an Executive Assistance.

Rory talks about working on Partners – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2994108/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_1

He and his husband where long distance for a year and a half while he toured with Hamilton. His husband stayed here in LA with his great job.

Matt wonders Rory’s thoughts on taking a chance with Hamilton tickets.

1h25m – Rory loves Sondheim. He would sing Sweeny Todd at school as a kid. Rory talks about a cousin’s kid telling him that he is a “closeted Hamilton fan.”

He talks about the show and how amazing it is that kids in 7th grade know about it.

Hamilton OWES Jimmy a free ticket for seeing it 4 ties in 4 cities.

1h30m – Rory talks about the ceremony the cast does when a new king comes on. He is King George III the Fourth.

Rory talks about how great Johnathon Groff is!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Rory is in Hamilton! People seem to love it.

Jimmy tells Rory the origin of the Hamilton love here.

Matt saw Rory’s last broadway appearance. He talks about it.

Rory has a story about getting in Hamilton! He tells us all about it.

1h35m – Nerds The Musical was the show that Rory went to NY for before he got Hamilton.

It didn’t open due to losing an investor.


He talks about them doing the show only for friends and family.

He almost turned down the show until he found out it was Hamilton.

The casting director for Nerds was also the casting director for Hamilton! She saw that run through and called his agent the next day. He was rehearsing for Hamilton within two weeks.

Jimmy talks about the show and people going “bananas” for him.

1h40m – Rory talks about getting the first laugh of the show when he does the “turn off your cell phone, welcome to my show” bit.

Rory talks about roles that change you and how he thought that was bullshit. He believes it now. The role has given him self-confidence that he has carried over into his real life.

Rory has a routine for the time before his appearances in the show. He has 45 minutes between each appearance. He talks about the difference between Hamilton backstage and Book of Mormon on stage.

1h45m – Rory talks about how in a long running show something bad happening is a charge for the cast.

Jimmy talks about his mom being obsessed with Hamilton now and the shows he loved growing up.

Talking about how everyone thinks that Hamilton is “their thing.” Jimmy says it’s similar to Rent. Rory and Lauren’s mutual friend is a Rent Head. The Hamilton Lottery comes from the experiences with Rent because people were sleeping on the street to get tickets.

1h50m – Rory was there when Mike Pence came in. He talks about it and how crazy it was to do the show during the election.

He talks about all the politicians who came to the show got cheers and boos. He tells us about how the show shined through the lens of the election and how it affected the show. He tells a story about the day after the election and the catharsis experience he shared with the audience. It brought him to tears.

He gives details about the night Pence was there and the speech. He says Pence stopped and listened to what was said. Rory talks about being proud to be a part of a company of people who spread that message.

1h55m – Rory talks about his husband being from Indiana where Pence signed that anti gay law and the irony of him coming to see his show and not believing that his feelings give him the right to deny pence his service.

He calls it a harrowing, difficult, exciting…”.

Everyone sees Hamilton how they want to see it. Rory talks about how he’s never been in a show where everything in the news can change how something in the show feels.

2h – We are playing Sevens with Rory!

Jimmy brings up the six degrees he mentioned earlier. How many degrees!? It’s one degree difference!

Jimmy and Rory were both in (or cut out of in Jimmy’s case) Dreamgirls! He talks to Rory about it. Rory was Dave in Dreamgirls. He didn’t get any invites to premieres or anything and didn’t tell anyone about it in case he got cut out.

Rory talks about how he got the part.

“Tell Rory to wear less make-up.” Director at his first Hamilton appearance. He wasn’t wearing any.

Jimmy gives to Rory O’Malley: 12 (Broadway)

Rory was in Chess! He was a pimp!

Rory went to college with Josh Gad, Katy Mixon, Lamar Odom, and Josh Groban!

Rory talks about doing a game and getting a clue from Hamilton and not knowing what it was.

Rory is great!! He thanks us for being amazing as well.


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth