21D – Carrying On with Laura House


Laura House

00 – Hello! YES INDEED! Welcome in!

The door is closed. It’s all hanging out. Foul language! Randy talk! Puss and boots!

Kesha talk. Jimmy loves the album. He says it’s great!

Talking about Natialie Maines covering Kesha’s songs.

What is Natalie Maines doing?

05 – Dixie Chicks talk – 

Eliot’s got a new keyboard. Jimmy’s hearing the clicks.

Talking Covers and Kesha’s Dr. Luke situation.

10 – Talking Charts! Four!

I saved my job by laughing!

Jimmy’s back on the HAM train. He wants to see the show again.

Muneesh has seen Hamilton upwards of 15 times??? Jimmy’s gonna confirm.

Listener suggests listing to Come From Away in honor of the upcoming 9/11 holiday.

Muneesh has seen it 8 times. 7 in NYC 1 in Chicago.

15 – Come from away is available as a cast recording.

Mistakes have been made now in terms of contact Muneesh.

I guess we’re gonna call him?

Jimmy sings what he thinks Come From Away is.

Jimmy’s Dashboard read 111 degrees when he was parking here.

Jimmy calls Muneesh for more details.

He did not see it at the public theater as he and Anthony Rapp were touring baseball

A rare Eliot-instigated Darryl Shoutout was in here somewhere


Jimmy wonders if 4×4 is better than 7×1.

20 – Tigers are in front of the White Sox? Go Fuck Your Self! Jimmy hangs up.

Kansas songs? Matt can name 2. Dust in the Wind, Carry On My Wayward Song


Laura House is here and she is putting the wrong emphasis on the Wayward Son title.

25 – Laura has no problem with covers! Creativity!

Jimmy wants her to lose her anger.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy hit the button at me. He doesn’t like being reminded of things.

30 – Jimmy had a restroom interaction. He had to use the stall since the good looking guy who works here was at the sink.

Laura wonders if the basement is good looking. Jimmy didn’t check out the “crawlspace.”

Laura gives the premise for her monthly show at the Improv: How To Hate Yourself. She talks about a story she told where her grandmother told her to make a girdle out of an inner tube.

30 – She talks about getting a dip and kiss from an older counselor at camp after she lost weight. She was 11. He was probably at least 16.

Laura talks about some other guests and some stories they told.

Laura and Jimmy have shared no meals together.

35 – Laura talks about the acclaim her one-woman show got, specifically from HuffPo.

Laura was nominated for a Broadway World award for best actress in a play.


She was nominated for Good People.

Round the horn!

Talking Target Pride shirts.

Symbol is a butthole!

40 – Heed the warning!!

Laura is dating the hornist from Oingo Boingo

Who is Jimmy talking about.

Laura talks about her boyfriend. He’s a professional trumpet player.

45 – Talking Oingo Boingo and Laura seeing the band live.

Oingo Boingo single – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oingo_Boingo_discography#Singles

Voice cadence of Richard Blade.

Talking his book, “World In My Eyes”

Eliot shows Jimmy the book cover options for Richard Blade’s book.

50 – Talking zucchini noodles.

No calories in the holes of an English muffin.

Talking venues and events!

Thrill in my HEAD – https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/spandauballet/true.html

Speaking of Marvin Berry?! – Laura

Jimmy saw 3 guys smoking crack on the corner of Sunset and LaBrea.

55 – “Pretend I have a trumpet in your fuckin ear!” – Jimmy to Laura.

Laura asked her BF to play the Chuck Mangionne Feels so Good

Jimmy talks about doing it at a lipsynch contest.

60 – He can’t remember if he got booed off or if people loved it.

1h5m – Betting!

Dio, Ronnie James!!

Eliot’s here! He’s still the Walking Eclipse.

Eliot dodged a bullet, unlike the Kennedys.

Eliot’s D was originally Ronnie James Dio, he changed to Bobby Darin.

1h10m – Kevin Spacey is welcome here at any time. Jimmy PAID to see Kevin Spacey in concert AS BOBBY DARIN. http://variety.com/2004/music/markets-festivals/kevin-spacey-4-1200529161/

Matt talks about seeing some headshots at a car wash. Signed Robert DeNiro, Signed Billy Bob Thornton, Leah Remini, and the CAST OF SMALL WONDER?

1h15m – Eliot saw a squirrel fighting a raven. The raven was winning?

All About Ravens!

Matt’s D word is Bob Dylan!

Jimmy asks Matt to tell Laura when he got into Bob Dylan.

Talking Bob Dylan.

Talking firing Bob Dylan…with a firing squad.

“that’s murder.” – Laura

I did not see Logan Lucky.

Rango talk. Laura’s fella did some music. Jimmy loved it.

Does Johnny Depp smell like smoke and patchouli?

1h20m – Are crows and ravens the same thing?

Raven and Crows are NOT the same.

Laura House’s D word is…

Coming up after this!

1h25m – We’re back!

Jimmy has not heard back from Hurricane Harbor.

Bobby Darin sang Lazy River.

Talking Dick in the ear. A little side trombone.

Laura’s D word is Terrance Trent Darby! The next Michael Jackson? For like 4 days.

Who wins?!


TTDs second album sucked apparently.

True or False, Jermaine Stewart used to come in and hit on Jimmy VERY AGGRESIVELY. True.

Jermaine Stewart – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jermaine_Stewart

Talking Jermaine!

Jimmy’s D word is…Denis DeYoung!

I pay out Matt Joker’s Wild Style.

One dollar!

1h35m – Talking about Laura’s boyfriend and how her last boyfriend broke up with her. “Eh I don’t wanna work on this anymore.”

Laura talks about her podcast, “Will You Med With Me” where she basically teaches smart asses how to meditate.

Whenever he tries to quiet his mind, Jimmy can only think about Tom Bergeron.

1h40m – Laura gives a short meditation lesson and talks about “noticing the breath.”

Jimmy’s working a little blue today.

Al Kooper! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Kooper

Laura talks about her stand up special and her meditation documentary.

Tik Tok is on Laura’s Anthem playlist.

1h45m – Laura believes 4 times in 4 cities is more impressive than 7 and 1.

Hamilton Tour – https://www.broadway.org/tours/details/hamilton,673

We’re done see you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth